Kathryn Womble, Interim N&N Editor
University of Washington, Seattle

Electronic Version, Part 2, February, 2000. To be included in a future print version of the Information Bulletin.

1.0 News
      1.1 Larry Laliberte, New WAML Electronic News & Notes Editor and Oregon State Editor
      1.2 WAML Spring 2000 Edmonton Meeting
      1.3 WAML Fall 2000 Reno Meeting
      1.4 John Hebert, New Chief of LC Geography and Map Division
      1.5 U.S. Geological Survey Updates
        1.5.1 Subject: Publications Status Report
        1.5.2 Subject: Changes to Information Products
        1.5.3 US Geological Survey Maps Price List
        1.5.4 Revised Price Lists/Order Forms
      1.6 RGS-IBG Collections Accessible to All for a Fee
      1.7 OpenGIS Standard Enables Automatic Web Map Overlays
2.0 New Maps, Books, etc.
      2.1 New Mapping of Western North America by Ken Rockwell
      2.2 Other New Materials
        2.2.1 Maps and Related Cartographic Materials: Cataloging, Classification, and Bibliographic Control
        2.2.2 New Book of Literary Maps To Be Featured at February 28 "Books & Beyond" Presentation
        2.2.3 Extending Arcview GIS
      2.3 Articles of Interest
        2.3.1 Geoworld
        2.3.2 Special issue of the Canadian Geographic (January 2000)
      2.4 Internet Resources
        2.4.1 Selected items from ESRI ArcWatch Feb 15, 2000
        2.4.2 ESRI Tools for the Classroom
        2.4.3 Web Bibliographies for History of Cartography
        2.4.4 GIS Crime Mapping Resources
        2.4.5 World Bank Interactive Map Site
        2.4.6 GIS Services in Public Libraries
        2.4.7 LIS News
        2.4.8 Information to Subscribe to several GIS-related E-mail Lists
        2.4.9 Cartifact Gallery
        2.4.10 EDINA Digimap Goes Live
        2.4.11 Canadian Web Sites of Interest
3.0 Upcoming Meetings, Conferences, Seminars and Other Educational Opportunities
      3.1 Chicago Map Society
      3.2 GIS ‘2000
      3.3 American Congress on Surveying and Mapping
      3.4 Texas Map Society
      3.5 Association of American Geographers
      3.6 California Map Society
      3.7 WAML/ACMLA Edmonton
      3.8 IASSIST 2000
      3.9 Special Libraries Association
      3.10 ESRI Annual Conference
      3.11 Historical GIS Workshop
      3.12 American Library Association
      3.13 National Conference on GIS in Education
      3.14 International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
      3.15 UDMS 2000
      3.16 North American Cartographic Information Society
      3.17 Western History Association
      3.18 WAML, Reno
      3.19 Maps and Society
      3.20 19th International Conference on the History of Cartography
4.0 Contributors to this issue
5.0 The Western Association of Map Libraries

1.0 News

1.1 Larry Laliberte, New WAML Electronic News & Notes Editor and Oregon State Editor

Larry Laliberte, MAP/GIS Librarian at the Map and Aerial Photography Library, University of Oregon has volunteered to be the new WAML N&N Editor beginning with the March 2000 issue. He has also agreed to be WAML Oregon State Editor. Welcome Larry and thanks for stepping up to both of these important jobs! Please begin sending News and Notes items that you want WAML members to know about to Larry at lwl@darkwing.uoregon.edu

Larry’s full address information is:

Larry W. Laliberte
MAP/GIS Librarian
Map and Aerial Photography Library
University of Oregon
165 Condon Hall
Eugene, Oregon 97403
Phone: 541-346-4565
Fax: 541-346-1958

1.2 WAML Spring 2000 Edmonton Meeting

WAML’s Spring 2000 Edmonton Meeting with ACMLA is coming up. The dates are May 31 – June 4, 2000. The web site for more information is www.library.ualberta.ca/maps2000/

1.3 WAML Fall 2000 Reno Meeting

Host Linda Newman has started a web page for Fall 2000 Reno WAML meeting preliminary information at http://www.delamare.unr.edu/maps/waml/meetng.htm Reno meeting dates are November 8-11, 2000 at the University of Nevada, Reno.

1.4 John Hebert, New Chief of LC Geography and Map Division

John R. Hebert, formerly Senior Specialist in Hispanic bibliography in the Hispanic Division, has been appointed to the position of Chief of the Geography and Map Division. He succeeds Ralph E. Ehrenberg, who retired in July 1998.

"Mr. Hebert brings many strengths to this position," said Associate Librarian for Library Services Winston Tabb. "His knowledge of geography, cartographic and geographic information systems and his curatorial and administrative background at the Library of Congress make him ideally suited for this critical management position. He is a welcome addition to the Library Services' management team."

Mr. Hebert began his career at the Library in 1969 as a senior reference specialist in the Geography and Map Division. In 1974, he moved to the Hispanic Division, where he maintained a continuing relationship with the collections and work of the Geography and Map Division. He was project director of the Library's Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Program for which he curated the exhibition "1492: An Ongoing Voyage." He also was responsible for the publications associated with the exhibition, _The Hispanic World 1492-1898_and 1492: An Ongoing Voyage_, which he edited.

