2021-03-25 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

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WAML Executive Board Meeting 
March 25, 2021
9:00 am (PDT/MST)
Online via Zoom

Call meeting to order:   9:02am PDT/ MST

Officers in attendance: 

  • Evan Thornberry (Vice President and meeting chair)
  • Susan Powell (Past President)
  • Louise Ratliff  (Secretary)
  • Bruce Godfrey (Treasurer)


  • Matthew Toro (President)


  • Paige G. Andrew
  • Kevin Dyke
  • Dorothy McGarry
  • Brief Officer Reports and Check-In
    • President (Matthew Toro) – Attended a Web Advancement project meeting last month
    • Vice President (Evan Thornberry) – no report
    • Past President (Susan Powell) -no report
    • Secretary (Louise Ratliff) -no report
    • Treasurer (Bruce Godfrey) -no report
  • Actions approved over email by E-Board since February 25, 2021 E-Board meeting:  none
  • Old Business
    • Web Advancement Project 2021 check-in (Kevin Dyke, project leader)
      • Members: Jon Jablonski, Maggie Long, Chrissy Klenke and daniel Brendle-Moczuk
        • Had the initial meeting to discuss the reports and brainstorm
        • Concrete action items in development
          • LaughingSquid (our website platform provider) to be contacted – Jon Jablonski
            • Beneficial to migrate to their managed system
            • Reliable periodic back ups
            • Small additional cost
          • WAML existing WordPress installation to be explored, learned
            • WP allows more frequent updates, content creation
            • Blogpost capability
            • Question of whether to merge our WordPress content with the conference site and the IB. Not part of the current charge to migrate – can be done in the future.
        • Migration of current html content should not be too difficult
        • Next meeting: new content creation tasks to be adopted by  committee members
        • Membership plug-ins (large number of them)
        • New Vision and Mission Statements (see bottom of waml.org main page) may guide the new web presence.
        • Branding. Action: Susan will provide a link to existing files to the committee.
    • Review of appointed positions and honoraria (Susan and Paige)
      • Thinking broadly about what WAML should be and do
      • Met with Jon Jablonski and Chrissy Klenke about IB tasks and content
      • May also consider committees as part of the discussion
      • Paige considered WAML relationships with other associations
      • Need to consult with Bruce about financial aspects
      • Will deliver recommendations by May, per the charge
    • P.O. Box address for WAML (Evan)
      • Action from Jan. 28: Evan will follow up with Julie Sweetkind-Singer at Stanford about establishing the use of a Stanford P.O. Box for a specific period of time. Status: Completed
        • Followed up with Julie about an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). Julie is investigating
    • Web Advancement Project 2021 (Evan and Kevin)
      • Kevin Dyke is the project leader. 
      • Jon Jablonski, Maggie Long, Chrissy Klenke and daniel Brendle-Moczuk are other members.
    • Nominating Committee (Susan)
      • Action from Jan. 28 meeting: Susan (Past-Chair) to convene the committee by March 1. Status: Completed
        • Chrissy Klenke and Kim Durante also serving
        • Sent out emails and reached out to several people
          • Open positions are: Secretary & Vice-President
    • 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting (Evan)
      • Probably in Sept.- Oct. Action (Evan): Set a date asap
      • Ad hoc Program Planning Committee met this week
      • Reviewing platforms. Budget considerations.
        • Consider adding a Scholarship Donation to the registration form. Or, direct  a portion of the registration fee to the scholarship fund. 
        • Consider charging a small registration fee, on a sliding scale.
        • Discussion of free v. a cost
        • Membership fee less than non-member fee; members only portion of the conference (field trip or social activity, behind-the-scenes with keynote speakers?)
        • Sponsorships
  • New Business
    • No new business
  • Appointed Position Reports
    • Business Manager (Lisa Lamont)
    • Membership Manager (Greg Armento)
    • Archivist (Andria Olson)
    • Information Bulletin (Chrissy Klenke) 
    • Webmaster (daniel Brendle-Moczuk) 
    • Social Media Manager (Amy Work)
      • Will be on leave through mid-July
      • Sierra Laddusaw is posting on Twitter
    • Jon Jablonski 
  • Next Meeting
    • April 22, 2021 9:00 am PDT/MST

Meeting adjourned:  10:18 am PDT/MST

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