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Part 3, 2/95. To be included in vol. 25, number 2, March 1995
or number 3, July 1995 IB (hard copy)

    From the News & Notes Editor:
Last Friday (2/24) was the National Science Foundation site
visit (to determine if UCSB's Digital Libraries Initiative
grant, Project Alexandria, was on target and therefore worthy
of continued funding - answer was yes, I'm pleased to say!);
so now I can move into "normal" (whatever that may be) mode,
which includes getting news out once a month.  I'll be aiming
at sending out an issue about the fifteenth of each month.
In case you're wondering if you missed the January issue,
don't worry, YOU didn't - I never got it done, which is why
two issues are coming out one right after the other.  Am
hoping I can make it to the Vancouver (B.C.) WAML/ACMLA
meeting, in early May.

     Cataloging News
Just in case you missed this LCG&M news the first time around, as apparently
I did:
    - all German cities are being classed at G6299 instead of G6084;
    - the new Czech Republic will have the same range of numbers
(G6510-G6514) as did the former Czechoslovakia;
    - Eritrea is classed at G8340-G8344; as a province of Ethiopia
it was classed at G8333.E7;
    - the subject subdivision, "Photo maps," has been cancelled;
"Remote-sensing images" and "Remote-sensing maps" will be used instead;
    - "Early works to 1800" has replaced "Maps, Early;" and the
subdivision "Facsimiles" has been liberalized so it may be used
as a final subdivision after almost any topical or geographic heading.

There is a good brief bibliography on format integration in
base line 15(6):5-6.

[NOTE: Barbara Haner pointed out to me that I'd neglected to
put the upcoming WAML Conference in this list. I'll admit, I've
been using the e-mail version of news only for new items but
I'll try to put dates for upcoming WAML conference in each.]

January 21, 1995  "From Ancient Cartographers to Radar
Mapping," California Map Society, 36th General Meeting,
UCLA Research Library: "Collecting antique maps" (Robert Ross);
"California as an island - the book, the dream" (Dora Beale
Polk); "Radar from space: a new mapping tool" (Jakob van
Zyl); "Confessions of a guide book junkie" (Reese Benson);
"A most curious map" (William J. Warren)

February 2, 1995  ESIR/Fugro Seminar, Doubletree Ventura
Hotel.  ESRI-California, 380 New York Street, Redlands CA 92373-8100.

February 2-3, 1995  "Aspects of the Waikato," New Zealand Map
Society Seminar, Hamilton.
    - 2/2: "Use of cartogrpahic records in researching Waitangi
Tribunal claims" (Evelyn Stokes); "Exploring the past: the historian's
challenge" (Jeanine Graham); "Wandering river: formation of the
Hamilton Basin" (John McCraw); field trip
    - 2/3: "Global positioning systems" (Lex Chalmers); "Use of
GIS by Hamilton City Council" (Cliff Boyt); "Navigating the
Internet: a demonstration" (Jillene Bydder); "Union list of
geological maps of New Zealand" (Claren Kidd); "N.Z. map collections
in Great Britain" (Phil Barton); open forums.

March 29-31, 1995  Second National Forum on GIS in the Geosciences,
Canberra.  David Berman, Director, Information Services Division,
Australian Geological Survey Organisation, GPO Box 378, Canberra
ACT 2601 (

April 2-4, 1995  "GIS and Libraries: Patrons, Maps and
Spatial Inforamtion," 32nd Annual Clinic on Library
Applications of Data Processing, U of IL, Urbana-Champaign.
DPC'95, Grad School of Library and Information Science,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 501 E. Daniel
Street, Champaign IL 61820-6212 (

April 2-5, 1995  Business Geographics '95, Chicago.  Nora
Sherwood, program chair, 155 East Boardwalk Drive, Suite 250,
Fort Collins CO 80525.

June 25, 1995  International Map Collectors' Society (IMCos)
Annual Map Fair and Exhibition, London.  Free entrance, appraisals
and valuations.  Yasha Beresiner, 43 Templars Crescent, London N3 3QR.

May 9-13, 1995  Joint Conference, WAML and the Association of
Canadian Map Libraries and Archives, Vancouver, B.C.  You'll probably be
getting a mailing about a month before hand.  Tim Ross,
UBC, is organizer.

       Digital News
GPS (Global Positioning System) Bibliography, 3d ed.  Available
in various forms, prices $150-400.  Canadian GPS Associates,
POB 3184, Postal Station B, Fredericton, New Brunswick E3A 5G9.

Free screen saver for those who love old maps - pans over a scanned
1895 map of eastern U.S.  Requires Windows 3.1 or +. Art Lassagne
(Gold Bug Maps, POB 588, Alamo CA 94507) has uploaded it to
Genealogy Forum libraries in both CompuServe and America Online.

San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) offers a set of image-conversion
utilities, free via ftp (, or WWW (

The University of Michigan Libraries has a brochure on its "Campus-Wide
Digital Library Program."  Mine is dated 12/94.  Digital Library
Program, University of Michigan, 8076 Hatcher South, Ann
Arbor MI 48109-1205.

The best, low-cost image-processing software (Unix only, as
far as your editor knows) is XV; ftp for a look ( or
get in touch with

Magellan Geographix has put more than 500 royalty-free
maps on CompuServe, from its Continent Series and Maps of
the World collection - can be viewed and downloaded via
MG's MGExplorer subscription service (805/685-3100 or

Ameritech Library Servuces announced NetPublisher in a press
release of 12/19/94.  It is a Windows-based publishing tool
for internal networks and the Internet. (400 Dynix Drive,
Provo UT 84604-5650;

The Clearinghouse of Image Databases at the University of
Arizona has added a category, for cartographic materials, to
the main menu.  Access via telnet:
logon as sabio
select O(ther) databases and remote libraries
select Internet Gopher
select Image Databases
select clearinghouse of image databases
  or GOPHER:
login as gopher
select image databses
select clearinghouse of image databases

For information on image compressions techniques, get in touch with
Jackie Virando, AIIM Resource Center, 1100 Wayne Avenue, Silver
Spring MD 23910 (301/587-8202).  AIIM = Association for Information
and Image Management.

Gary North (whom many of us know from his work at the U.S.
Geological Survey) has retired; the party (and darn, I missed
it - am sure it was fun!) was on January 3.

The Library of Congress issued mass-deacidification reports in
December of 1994.  The text pages (ca. 30 pages) are
available over the Internet (telnet to and
log in as marvel).  Free paperbound copies of the
Bookkeeper and DEZ reports may be obtained from: Kenneth
Harris, Preservation Projects Director, Preservation Directorate, Library
of Congress, LM-G21, Washington, D.C. 20540-4500 (

Have you observed with sadness the rapid deterioration
in your collection of the geologic maps for the area
in which your library is located?  Columbia University
has a project for preservation of oversized color images;
five turn-of-the-century maps from the New York State Museum
Bulletin were digitized.  Take a look at the results:

      Remote Sensing News
For an on-line catalog database of archived Landsat TM and
SPOT imagery may be accessed over the Internet; it is updated
daily.  The host name for a telnet connection is:
username: CATALOG
second prompt for username: CATALOG
Note that "control y to restart or quit" option is NOT available
to remote users.  Questions?

Get your copy of SPOTLight (SPOT Image Corporation newsletter)
for fall/winter 1994 from: SPOT Image Corporation, 1897 Preston
White Drive, Reston VA 22091-4368.

That's all for this issue.  Periodicals, publications, and
U.S.-government news in the next issue.

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