Lucinda M. Hall, Editor
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Electronic Version, Part 2, February, 1999. To be included in a future print version of the Information Bulletin.

1. News
        1.1 WAML Spring Meeting
        1.2 Round Table representation to ALA Council
        1.3 Helen Wallis Fellowship available
        1.4 SLA Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota
        1.5 1999 Walter W. Ristow Prize in the History of Cartography and Map Librarianship
        1.6 New Distance Learning Geographic Information Sciences (GIS) Certificate Program at the
        University of Southern California
        1.7 Cartographic Users Advisory Council (CUAC) Meeting notes
2. New Maps, Books, Etc.
      2.1 New Mapping of Western North America compiled by Ken Rockwell
      2.2 Other new materials
        2.2.1 Aerial Photo Sourcebook
      2.3 Articles of interest
        2.3.1 Colonial waterbirds: Journal of the colonial waterbirds
        2.3.2 D-Lib Magazine
        2.3.3 Directions Magazine online
        2.3.4 Geography: Journal of the Geographical Association
        2.3.5 International Journal of Geographical Information
      2.4 Internet resources
        2.4.1 Publications of the US Geological Survey database
        2.4.2 GIS Data Depot
        2.4.3 Current Geographical Publications
        2.4.4 Border EcoWeb
        2.4.5 New items added to MAGERT Web site
3. Meetings and Other Educational Opportunities
      3.1 Upcoming International Conferences, Seminars, Talks, etc.
4. Contributors to this issue
5. The Western Association of Map Libraries

1. News

1.1 WAML Spring Meeting

The Western Association of Map Libraries Spring Meeting will be held at Cal State Long Beach in the University Library on April 29-30, 1999. There will be a Thursday night banquet at a nearby restaurant. Meetings will run 1:30-5:00 p.m. on April 29 and from 8:30-5:00 p.m. on April 30. WAML will offer an optional Saturday field trip (May 1), carpooling to West Los Angeles for a guided architectural tour of the Getty Center. Registration for the conference is $25. Thursday night banquet is $25. Field trip is free.

Registration packets are being mailed out to WAML members. If you are interested in attending, please see our website at gort.ucsd.edu/mw/waml/waml.html

1.2 Round Table representation to ALA Council

If you are a member of the American Library Association, keep an eye out for a new addition to the ALA ballot. For the first time, round tables, including the Map and Geography Round Table, have an opportunity to elect representatives to ALA Council. Large round tables (such as the Government Documents Round Table) each have one representative on Council. The five smaller round tables, including MAGERT, will be voting as a group to elect one person to represent them all.

The MAGERT nominee for this position is Patrick McGlamery. Pat is head of the Map and Geographic Information Center at the University of Connecticut, and is known to many of you for his pioneering work with GIS, and for his role as an educator in the area of computer mapping. I am sure he would make an outstanding representative not only for MAGERT, but also for the other small roundtables.

1.3 Helen Wallis Fellowship Available

An annual fellowship was recently established at the British Library to honour the memory of Helen Wallis and confer recognition by the Library on scholars whose work will promote the extended and complementary use of the British Library's book and cartographic collections. Dr Helen Wallis OBE was Map Librarian at the British Museum and then British Library (1967-86).

Preference will be given to proposals which both relate to the Library's collections and have an international dimension. Applicants will be expected to refer to the classes of material they intend to consult and to demonstrate how their research might be disseminated. The fellowship may be held as a full or part-time appointment, but would normally be for 6-12 months.

For more information about applying, see ihr.sas.ac.uk/maps/wallis.html

1.4 SLA Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota

The annual conference will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota from June 6th to June 10th, 1999. More information about the conference is available at www.sla.org/conf/99conf/ac99fly.html

1.5 1999 Walter W. Ristow Prize in the History of Cartography and Map Librarianship

The Walter W. Ristow Prize seeks to recognize achievement in cartographic history and map librarianship and is awarded annually by the Washington Map Society.

The competition is open to all full or part-time upper-level undergraduate, graduate and first-year postdoctoral students attending accredited colleges or universities.

For more information about the criteria, please see the site www.cyberia.com/pages/jdocktor/ristow.htm

1.6 New Distance Learning Geographic Information Sciences (GIS) Certificate Program at the University of Southern California

The University of Southern California, a national research university with a full range of academic and professional degree programs located in Los Angeles, California, is pleased to announce the Distance Learning Geographic Information Sciences (GIS) Certificate Program.