Mr. Hebert regularly contributed to the Cartography Section contributor to the annual Handbook of Latin American Studies, compiled in the Library's Hispanic Division. With the support of a private research grant in 1998, Mr. Hébert and a colleague completed The Luso-Hispanic World in Maps: A Selective Guide to Manuscript Maps to 1900 in the Collections of the Library of Congress, which identified and described more than 1,000 manuscript maps, primarily in the collections of the Geography and Map Division. It will be published by the Library. His other publications include Panoramic Maps of Anglo-American Cities, Population Maps of the Western Hemisphere and The Library of Congress Hispanic and Portuguese Collections: An Illustrated Guide.

Mr. Hebert has served in many roles in his numerous professional memberships and associations. He was president and vice president of the Seminar for the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials in 1983-1984 and 1982-1983, respectively. He is currently a member of the advisory council for the People of America Foundation. His other professional associations and memberships include the Latin American Studies Association, the American Historical Association, the Conference on Latin American History, the Society for the History of Discoveries, the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars, the National Hispanic Quincentennial Commission, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the U.S. Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Commission.

He has a bachelor of arts degree in history from the University of Southwestern Louisiana and earned master's and doctorate degrees in Latin American history from Georgetown University.

Text from www.loc.gov/loc/lcib/9911/hebert.html

1.5 U.S. Geological Survey Updates - Four messages sent to Earth Science Information Centers from Rea Mueller in February 2000

1.5.1 Subject: Publications Status Report

The following fact sheets are now available:

"Commemorative Naming in the United States" - Revised fact sheet 158-99, November 1999, Supersedes fact sheet 212-95, April 1998

"Historical Mapping" - New fact sheet 154-99, November 1999, Supersedes "Looking for an Old Map," FS 024-94 (7/96), and "Out-of-Print Maps," FS-034-94 (2/96).

"Using Maps in Genealogy" - New fact sheet 140-99, August 1999, Supersedes the General Interest Publication of the same name, 94-0196.

All three of these fact sheets are available online in .html and/or .pdf format from mapping.usgs.gov/mac/isb/pubs/pubslists/fctsht.html

Please recycle superseded publications. These fact sheets are free-of-charge and can be requested from USGS Information Services, Box 25286, Denver, CO 80225 (FAX: 303-202-4693).

1.5.2 Subject: Changes to Information Products

Because of the price changes implemented by USGS November 1, 1999, all of the mapping information products (price lists, order forms, and fact sheets) distributed to customers are under review. Revisions have been made to the electronic versions of those information products affected by the new pricing implementation. ESIC's should recycle printed copies of the old price lists, order forms and fact sheets and replace them with the revised Web versions until new printed materials are available.

Some of the information products have been redesigned to make them easier to understand and use, and to reduce the number of revisions in the future. Information products now include a universal price list and a generic order form to be used for most products. A new product line, called "Product List" will replace individual price lists and will refer customers to the universal price list and order form for pricing and ordering information. Some information products will become available in electronic versions only. For electronic versions of the revised information products go to the "USGS Information Products About Mapping and Related Subjects" Web site. mapping.usgs.gov/mac/isb/pubs/pubslists/index.htmL

1.5.3 US Geological Survey Maps Price List

The new universal "U.S. Geological Survey Maps Price List" is online and has been received from the printer. Paper copies are available from USGS Information Services, Box 25286, Denver, CO 80225 (FAX: 303-202-4693). File number 76-0001, November 1999. Supersedes the former "Maps Available from the U.S. Geological Survey" price list, file number 67-0001, November 1996. Please recycle the superseded price list.

1.5.4 Revised Price Lists/Order Forms

The USGS has revised the price lists shown below to reflect price changes as of November 1999. They are available in electronic format from the "USGS Information Products About Mapping and Related Subjects" Web site. mapping.usgs.gov/mac/isb/pubs/pubslists/index.html

These electronic versions supersede the printed versions previously available. ESIC's should remove unrevised printed copies from distribution and use the revised Web versions until new printed materials are available.

"Satellite Image Maps List" - Changed from price list to product list, file number 67-0035, October 1999. Supersedes the "Satellite Image Maps" price list, February 1997

"U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Maps" - Price list 67-0033, December 1999. Supersedes the previous edition dated April 1999

"U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Reports" - Order form 67-0003, October 1999. Supersedes the previous edition dated May 1999

Please recycle any printed copies of the superseded price lists.

Rea Mueller
FAS: 703-648-5939
e-mail: rlmueller@usgs.gov

1.6 RGS-IBG Collections Accessible to All for a Fee

From Francis Herbert <F.Herbert@rgs.org> to various lists, February 2000 - Following my advance warning notice of 7 February (repeated below), and its inevitable subsequent questions from both UK and from abroad (thank you especially, California colleagues, for your interest and concern!), I have been informed within the last hour of the charges that our Council has decided will be introduced with effect from 11.00 hours on Monday 28 February 2000. These will be, per diem for non-members, GBP10.00 (wage earners) and GBP5.00 (persons un-waged or in full-time education). The very recently up-dated 'Collections' pages of the Society's Website, where the present figures of GBP15.00 and GBP5.00 respectively are cited, will be changed again soon

Message from February 7, 2000 - The Bad News: Since 1854 the Royal Geographical Society has tried to maintain a map collection which, dependent upon a government annual grant, could also be made freely available for consultation by the general public. The present government department (that for Culture, Media and Sport) has terminated this grant. Consequently this Society, which receives no other government funding, will have to both institute an appointments system and to make a daily access charge to non-members.

