Spring 2006 Meeting

University of British Columbia. UBC Library Map & Atlas Collection
May 10-13, 2006

Conference Host:
Tim Ross
Map Librarian, University of British Columbia
Phone: (604) 822-6191
Fax: (604) 822-3335


Events Timetable

Social Events
Tour Day 
(Field Trip)

WAML’s Spring 2006 meeting will be held at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, from May 10 -13, 2006. The UBC campus is Canada’s most beautiful, featuring dramatic views of snowcapped mountains, 50 walking trails, salt water beaches, museums and galleries, spectacular formal gardens, a golf course, churches, a shopping centre and inexpensive dining and accommodations. The campus is located on Point Grey, a mile west of the city of Vancouver, and is conveniently serviced by public buses and taxis. Parking for cars, while not inexpensive, is plentiful and safe.

The UBC library system is the second largest in Canada, with a dozen different libraries and three separate cartographic collections. Some conference events will be held immediately adjacent to the Map & Atlas Collection, the conference host’s home ground, on the second floor of the Walter C. Koerner Library.

For your convenience, all conference charges other than those for accommodations will be in US dollars.

If you are flying into Vancouver International Airport, located 8 miles from campus, note that airport buses do not stop at the University of British Columbia. The best way to reach your on-campus accommodations is by taxi, which costs approximately $30 per vehicle. If you can spare the extra time, you may prefer to fly to Seattle’s Sea-Tac airport and rent a car there for the scenic four hour drive to the University of British Columbia. Flights to Seattle from points south are substantially cheaper than those to Vancouver. When renting a car in Seattle, ensure that the car insurance coverage you choose covers you for short stays in Canada. Vancouver is also served by Amtrak Cascades from WA, OR and CA.