The GIS program consists of three regular graduate credit GIS courses in Spatial Thinking, Analysis and Modeling, and Organizational GIS Issues offered entirely by mail and internet. The first course in the series will start in January 1999 and every semester thereafter. The program folds in several GIS software courses from the ESRI Virtual Campus. The tuition for each course is US $2,824, the entire program is about $9000. US residents may be able to deduct tuition as an unreimbursed business expense or take HOPE tax credits. You must have access to a computer, e-mail, and the internet. Complete details can be found at www.usc.edu/dept/geography/learngis.

1.7 Cartographic Users Advisory Council (CUAC) Meeting Notes

You will receive the CUAC Meetings notes under a separate message. The 1998 annual meeting of the Cartographic Users Advisory Council took place on the campus of the United States Geological Survey headquarters in Reston, Virginia.

2. New Maps, Books, Etc.

2.1 New Mapping of Western North America by Ken Rockwell


Gem Trek Publishing.Banff and Mount Assiniboine : hiking-recreation map-biking. Scale 1:100,000.4th ed.Cochrane, Alta. : Gem Trek Pub., 1998. OCLC #40724518

Gem Trek Publishing. Bragg Creek & Elbow Falls : hiking-recreation map-biking : Kananaskis Country includes Big Elbow-Little Elbow Loop. Scale 1:50,000. Calgary, Alta. : Gem Trek Pub., 1997.OCLC #40724521

Gem Trek Publishing.Jasper and Maligne Lake : hiking-recreation map-biking. Scale 1:100,000.4th ed.Cochrane, Alta. : Gem Trek Pub., 1998. OCLC #40724520

Gem Trek Publishing.Lake Louise & Yoho : hiking map and guide. Scale 1:50,000.5th ed.Cochrane, Alta. : Gem Trek Pub., 1998. OCLC #40724519


GeoSystems Global Corp.Arizona laminated flipmap. Scale ca. 1:2,260,000. Williamston, MI : Universal MAP, 1998. OCLC #40573523


Ash, Chris. Geology and mineral occurrences of the Tatogga Lake area : NTS 104G/9NE, 16SE & 104H/12NW,13SW.Scale 1:50,000.Victoria, B.C. : British Columbia Geological Survey Branch, Open file 1997-3, pub. 1997. OCLC #40654106

Morris, Frank Lemerise.Marine atlas: the original marine atlas. 2 vol., scales differ. Seattle, Wash.: Bayless Enterprises : distributed by Fisheries Supply Co., 1998. v. 1. Olympia to Malcolm Island ; v. 2. Port Hardy to Skagway. OCLC #40606969

Verma, G. Discover Canada's British Columbia. Scale 1:1 500 000. 4th ed. Vancouver, B.C. : International Travel Maps, 1998.OCLC #40724512


Campbell, Russell H., et al. Mapping time-dependent changes in soil slip-debris flow probability. 16 maps on 1 sheet, scales 1:24,000 and 1:40,000. USGS Geologic investigations seriesI-2586, pub. 1998.OCLC #40603511

GeoSystems Global Corp. Flipmap southern California.Scale ca. 1:2,150,000. Williamston, MI :Universal MAP, 1998.OCLC #40573519

GeoSystems Global Corp.Northern California laminated flipmap.Scale ca. 1:2,150,000. Williamston, MI : Universal MAP, 1998. OCLC #40573519

Guay, Joel R., et al. Flood-inundation map and water-surface profiles for floods of selected recurrence intervals, Cosumnes River and Deep Creek, Sacramento County, California. Scale 1:24,000. Reston, Va. : U.S. Geological Survey open-file report 98-283, pub. 1998.OCLC #40614770

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Meridian Graphics Inc.Portrait San Francisco, the Bay Area: the picture-perfect travel companion.Scale not given.Atlanta, GA : Meridian Graphics, 1998. OCLC #47024308


Bryant, Bruce, et al. Revised preliminary geologic map of the Storm King Mountain quadrangle, Garfield County, Colorado. Scale 1:24,000.USGS Open-file report98-472, pub. 1998.OCLC #40569058

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Shroba, R. R., and Scott, Robert B. Geologic map of the Rifle quadrangle, Garfield County, Colorado. Scale 1:24,000.USGS Open-file report 97-852, pub. 1997. OCLC #40590553