The Good News - The daily charge will cover not only a continued public access to the Map Room (cartographic materials from the fifteenth century to the present, carto-bibliographies, gazetteers, directories to (re)sources, RGS-sponsored expedition reports [NB: these are unpublished and hence not available in the copyright libraries], large-format A0 photocopier, etc.) but also access to all the Society's other collections : Library (books, guide-books, sailing directions, and periodicals - including cartography as a subject), Picture Library (sketches, water-colours, photographs, prints), Archives (correspondence, submissions for publication in the Society's journals, manuscript diaries, membership records), and Museum (artefacts). Prior appointment with the department most likely to hold the most amount of relevant research material is essential. This new system will take effect from Monday 28 February 2000.

Please visit our website for more information on the Collections: www.rgs.org

1.7 OpenGIS Standard Enables Automatic Web Map Overlays

Press Release - Open Gis Standard Enables Automatic Web Map Overlays

Vancouver, BC, Canada, February 11, 2000: At its meeting here today, the Open GIS Consortium, Inc. (OGC) adopted a new web map server interface specification which has extraordinary implications for e-commerce and e-government. It enables automatic overlay, in ordinary web browsers, of map images obtained from multiple dissimilar map servers.

This dramatic breakthrough ushers in the long-awaited integration of "where" information into information systems. Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of digital maps and earth images, which until now could not be accessed and used without special skills and software, are suddenly a much more significant part of the Information Infrastructure. Such maps and images show, for example: land use, ownership, zoning, watersheds, elevation (being measured with great accuracy over 70% of the Earth in the next ten days by the NASA/NIMA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission), population density, vegetation type, average income, aerial photos, cell phone coverages, pipelines, etc.

Much of this data is developed and stored in powerful geoprocessing systems: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), earth imaging systems, spatially enabled database systems, and systems for navigation, digital cartography, and facilities management. In coming months, vendors of these systems will implement the OpenGIS Web Map Server Interface Specification and other OpenGIS standards in software upgrades and new software. (Prior OpenGIS Specifications have already been implemented in commercial products.) Map and imagery suppliers will make their data available over the Web through these vendors' OpenGIS-conformant servers. Then Web users will easily find, view, overlay, and combine different thematic maps for a given region. It will no longer matter that the web map servers are from different vendors, or that they vary widely in terms of processing capabilities and data type, or that the data layers use different Earth coordinate systems.

The OpenGIS Web Map Server Interface Specification works with catalog services defined in the OpenGIS Catalog Services Specification. This enables creation of "spatial search engines" for queries of thousands of map layers for which data providers have provided "metadata" (data about the data).

These specifications will give current users of geoprocessing systems faster, better data discovery and access, and will bring the graphic communication power of maps to more web pages. They will also boost the utility and commercial value of location-aware, Internet-connected cell phones, laptops, and car computers. Such devices will access spatial data on the Internet to provide directions and travel advisories and also information about nearby goods and services.

OGC is an international, not-for-profit organization founded in 1994. OGC's 210 industry, government, and academic member organizations participate in a consensus process to integrate geoprocessing into the world's information infrastructures. Information about OGC and its OpenGIS Specifications can befound at www.opengis.org.


Lance McKee
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Open GIS Consortium, Inc.
Wayland, MA 01778
tel: +1-508-655-5858
fax: +1-508-655-2237

2.0 New Maps, Books, etc.

2.1 New Mapping of Western North America by Ken Rockwell


U.S. Geological Survey. Seismic-hazard maps for the Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. 8 maps on 2 sheets, scale 1:7,500,000. USGS Geologic investigations series no. I-2679, pub. 1999. OCLC #43357644

Wynn, Jeffrey C. Aeromagnetic, gravity anomaly, and derivative maps of the Craig and Dixon Entrance 1-degree by 3- degree quadrangles of southeastern Alsaka. 1 computer optical disc. U.S. Geological Survey digital data series no. DDS-56, pub. 1999. OCLC #43167962 - The U.S. Geological Survey collected the data on this CD directly and by means of several contract airborne surveys, through August 1991. The files were generated on a PC under Microsoft Windows 95 operating system and are intended for PC's using Windows, but the images and text can be viewed using a Macintosh computer. A description of the data is presented in both an ASCII and an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file. File number: 01-DDS-0056 Price: $32.00


Gem Trek Publishing. Bow Lake and Saskatchewan Crossing, hiking-recreation map-biking. Scale 1:70,000. Cochrane, Alta. : Gem Trek Pub., 1999. OCLC #43168498

Gem Trek Publishing. Guide and map in one. trail guide, photos, 3D map. Scale 1:35 000. Cochrane, Alta. : Gem Trek Pub., 1999. OCLC #43168500

Schwerdt Graphic Arts Ltd. Alberta : detailed full colour road map with event information and provincial distance/time map plus plans of nine Alberta centres. Scale 1:1,250,000. Whitby, Ont. : Peter Heiler Ltd. (dist. by MapArt), 1999. OCLC #43168509

Schwerdt Graphic Arts Ltd. Alberta & British Columbia : detailed full colour road map with enlargements of ten major centres. Scale 1:2,000,000. Whitby, Ont. : Peter Heiler Ltd. (dist. by MapArt), 1999. OCLC #43168510


