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Over the next month, I'll be sending out three
electronic news-and-notes; Project Alexandria's site
visit from NSF on February 24 will mean that afterward
I'll have a chance to do something else besides work
on Alex.

This issue is devoted to states news and notes.  Many
thanks to Debbie Kalvee for serving as the Alaska
news-and-notes source; and welcome to Walt Herreid
as new resource person; he was appointed Government Documents and Maps
Librarian at Rasmuson Library, University of Alaska-Fairbanks,
in late October of last year.

I FINALLY finished writing up a summary of the email
survey conducted through the IB nearly a year ago.  In
the process, I came across a note from Ed Thatcher.  Ed
is generously offering his copies of IB and some Occasional
papers to persons writing to him: Edwar P. Thatcher,
1812 Villard Street, Eugene OR 97403-2050.

Mary Larsgaard


                       Alaska - News
After nearly six months of negotiations, the U.S. Geological
Survey map store in Fairbanks will move from the downtown federal
building to the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska
Fairbanks in March 1995. The Institute's GeoData Center is a
public browse facility for Alaska high-altitude aerial
photography and sells satellite images of the state.

As part of a federal cost-saving measure, the USGS map store was
scheduled to close. The closing of the Fairbanks outlet, which
sells about 100,000 maps annually, would have forced people in
the Interior to buy many Alaska maps in Anchorage or Denver.

The federal government will supply the GeoData Center with the
funds, shelving units and a complete stock of USGS maps, reports,
and publications on Alaska.
    -(excerpted from the FAIRBANKS DAILY NEWS-MINER, Nov. 21,

The University of Alaska Fairbanks and the U.S.
Geological Survey have agreed to transfer the federal
government's Fairbanks map store to the University.

As of August 3, 1994, U.S. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt had
yet to sign the agreement to transfer the store's stock of maps
and $60,000 worth of fixtures to UAF. The USGS has spent up to
$250,000 a year to run the map store in Fairbanks. Once the store
moves to the UAF campus, the agency will provide up to $125,000
to support the store. The University will pocket all profits from
the maps sales and eventually the store will support itself,
according to Alaska Senator Frank Murkowski.

                            Alaska - New Maps
Alaska. Dept. of Community and Regional Affairs.
COMMUNITY/BOROUGH MAP. 1994. 1:4,435,000. G4371 F1 1994 A4241.
Includes indexes to communities and "regional educational
attendence areas", statistical tables of boroughs, cities, and
municipalities. Juneau, AK., the Department.

Alaska. Department of Fish and Game. ALASKA DEPARTMENT OF FISH
Scale not given. 7 maps on 43x28 cm. sheets. G4372.S68L2 1990
A444. Juneau, AK., the Department.

Alaska. Dept. of Natural Resources. 1992. FOREST HEALTH
sheet, col., 40x28 cm. G 4371.K5 1982 A443.

Alaska. Dept. of Natural Resources, Office of the
Commissioner, Land Records Information Section. 1993. TOWNSHIP
MERIDIANS. 1:2,500,000, col., Albers equal area projection. G
4371.B3 1993 A44. "Township grid based on Bureau of Land
Management's statewide protraction files".

Alaska. Dept. of Natural Resources, Office of the
Commissioner, Land Records Information Section. 1993. STATE OF
ALASKA LAND OWNERSHIP, DECEMBER 1992. 1:2,500,000, col. G
4371.G462 1992 A44. "Alaska Statehood Act: state lands, state
selected - Federal lands: conservation system units, other public
lands - Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act: ANCSA patented or
interim conveyed, ANCSA selected".

Alaska. Dept. of Natural Resources, Office of the
Commissioner, Land Records Information Section. 1993. STATE OF
INDEX MAP (land estate only) AS OF FEBRUARY, 1993. 1:1,500,000,
col.G 4371.G5 1993 A44

Alaska. Dept. of Transportation and Public Facilities.
TRAFFIC. 1992. Scales not given. 12 maps on 9 sheets 62x92 cm. or
smaller. G4374 A1 1992 A432. Juneau, AK., the Section.

LEASE MAP. 1994. 4 maps. 1:63,360. col. 92x62 cm. G4371.H8 1994
M37. Shows lease owners/operators, sale number/lease number,
bonus bid and expiration. The Mapmakers, 259 South Palmer Street,
Palmer, AK 99645.

National Geographic Society (U.S.) Cartographic Division. ALASKA.
1994. 1:3,805,000; 1:4,349,000. 2 maps on 1 sheet. Azimuthal
equidistant projection centred on Fairbanks. Includes text and 5
ancillary maps: selected resources, relative size of Alaska and
the contiguous U.S., federal lands, Alaska natives and [panoramic
view of Prince William Sound, Copper River delta and Bering
Glacier]. Supplement to NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, May 1994.

United States. Bureau of Land Management. 1994. BLM RECREATION
GUIDE: ALASKA, FRESHWATER FISHING. 1 map, col., 45x70 cm. folded.
I 53.7/2:AL 1/2. OCLC 31228969

                      California - News
Just in case the state has some more torrential downpours this
season, here are the Internet addresses that were used for the
last deluge:

This is a World Wide Web Site and can be accessed by using your WWW browser
(such as Mosaic, Netscape or lynx.)