Hammarstrom, Jane Marie.Map showing the potential for mineral deposits associated with Precambrian mafic and ultramafic rocks in the Blacktail and Henry's Lake Mountains and the Greenhorn and Ruby Ranges of southwestern Montana. Scale 1:250,000.USGS Open-file report 98-224-D, pub. 1998.OCLC #40656535


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Geo-Graphics of Portland, Or. Mount Hood Wilderness map.2 maps on 1 sheet, scales 1:30,000 and 1:125,000. Beaverton, Or. : Geo-Graphics, OCLC #40594411


Mapco Diversified Inc.Oil and gas production of Rocky Mountain region and west central United States : including basins, uplifts and basement rock. Scale not given. Denver, Colo. : Mapco Diversified Inc., 1998. OCLC #40470654


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Rand McNally and Company. StreetFinder, Western United States. 2 computer laser optical discs, scale not given. 1997 ed.[Chicago] : Rand McNally, pub. 1997. OCLC #40575620

2.2 Other New Materials

2.2.1 Aerial Photo Sourcebook
Collins, Mary Rose. The Aerial Photo Sourcebook. Lanham, MD : Scarecrow Press, 1998. ISBN 0-8108-3519-3.
This compact reference tool has something for everyone:
  1. Basics on aerial photo interpretation for the novice or for use in the classroom
  2. Source listings of aerial photography by state from government and commercial producers
  3. An extensive bibliography of over 800 listings.

The bibliography is divided into 40 subject areas including agriculture, computers, economics, forestry, geography, geology, history, intelligence, mapping and cartography, remote sensing, wetlands and more.

2.3 Articles of interest

2.3.1 Colonial waterbirds : Journal of the colonial waterbirds, 1998, v. 21, no. 2.

2.3.2 D-Lib Magazine at www.dlib.org, January 1999

2.3.3 Directions Magazine online at www.directionsmag.com/features.asp?FeatureID=7. Read about Microsoft's MapPoint 2000 product.

2.3.4 Geography : Journal of the Geographical Association, October 1, 1998, v. 83, no. 361, part 4

2.3.5 International Journal of Geographical Information, January 1, 1999, v. 13, no. 1

2.4 Internet resources

2.4.1 Publications of the US Geological Survey Database

The Publications of the U.S. Geological Survey, a subset of the GeoRef database established by the American Geological Institute, is now available online (http://usgs-georef.cos.com). Previously produced on a CD-ROM, this online version of the USGS publications database is provided by the Community of Science under a licensing agreement. The database provides access to the publications of the USGS and includes references to U.S. Geological Survey reports and maps published from 1880 to date, references to non-USGS publications with USGS authors published from 1983 to date, and 225 references to reports produced by the Hayden, King, Powell, and Wheeler surveys.

2.4.2 GIS Data Depot

GIS Data Depot (www.gisdatadepot.com) is a new internet source for data files. The purpose of the GIS Data Depot is to promote the open exchange and free transfer of geospatial data over the Internet. The GIS Data Depot currently has over 50,000 unique web pages containing free geographic data for 250 countries. The URLs to these pages will not change, so if you would like to link to a particular geographic area of interest, such as a country, state, province, or county, feel free to do so.

The GIS Data Depot enables you to download data from a catalog of over one million domestic and international datasets, including nearly all digitally available USGS 24K, 100K, 250K DLG quadrangles, numerous statewide datasets, DEMs, DRGs, DOQQs, and satellite imagery. Most of the vector data is available in E00, SHP, MIF, DXF, or DLG SDTS format with the raster data being either TIFF or JPEG format.

2.4.3 Current Geographical Publications - The January 1999 issue of Current Geographical Publications is now available at leardo.lib.uwm.edu/cgp

2.4.4 Border EcoWeb

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Border EcoWeb (BEW), a new resource for finding online environmental information about the U.S.-Mexican border region.Located at: www.borderecoweb.sdsu.edu, BEW is designed to help you save time in finding border-related environmental information.

2.4.5 New items added to MAGERT Web Site - New items are being added to the MAGERT Web page. It can be found at www.sunysb.edu/libmap/magert1.htm. Click on "MAGERT Electronic Publications" to get to the pages discussed here.

3. Meetings and Other Educational Opportunities

3.1 Upcoming International Conferences, Seminars, Talks, Etc.

3rd IEEE Meta-Data Conference, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, US, 6 - 7 April 1999. For more information, see www.llnl.gov/liv_comp/metadata/md99/md99.html.