U.S. Geological Survey. Breccia-pipe and geologic map of the southwestern part of the Hualapai Indian Reservation and vicinity, Arizona. 2 maps, scale 1:48,000. USGS Miscellaneous investigations series map no. I-2554, pub. 1999. OCLC #43245339


Gem Trek Publishing. Columbia Icefield, guide and map in one. Scale 1:70,000. 2nd ed. Cochrane, Alta. : Gem Trek Pub., 1999. OCLC #43168499

MapMEDIA Corp. British Columbia : detailed full colour road map with event information and provincial distance/time map plus plans of 6 B.C. centres. Scale 1:1,350,000. Whitby, Ont. : Peter Heiler Ltd. (dist. by MapArt), pub. 1999. OCLC #43168511


Berlo, Robert. Population history maps of California places, 1770 to 1999. 1 atlas (945 p.), scale 1:520,000. Livermore, Calif. : Robert C. Berlo, 1999. (Companion volume to the author's Population history of California towns.) OCLC #43168499

Western Economic Research Co. Zip codes in the Central Coast of California. Scale ca. 1:400,000. Mill City, Or. : W.E.R., 1999. OCLC #43257685


Carroll, Christopher J. Geologic map of the Durango east quadrangle, La Plata County, Colorado. Scale: 1:24,000. Colorado Geological Survey Open file report no. 99-6, pub. 1999. OCLC #43327532

Fleming, Robert W. Map and description of the active part of the Slumgullion Landslide, Hinsdale County, Colorado. 1 map on 3 sheets, scale 1:1,000. USGS Geologic investigations series no. I-2672, pub. 1999. OCLC #43246158

Lone Mountain Designs. Coop's roadmap guide to the microbreweries and brewpubs, Colorado & Utah breweries. Scale ca. 1:1,300,000. Menlo Park, CA : Lone Mountain Designs, 1999. OCLC #43168392

Streufert, Randall K. Geologic map of the Mount Sopris quadrangle, Garfield and Pitkin Counties, Colorado. Scale: 1:24,000. Colorado Geological Survey, Open-file 99-7, pub. 1999. OCLC #43327550

Wallace, Chester A. Geologic map of the Gribbles Park quadrangle, Park and Fremont Counties, Colorado. Scale: 1:24,000. Colorado Geological Survey Open file report 99-3, pub. 1999. OCLC #43327542


Rand McNally and Company. Hawaii, EasyFinder. Chicago, IL Rand McNally, 1999. OCLC #43357955


U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency. FIRM, flood insurance rate map, Ada County, Idaho and unincorporated areas. 71 maps, scales differ. Washington, D.C. : FEMA, 1999. OCLC #43352295


Starr Map Company. Discovery map, West Yellowstone, Montana, Island Park, Idaho, illustrated map & business guide : your key to local treasures. 2 pictorial maps on 1 sheet, not drawn to scale. Hailey, Idaho : Starr Map Company, 1999. OCLC #43147001


Fridrich, Christopher J., et al. Geologic map of the Oasis Valley Basin and vicinity, Nye County, Nevada. Scale 1:62,500. USGS Open-file report no. 99-533-B, pub. 1999. OCLC #43357748


Bon, Roger L. Petroleum geology of the Harley Dome Field, Grand County, Utah. 2 sheets of charts and maps. Utah Geological Survey, Oil and gas fields study no. 21, pub. 1999. OCLC #43190465

Lawton, Timothy Frost. Geologic map of the Wales quadrangle, Sanpete County, Utah. Scale 1:24,000. Utah Geological Survey Miscellaneous publication no. 99-2, pub. 1999. OCLC #43189843

Morgan, Craig D. Petroleum geology of the Cisco Townsite and Cisco Wash areas, Grand County, Utah. 2 sheets of charts and maps. Utah Geological Survey, Oil and gas fields study no. 22, pub. 1999. OCLC #43190322


Benchmark Maps. Washington road & recreation atlas. 1 atlas (127 p.), scales differ. Medford, Ore. : Benchmark Maps, 2000. OCLC #43333085

Boling, Maureen, et al. General soil map, Washington. Scale ca. 1:760,320. Pullman, WA : WSU Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences, 1998. OCLC #43227996

Rau, Weldon W. Well stratigraphy and correlations, western Washington and northwestern Oregon. 22 cross sections on 1 sheet. USGS Geologic investigations series map no. I-2621, pub. 1999. OCLC #43208145

3-D TopoQuads. Washington. 8 computer optical discs. Yarmouth, Me : DeLorme, 1999. OCLC #43113568


Day, Warren C., et al. Geologic map of Precambrian Rocks, Rawhide Buttes West quadrangle and part of Rawhide Buttes East quadrangle, Hartville Uplift, Goshen and Niobrara Counties, Wyoming. Scale 1:24,000. USGS Geologic investigations series no. I-2635, pub. 1999. OCLC #43363547

DeBruin, Rodney H. Oil and gas fields map of the Greater Green River Basin and overthrust belt, southwestern Wyoming. Scale 1:350,000. Laramie, Wyo. : Wyoming State Geological Survey, Map series no. 52, pub. 1999. OCLC #43359293

DeBruin, Rodney H., et al. Coalbed methane activity in the western Powder River Basin, Campbell, Converse, Johnson, Natrona, and Sheridan counties, Wyoming. Scale 1:126,720. Laramie, WY : Wyoming State Geological Survey, Coalbed methane map no. 99-2, pub. 1999. OCLC #43336621