- - - ---------------
Flood Information from CERES (California Environmental Resource Evaluation
- - - ---------------

    If you only have a gopher client, here are some of the gopher sites
referenced in the above WWW page:
- - - ---------------
For California Flash Flood Watch, River Statement, River Statement, Severe
Weather Statement, Short Term Fcst, Special Weather Statement, State
Forecast, Weather Roundup, and Surface Maps: University of Illinois Weather

path /States/California
- - - ---------------
Office of Emergency Services
- - - ---------------
FEMA Press Releases
- - - ---------------

On a more cheerful note - at the University of California, Los
Angeles, a good deal has been happening with the map collection.
Two library units, formerly called the Public Affairs Service
(PAS) and the Henry J. Bruman Map Library, temporarily
cut services to the public in order to implement a physical
merger into Room A4510 of the University Research Library, the
current location of PAS. The Map Library in Bunche Hall closed
on July 16th, 1994, and PAS closed on August 13th.
The "new" unit, initially planned to be called MGI (Maps and
Government Information), re-opened in September.  According to
your Editor's occasionally faulty memory, Henry J. Bruman's
name is applied to the new collection.  And your Editor is
SURE that the new map librarian is David Deckelbaum
(announced via email on 12/21/94).  Welcome,
David!  David's email is:

Yet more words of good cheer, from the annual report (1993-94)
of the UCSD, La Jolla, map collection: completed Map Room with move of ca. 2,500
titles from general stacks; increased map reference service hours 20%;
completed shift to mainstreaming Map Room materials through
Acqusitions and Cataloging Departments in conjunction with
Jessica Miramontes, Ann Studebaker and Karen Peters; moved map office;
began electronic map center within EIC, under direction of
Mark Waggoner, including establishing home page on Infopath;
initiated several Systemwide projects in the UC/Stanford Map
Librarians Group; participated in planning of national consolidation of
map-library journals and their electronic delivery, using $8K implementation
grant from Western Association of Map Libraries; began negotiations with USGS
for establishment of regional Earth Science Information Center;
accepted air photo equipment gift from Bureau of Fishereries
(approx. value $20K-30k).

Richard C. Pollard, California State University, Fullerton's Librarian,
announced in May of 1994 the appointment of Dr. Albert R. Vogeler as Curator of
the Roy V. Boswell Collection for the History of Cartography.  The
nationally-known collection, housed in the Library's Special Collections
unit, comprises over 1,500 rare maps illustrating the development of
cartography from the sixteenth through nineteenth century together with
some 2,000 scholarly books on cartography, geography, exploration, and
navigation.  The Collection for the History of Cartography was founded in 1971
by Roy V. Boswell, a rare book and map dealer, and Ernest W. Toy, then
College Librarian, as a resource for education and scholarship in a
growing interdisciplinary field.  Boswell, Curator for fourteen years
during which he was responsible for many exhibitions and catalogs, died
in 1990 at the age of 96.  Vogeler's appointment as Curator coincides
with what would have been Boswell's 100th birthday on May 9, 1994.
Vogeler, who holds a Ph.D. in Modern British history from
Columbia University, has taught at California State University, Fullerton
for twenty years and will retire in June as Lecturer in Liberal Studies.
He has been closely associated with the Collection, which was named for
Boswell in 1987 on his initiative.  He has lectured, mounted exhibits,
and written catalogs about its holdings, and is author of a descriptive
essay in the 1992 volume he co-edited with Professor Arthur Hansen, "Very
Special Collections."  "Our maps," he said, "are primary cultural
documents containing many layers of meaning from the past, ideal subjects
for interdisciplinary study.  I hope to encourage their use and
appreciation by our students and faculty and by scholars from around the

The California Geographic Information Association has put
out the first issue of its newsletter, CGIA News.  For
more info: CGIA c/o Randy Moory, Teale Data Center, 2005
Evergreen Street/ POB 13436, Sacramento CA 95813-4436.

                          California - Maps
A few more maps have been issued in the Dibblee series;
get ordering information from: California Division of Mines
and Geology, 107 South Broadway, Room 1065, Los Angeles,
CA 90012 ('phone, 213/620-3560).

The maps that AAA issued in about August of last year
for Denver are inaccurate.  Seems they ordered their maps
assuming that the new airport would be open, and the baggage system
didn't work.  So, the maps show a blank space for the
functioning airport, and a functioning airport where the new one will
be, someday. [ED: I keep seeing more FAA graphics of the
new airport but haven't read lately if it's open or not.]

Those who attended the WAML meeting in September of 1993 will remember that
our hosts at the USGS Earth Science Infomation Center announced that they
would be moving from their home of thirty years in the Federal Building in
downtown Salt Lake City.  In spring of 1994 they joined two other agencies
with a strong earth science mission, the U.S. Forest Service Geometronics Lab
and the Aerial Photography Field Office of the Agriculture  Stabilization and
Conservation Service, in facilities in the southwest part of the city. The
ESIC continues to provide information, reference and research materials on a
variety of USGS products.  It works with the Utah Geological Survey and
several private map dealers to provide topographic maps. Discussions are
underway to provide selected Forest Service products through the ESIC as part
of a new integrated approach to distributing data to the public.
The head of the Salt Lake ESIC, Wendy Hassibe, spoke to us last
September about her experiences as part of a Dept. of Interior team which was
working to meet Vice President Gore's mandate to "reinvent government".  This
month she moves to Denver to work full-time on the National Performance
Review, a project which she hopes "will make a difference for a lot of
people". Her e-mail address will remain whassibe@usgsresv.bitnet; her new
telephone number is (303)236-5812.