21st Urban Data Management Symposium, Venice, Italy, 21 - 23 April, 1999. For details regarding the program and registration, please have a look to http://www.geo.tudelft.nl/UDMS/program/.

International Seminar on Atlantic History, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 24 - 25 April 1999. Workshop on The Uses of Cartography in Atlantic History.

A workshop on the spatial dimensions of the Atlantic world in the thought of contemporaries, 1500-1800, and in the efforts of later scholars to grasp the spatial history of that era. The aim is to analyze work in several fields - literature, art, politics, and diplomacy as well as cartography and geography - that helps explain the meaning of space in early modern Atlantic history.

For a registration form and additional information, please contact Pat Denault, Atlantic History Seminar, 408 Emerson Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138; Phone: 617-496-3066; FAX: 617-496-8869; atlantic@fas.harvard.edu

Western Association of Map Libraries Spring Meeting, California State University, Long Beach, 29 - 30 April 1999. For more information, see gort.ucsd.edu/mw/waml/waml.html

1999 National GeoData Forum, Washington, DC, 7 - 9 June 1999. Help shape public policy and the future direction of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. For more information, see the National GeoData Forum web site at www.fgdc.gov/99Forum.

18th International Conference on the History of Cartography, Athens, Greece, 11 - 16 July 1999. The Society for Hellenic Cartography and the National Hellenic Research Foundation in collaboration with Imago Mundi, Ltd organise the conference. The Conference theme is "The Cartography of the Mediterranean World" and any other aspect of the history of cartography.

International Symposium on Spatial Data Quality, Hong Kong, 18 - 20 July 1999. For more information see, www.lsgi.polyu.edu.hk/ISSDQ/.

International Cartographic Association Conference, Ottawa, Canada, 14 - 21 August 1999. This is a joint meeting including the Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives (ACMLA). For more information, please visit www.uottawa.ca/library/map/acmlaica.html. On behalf of the Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives (ACMLA) and the Congress of Cartographic Information Specialists Associations (CCISA) we would like to invite you to attend the International Cartographic Association Conference which will be held in Ottawa, August 14-21, 1999.

The 65th Council and General Conference of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), Bangkok, Thailand, 22 - 28 August 1999.

1999 Meeting of the Social Science History Association, Fort Worth, Texas, 11 - 14 November 1999. The meeting will include several sessions on Historical GIS.

The Oxford Seminars in Cartography, Programme for 1998-99

***NOTE THE NEW VENUE***. All seminars commence at 5pm in the School of Geography, Mansfield Road, Oxford. Sponsored by Sanders of Oxford (Prints and Maps), Lovell Johns Ltd, and The Friends of The Oxford Seminars in Cartography. For further information, please contact: Nick Millea, Map Curator, Bodleian Library, Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3BG, Telephone : 01865 277013 Fax : 01865 277139 nam@bodley.ox.ac.uk or check the site homepage www.bodley.ox.ac.uk/guides/maps/

4. Contributors

Lucinda M. Hall hallx030@tc.umn.edu
Ken Rockwell krockwel@library.utah.edu
Dale Steele dasteel@dlapr.lib.az.us
Kathryn Womble kwomble@u.washington.edu

5. The Western Association of Map Libraries (WAML)

WAML News and Notes is a moderated bulletin of the Western Association of Map Libraries. The Western Association of Map Libraries (WAML) is an independent association established to encourage high standards in every phase of the organization and administration of map libraries. Membership in WAML is open to any individual, institution, or business interested in furthering the purposes of the organization. For further information, contact the WAML Secretary.

WAML Officers as of July 1, 1998

Linda Zellmer
Arizona State University Libraries
Map Collection
P.O. Box 871006
Tempe, AZ 85287-1006
(602) 965-5973

Vice President/President Elect
Greg Armento
University Library
California State University Long Beach
Long Beach, CA 90840
(562) 985-4367

Muriel Strickland
2465 Baja Cerro Circle
San Diego, CA 92019

Sue Haffner
Henry Madden Library
California State University Fresno
Fresno, CA 93740-0034
(209) 278-2405

Past President
Robert Sathrum
University Library
Humboldt State University
Arcata, CA 95521
(707) 826-4930

Business Manager
Richard E. Soares
WAML Book & Fiche Sales Manager
Brigham Young University
P.O. Box 1667
Provo, UT 84603-1667
(801) 378-6179

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Lucinda M. Hall
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