2.2 Other New Maps, Books, Etc.

2.2.1 Maps and Related Cartographic Materials: Cataloging, Classification, and Bibliographic Control - A new monograph is available entitled Maps and Related Cartographic Materials: Cataloging, Classification, and Bibliographic Control, edited by Paige G. Andrew and Mary Lynette Larsgaard. Haworth Information Press, 10 Alice Street, Binghamton, NY 13904-1580. ISBN 0-7890-08130. This volume has been simultaneously published as "Cataloging & Classification Quarterly," Volume 27, Numbers 1:2 and 3:4 1999. ISSN 0163-9374


MARC 21/OCLC/RLIN fixed field crosswalk table for maps in alphabetical order by OCLC field name
MARC tags for cataloging cartographic materials
Map cataloging and classification: the basic who, what and where
Problem areas in the descriptive cataloging of sheet maps
Cataloguing map series and serials
The cataloging of globes
Cataloging geologic sections
Cataloging the contemporary printed atlas
Cataloging aerial photographs and other remote-sensing materials
Cataloging early printed maps
Cataloing early atlases: a reference source
Early maps with or in printed publications: description and access
Metadata: an introduction
Spatial metadata: an international survey on clearinghouse and infrastructures
Cataloguing digital cartographic materials
Cataloging cartographic materials on CD-ROMs
Navigating the G Schedule
Subject analysis for cartographic materials
A survey technique for map collection retrospective conversion projects
Retrospective conversion and cataloging of a major academic map collection: the University of Washington story
Enhancing in OCLC’s maps format: a participant’s view
Cataloguing cartographic materials in archives

2.2.2 New Book of Literary Maps To Be Featured at February 28 "Books & Beyond" Presentation

Martha Hopkins of the Library's Interpretive Programs Office will present a slide-illustrated talk about literary maps at the Library of Congress on Monday, Feb. 28, at noon in the Mumford Room on the sixth floor of the James Madison Memorial Madison Building, 101 Independence Ave. S.E. Part of the Center for the Book's "Books & Beyond" author series, the event is free and open to the public.

Ms. Hopkins's presentation will draw on an exhibition of literary maps for which she was co-director and the recently published book, Language of the Land: The Library of Congress Book of Literary Maps, which she co-authored with Michael Buscher of the Library's Geography and Map Division. An annotated and illustrated guide to more than 230 maps in the collections of the Library's Geography and Map Division, the book culminated a cooperative Library of Congress education and reading promotion project funded through a major grant to the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress from the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund. The project included the acquisition and cataloging of literary maps, a major traveling exhibition, and the creation of new literary maps by state centers for the book.

In her introduction to the book, Ms. Hopkins defines a literary map as one that "records the location and identity of geographical places and features associated with authors and their works." Such maps serve "as a guide to the worlds of novelists, poets, dramatists, and other authors of imaginative literature."

Language of the Land: The Library of Congress Book of Literary Maps, a 304-page, 10-by 10-inch hardbound book, is available for $50 from the Library of Congress Sales Shop and from the Superintendent of Documents, P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954, fax (202)-512-2250. The GPO stock number is 030-01-00178-4, and the ISBN is 0-8444-0963-4. Credit card orders may be placed with the Library of Congress Sales Shop by calling (202)-707-0204.

2.2.3 Extending Arcview Gis

Newly Updated: Extending ArcView GIS from ESRI Press. The CD-ROM for this popular book has been updated and now includes ArcView Network Analyst, ArcView Spatial Analyst, and ArcView 3D Analyst to allow you to complete the exercises. These programs are fully functional 120-day limited editions of ESRI software that require a licensed version of ArcView GIS 3.1 or later to operate. www.esri.com/library/esripress/xav.html

2.3 Articles of Interest

2.3.1 Geo world. JAN 01 2000, v. 13, no. 1, p. 24

Dobson, Jerry, "The "G" in GIS: LandScan 1998 Provides Global Population Data at High Spatial Resolution"

2.3.2 Special issue of the Canadian Geographic (January 2000)

This issue focuses on "Mapping at the Millenium" and includes a large separate map of Canada "New Century Map of Canada". The issue can be purchased separately for $6.95 from the Canadian Geographic: http://www.canadiangeographic.ca The web site also lists the table of contents of this issue.

The map may be purchased separately as part of a two map set for $8.95 (it is packaged with the Governor General's "Millenium Map of Canada"). Thanks to Grace Welch for this information.

2.4 Internet Resources

2.4.1 Selected items from ESRI ArcWatch Feb 15, 2000

Introducing the U. S. Census - Available at the ESRI Virtual Campus: This free course module provides an overview of the United States Census, its evolution and primary purpose, and how both public and private sectors use data collected by the census. campus.esri.com/free

Use the ArcData Guide to Find Data - The ArcData Guide is an online search tool that helps you find GIS-compatible data sets from a wide variety of sources-- commercial vendors, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, universities, and ESRI software users who distribute their data sets. Data can be ordered online and ranges from free to fee-based. www.esri.com/data/online/dataguide/

2.4.2 ESRI Tools for the Classroom - From Jenny Stone to GIS4LIB list, January 2000.

Some of you may have seen this before, but I just found a slightly dated (1997) document from ESRI on "GEOTECHing: Mapping and Other Cool Tools for the Classroom." Interesting list of GIS and digital tools for classrooms/libraries. URL: ftp://ftp.esri.com/pub/k12-lib/docs/geotech.pdf

2.4.3 Web Bibliographies for History of Cartography - From Tony Campbell, January 2000 Posted to the LIBER GdC list, MapHist and Maps-L.

Colleagues, At the 1998 meeting of the LIBER, Groupe des Cartothécaires in Krakow it was agreed that an effort would be made to place bibliographies on the Web, in various European languages. The subjects mentioned were the history of cartography, GIS, and map librarianship.

This message concerns the history of cartography element. On the 'Map History' webpage, under 'Literature', there is a section entitled Books to help get you into the subject':

The titles are mostly in English. The LIBER GdC would like to see history of cartography bibliographies in other European languages.

If you come from outside the English-speaking world, might you be prepared to create such a bibliography of history of cartography reference works, in your own language? If you did, you could either add the page to your own site, or send it to Juerg Buehler, Chair of the LIBER GdC Working Group for Education, who would mount it on the GdC Webpage www.maps.ethz.ch/gdc-education2.html. Whichever way it was done, it would then be linked into the 'Map History' site.

It would be useful if such a listing - whether of introductory texts like mine or of recent literature in general - could be supplemented by links to Web resources, e.g. encyclopedias. For an English-language example of that, see: ihr.sas.ac.uk/maps/whatfind.html

So far, there is a listing of 1997/98 Belgian literature (by Hossam Elkhadem) and one of German literature (by Wolfgang Crom), mounted on the GdC page: www.maps.ethz.ch/gdc-education2.html#belgium, www.maps.ethz.ch/gdc-education2.html#german, and one of recent Hungarian titles (given in English) at: http://lazarus.elte.hu/gb/hunkarta/ica95/51.htm

Can you help? If so, please contact me (Tony Campbell, Map Librarian, British Library Map Library at tony.campbell@bl.uk) or Juerg Buehler. If you are interested in preparing a GIS or map librarianship listing, please contact Juerg juerg.buehler@library.ethz.ch.

2.4.4 GIS Crime Mapping Resources

From Glenn Letham (glenn@geocomm.com) to MAPS-L, January 2000. In response to a personal interest of mine, we've started a section devoted to GIS/Crime Mapping resources. You'll find almost 100 resources displayed on hyperlinked maps where you'll find info on police departments, crime analysis agencies, and other organizations involved in Crime Mapping and GIS applications involving crime data. There's also a mechanism to submit your resource as well.

You'll find the Crime Mapping Section at: www.spatialnews.com/features/crimemaps/crimeresources.html. The section is young, but look for many additions in the near future. Any additional contributions are appreciated.

2.4.5 World Bank Interactive Map Site. From Grace Welch to CARTA list, February 2000

A colleague in gov. docs. pointed this site out to me - some development/environmental indicators such as CO2 emissions, forest cover, etc. can be mapped. http://www.worldbank.org/data/maps/

2.4.6 GIS Services in Public Libraries

From Elizabeth Zuelke to GOVDOC-L in December 1999. I continue to hear from people involved in GIS in mostly public libraries. I just wanted to share two interesting web sites I've been referred to because they show the kinds of services going on out there in public libraries: http://www.co.san-bernardino.ca.us/library/GISLinks.htm and http://www.win.org/library/services/gis/gishp.htm

2.4.7 LIS News - www.lisnews.com.

Started on November 1, 1999 LIS News is a place to find links to the latest news in the world of library and information science. News stories are posted as they are found. We also plan to offer discussion boards, editorials, book reviews and other relevant features. Please continue to check back for new features.

2.4.8 Information to Subscribe to several GIS-related E-mail Lists
MAPINFO-L - Discussion list for MapInfo users: This is the best place to hear what's happening in the world of MapInfo. The list's web site also offers a great many shareware files and data sets contributed by list readers. You can download past messages from the Archives FTP site, or search them using the mirror site on MapInfo Corp's MapInfo-L web page testdrive.mapinfo.com/tdc/mapinfo-l.nsf/?openabout

To subscribe, send email to the server and put: subscribe MAPINFO-L in the body of the message.

Server: majordomo@lists.csn.net
List: mapinfo-l@lists.csn.net
Contact: bthoen@ctmap.com (Bill Thoen)
Web: www.gisnet.com/gis/mapinfo/mapinfol.html
Archive URL: ftp://ftp.ctmap.com/mapinfo/digest


ARCVIEW - User-sponsored ArcView software discussion list: This list is for Arcview-related questions and answers. Other GIS products (ArcInfo, MapInfo, etc.) have their own lists. It is free and completely independent of any commercial interests. Your ArcView-related messages are instantaneously delivered to hundreds of knowledgeable subscribers. To subscribe, unsubscribe or view the message archives, go to arcview.listbot.com/

List: Arcview@listbot.com
Contact: whuber@quantdec.com (Bill Huber)

ARCVIEW-L - ArcView software discussion list: Discussion list for all subjects concerning released versions of ArcView GIS software and related products. To subscribe, go to the web page www.esri.com/base/support/selfhelp/lists-sub.html and fill out the form, or contact the list owner if you do not have web access. For a list of available archive files send the command: "INDEX ARCVIEW-L" to the server. To get a particular one, send the command: "GET ARCVIEW-L LOGxxxx". Send the command "INFO DATABASE" for information about how to search the archives.

For archives that go back to the second quarter of 1996, see www.gis.umn.edu/rsgisinfo/lists.html, or for archives that go back to the fourth quarter of 1995, see www.gfi-gis.com/en/support/avkb.

GISE-L - GIS educators site: Discussion list focused on GIS Educators. This discussion group is intended as a forum for the exchange of ideas and a means of distribution for all kinds of related information: conference announcements, new publications, course syllabi, availability of training data sets and software. To subscribe, please send an empty message to gise-l-request@sbg.ac.at. You will shortly receive a response providing more detailed information on how to proceed.

List: gise-l@sbg.ac.at
Contact: owner-gise-l@sbg.ac.at
Web: www.sbg.ac.at/geo/zgis/gise-l.htm

GIS-L - Eclectic GIS discussion group: General discussion group for GIS issues. This is one of the main lists in GIS. Originally it was linked to the Usenet newsgroup comp.infosystems.gis, but now these are separate. It's currently sponsored by GeoGraph International Corporation, and is open and free to the public. The GIS-L FAQ is available from: www.geoint.com/gis-l/index.html

Server: listserver@geoint.com
List: GIS-L@geoint.com
Contact: owner-gis-l@geoint.com
Web: www.geoint.com/gis-l/index.html
Archive: www.geoint.com/gis-l/index.html#a

2.4.9 Cartifact Gallery

From Jan Smits <Jan.Smits@konbib.nl> to various lists December 1999

Dear Colleagues / Cartifactiphiles,

With only a few additions in future the Cartifact Gallery for the moment is complete with some 223 items in 245 pictures on URL: www.konbib.nl/persons/jan-smits/cartifact/list.html

"A phenomenology of cartifacts" on URL: www.konbib.nl/persons/jan-smits/cartifact/intro.html has been supplemented with some anecdotal, philological, numismatic, philatelic and other knowledge.

2.4.10 EDINA Digimap Goes Live

From: Antonio da Cruz A.A.C.Da-Cruz@liverpool.ac.uk To: lis-maps@mailbase.ac.uk

We are delighted to announce that EDINA Digimap went live as a fully supported and ATHENS authenticated service on 10 January, as planned, providing access to Ordnance Survey map data for Great Britain. Further details of the EDINA Digimap service, and the data that it provides access to, can be found at edina.ac.uk/digimap

The most detailed map dataset available through Digimap is Land-Line.Plus. 30% of national coverage of Land-Line is available through Digimap. Which 30% is available is to be determined by Digimap Site Representatives in subscribing institutions.

The data downloading facility of Digimap (Digimap Download) is not currently available. This has been delayed pending the conclusion of contract and agreement between JISC and Ordnance Survey.

In common with other EDINA services, the service can be accessed from the EDINA home page (edina.ac.uk.

Subscribing sites have received sample documentation for the service, including posters and Quick Reference Guides. As for all EDINA services, we will distribute reasonable quantities of documentation free of charge in order to assist institutions with local support of EDINA Digimap. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Thirty-nine Universities and other Higher Education Institutions have committed to subscribing to Digimap, slightly more than anticipated at this stage. A list of current subscribing institutions and details of their Digimap site representatives can be found at edina.ac.uk/digimap/subscribe/list.html

If you are interested in using Digimap, and your institution subscribes, then you should contact your site representative. If you are interested in using Digimap, but your institution does not subscribe, you will find materials that help to make the case for subscribing on the edina website edina.ac.uk/digimap

EDINA URL: edina.ed.ac.uk
Edinburgh University Data Library
Main Library Building, George Square
Edinburgh EH8 9LJ
Tel: 0131 650 3302
Fax: 0131 650 3308
Email: edina@ed.ac.uk

2.4.11 Canadian Web sites of Interest

3.0 Meetings And Other Educational Opportunities

3.1 Chicago Map Society, The Newberry Library, 60 W. Walton Street, Chicago, Illinois 60610-3380, FEBRUARY MEETING (Note date change), Place: The Newberry Library, Towner Fellows' Lounge, Time: 5:30 - 7:00 PM, Tuesday, 15 February 2000, Program: Seymour Schwartz, M.D., "The Anatomy and Physiology of a Map Collection"

3.2 GIS'2000, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario, March, 13-16, 2000, For more information, see www.gis2000.com.

3.3 American Congress on Surveying And Mapping, 2000 ACSM Annual Convention and Exhibition, Statehouse Convention Center, Little Rock, Arkansas, March 18-23, 2000, www.survmap.org/confer41/ancon500.htm

3.4 Texas Map Society, Spring Meeting, March 31-April 1, 2000 (Friday is optional; main program is Saturday), San Jacinto Museum of History in La Porte, Texas, The program includes the new chief of the Map and Geography Division of the, Library of Congress, John Hebert, Houston map collector, Carrington Weems, Mark Allen of University of Texas, Austin, Tom Woodfin of Texas A&M, University and the San Jacinto Museum’s director, J.C. Martin. For registration information, contact Ms. Kit Goodwin, UTA Libraries, Box 19497, Arlington, TX (817) 272-5329 (voice); (817) 272-3360 (fax) or goodwin@library.uta.edu

3.5 Association of American Geographers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, April 4-8, 2000, www.aag.org

3.6 California Map Society, April 6-8,2000, Pasadena, California, See www.raremaps.com/cms/nextmeeting.htm for details

3.7 Western Association Of Map Libraries, WAML Spring 2000 Meeting, Edmonton, Alberta (joint with ACMLA), May 31 - June 4, 2000, Host: David Jones DAVID.JONES@UALBERTA.CA, For more information, see www.library.ualberta.ca/maps2000/

3.8 IASSIST 2000, Data in the Digital Library: social, spatial, and government data services Evanston, Illinois at Northwestern University, 7 - 10 June 2000. IASSIST conferences bring together data professionals, data producers, and data analysts from around the world who are engaged in the creation, acquisition, processing, maintenance, distribution, preservation, and use of numeric social science data for research and instruction.

3.9 Special Libraries Association, 2000 Philadelphia Annual Conference, Independence to Interdependence: the Next Phase in the Information Revolution, June 10-15, 2000, www.sla.org/conf/2000conf/index.html

3.10 Environmental Systems Research Institute, June 26-30, 2000. San Diego, California, Twentieth Annual ESRI International User Conference. www.esri.com/events/uc/index.html

3.11 Historical Gis Workshop, Mapping Europe's Boundaries and Borders Florence, Italy, June 2000, For more information, see www.esf.org/hp/call99.htm.

3.12 American Library Association, Chicago, Illinois, American Library Association, Annual Conference 2000, July 6-12, 2000, "Libraries Build Community", www.ala.org/events/ac2000/

3.13 National Conference On Gis In Education, California State University, San Bernardino, 17 - 19 July 2000, Learn about GIS and its uses in schools, libraries, and museums at the International Conference on GIS in Education, July 17 - 19 in San Bernardino, CA.

The deadline for submitting proposals for presentations is February 29, 2000. We would like to have a session organized around Metadata & Cataloging and another organized around Data Clearinghouse projects. If you have suggestions for other topics, or would like to make a presentation on one of the above topics, please let me know. Registration and proposal forms can be downloaded from www.esri.com/industries/libraries/ed_conf.htm

Also, there will be a one-day pre-conference workshop (Intro to GIS in Libraries) for those wanting a hands-on introduction to ArcView GIS and internet-based mapping.

From: Angela Lee
ESRI Schools and Libraries Program
1305 Corporate Center Dr, Suite 250
St Paul, MN 55121-1204
651-994-0823 x.8329

3.14 International Federation of Library Associations And Institutions, 66th IFLA Council and General Conference, Jerusalem, Israel, August 13-18, 2000, "The people of the book invite the keepers of the book. www.ifla.org/IV/ifla66/66intro.htm

3.15 UDMS 2000, 22nd Urban and Regional Data Management Symposium, Congress Centre, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, 11 – 15 September 2000, For more information, visit www.geo.tudelft.nl/GISt/UDMS2000/UDMS2000.htm

3.16 North American Cartographic Information Society Nacis XX, Next Annual Meeting, Knoxville, Tennessee, October 11-14, 2000, www.nacis.org/

3.17 Western History Association, 40th Annual Conference of the Western History Association, San Antonio, Texas, October 11-14, 2000

3.18 Western Association Of Map Libraries, WAML Fall 2000 Meeting, Reno, Nevada, November 8 - 11, 2000, Host: Linda Newman: lnewman@equinox.unr.edu, Web page: www.delamare.unr.edu/maps/waml/meetng.htm

3.19 Maps and Society (Warburg Institute, London), Ninth Series Programme For 2000,

March 30. Ian Mumford (Department of Typography and Graphic Communication, University of Reading). Lithographed Maps - Art or Artefact? A Round-Table Discussion.

Meetings are held at the University of London, Warburg Institute, Woburn Square, London WC1H OAB at 5.00 pm on a THURSDAY.

3.20 19th International Conference On The History Of Cartography, Madrid, Spain, 1-6 July 2001, Conference Room of the Biblioteca Nacional. 'The History of Cartography of Spain and Iberoamerica' Contact details: 19th International Conference on the History of Cartography, Carmen Líter, Servicio de Cartografía, Biblioteca Nacional de España, Paseo de Recoletos, 20-22, E-28071 Madrid Spain, Fax: (+34) 915 807 716, E-mail: 19.ichc@bne.es

4.0 Contributors

Lucinda M. Hall hallx030@tc.umn.edu
Ken Rockwell krockwel@library.utah.edu
Kathryn Womble kwomble@u.washington.edu

5.0 The Western Association of Map Libraries (WAML)

WAML News and Notes is a moderated bulletin of the Western Association of Map Libraries.

The Western Association of Map Libraries (WAML) is an independent association established to encourage high standards in every phase of the organization and administration of map libraries. Membership in WAML is open to any individual interested in furthering the purposes of the organization. For further information, contact an officer listed below see the WAML web site at gort.ucsd.edu/mw/waml/waml.html

WAML Officers as of July 1, 1999

Greg Armento
University Library
California State University, Long Beach
Long Beach, CA 90840
(562) 985-4367

Vice President/President Elect
David Decklebaum
University of California, Los Angeles
Maps and Government Information
4510 Young Research Library
Box 951575
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575
(310) 825-3135

Muriel Strickland
2465 Baja Cerro Circle
San Diego, CA 92109-1542

Jenny Stone
University of Washington
Map Collection & Cartographic Information Services
Box 352900
Seattle, WA 98195-2900
(206) 543-9392

Past President
Linda Zellmer
Arizona State University Libraries
Map Collection
P.O. Box 871006
Tempe, AZ 85287-1006
(602) 965-5973

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