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Electronic Version

Part 4, 4/95.  To be included in vol. 26, number 3,
July 1995

May 7-10, 1995  1995 National GeoData Forum, Crystal
City, VA.  Federal Geographic Data Cttee Secretariat, 590 National Center,
Reston VA 22092.

May 10-13, 1995  Joint ACMLA/WAML conference, University
of British Columbia, Vancouver.  I hope to see you there!

June 11-15, 1995  7th International Conference on Geomatics,
"Geomatics Applications, Techology and World Markets," Ottawa, Canada.
Registration Cttee, Geomatics 1995, 615 BoothStreet, Room 700, Ottawa, Ontario,
K1A 0E9.

August 9-11, 1995  Trimble Surveying & Mapping Users Conference
& Exposition, Santa Clara CA.  Winnett Exposition Services,
1090 Adams Street, Suite D, Benicia CA 94510.

February 27-29, 1996  11th Thematic Conference and Workshops,
Applied Geologic Remote Sensing, Practical Solutions for
Real World Problems, Las Vegas.  ERIM/Geologic Conference,
POB 134001, Ann Arbor MI 48113-4001.

		News from outside the U.S.:
Great Britain:
	A commemorative meeting is being organized for Dr.
Helen Wallis, at which friends and colleagues can share memories
and receive a printed volume of tributes - "The Globe My World,"
tributes to Dr. Helen Wallis (1924-1995), Royal Geographical
Society, London, May 9, 1995, 4pm.  Tony Campbell, Map
Library, British Library, great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG.

		News - State:
	Bet you haven't had this reference question: person who
wanted to know the year in which the city of Chandler was
incorporated; both she and her husband were adherents of numerology,
and wanted city's numbers to match their numerology charts/
It did, fortunately for the city's population-increase stats.
(Poenix Gazette, Tempe Community Section, 12/21/94)

		News - Remote Sensing:
A ruptured hydrazine manifold caused the failure of the Landsat 6 satellite,
launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in 1993.  The satellite,
which cost $220M to build, crashed into the South Pacifc and was never

The February 1995 GIS World has a superb table of "Satellite
platforms and sensors," pp. 46-47.

AGIC/Arizona Geographic Information Council newsletter, #14, March 1995:
	- "ALRIS releases modified TIGER/socio-economic data set";
	funding for a State Cartographer looks promising

Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives Bulletin:
no. 91  - "Digital cartographic information in the Map Library,"
	Barbara Farrell; "University map libraries in Ontario,"
	Cheryl Woods
no. 92	- "From email to the Web: index map to the Internet,"
	Alun Hughes; "Laseer visdeodisc technology: a tool for
	collections management at the mcMichael Canadian Art Collection,"
	Kathryn Rumbold; "Report on the Symposium on Cartographic
	Design and Research and the CCA/NACIS Joint Conference,
	Ottawa," Alberta Auringer Wood; "Canadian maps & atlases selected for
	the International Cartographic Association, Barcelona, 1995," Claire
	Gosson; "Environnement: liste d'atlas mondiaux et regionaux
	disponibles a la cartotheque de l'Universite Laval," Remi Larochelle

C&GS update, Coast and Geodetic Survey, vol. 7, no. 1, winter 1995.
	Coast and GEodetic Survey, National Ocean Service, NOAA,
	1315 East-West Highway, Station 8620, Silver Spring MD 20910-3282.

California Map Society newsleterr and program for 36th general
	meeting, January 21, 1995, UCLA Research Library.
	John Thornbury, Kennedy Library, CSU-Los Angeles,
	5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles CA 90032.

Cartographic perspectives, journal of the North American Cartographic
	Information Society, no. 20, winter 1995:
	- "Current trends in electronic atlas production," Bengt Rystedt;
	"New forms, concepts, and structures for European national atlases,"
	Ferjan Ormeling; "Visualizing digital atlas informaton products and
	the user perspective," C. Peter Keller; "Potential of electronic
	atlases for geographic education," Ute J. Dymon; "Electronic
	atlas authoring system," Richard M.Smith and Thomas Parker;
	"Personalized national atlas of the United States," Joel Morrison.

Cartomania, newsletter of the Association of Map Memorabilia
	Collectors, #35/36, autumn/winter 1994, annual directory
	issue; Siegfried Feller, 8 Amherst Road, Pelham MA 01002

GIS World: issue 1 of vol. 8 (January 1995) does it again - my
	copy bristles with paperclips of matters I need to follow
	up on.  Seems to be gratis to various categories of agencies -
	at least, my map library is on a mailing list.  GIS World, 155 East
	Boardwalk Drive, Suite 250, Fort Collins CO 80525.

The Globe, journal of the Australian Map Circle
no. 40 (1994)
	- "Colonial surveyors: Rooyal Engineers in the colonies'
	military cartographic endeavours from settlement," John
	Hillier; "Historical atlas of New Zealand: new maps for old?", Malcolm
	McKinnon; "Cartography for the New Zealand historical atlas:
	using computers to draw maps," Barry Bradley; "'Where do we go from
	here?': the plight of the map library in Australia," M.R. Foale;
	"Painting with maps," John Hurrell; "Problems with paper," Lyn
	Campbell; "Transport, packing & storage of maps," Lyn Campbell

GPS World: (no relation to GIS World as far as I know) January 1995
	(vol. 6, no. 1) has an article beginning p. 12, "Federal
	study recommends augmented GPS services" by Hale Montgomery,
	on no-charge GPS services for civilians

History of Cartography newsletter, 1994.  David Woodward, Editor;
	Dept. of Geography, 550 N. Park Street, U. of Wisconsin,
	Madison WI 53706-1491.

Journal of the International Map Collectors Society/IMCOS Journal:
	Winter 1994 is issue no. 59.  Susan Gole, Editor, IMCOS
	Journal, 14 Oakford Road, London NW5 1AH.

NEMO newsletter, quarterly newsletter of the North East Map
	Organization, no. 16, December 1994.  NEMO, c/o Eric
	Riback, DeLorme Mapping, POB 298, Freeport ME 04032.

New Zealand Map Society Journal, no. 8, 1994:
	- "Charting a trans-Tasman, trans-Pacific route to China,"
	Rhys Richards; "New Zealand Archaeological Association site
	recording scheme," Tony Walton; "Suggestions for a New
	Zealand place names database," Trevor M. Cobeldick; "New
	Zealand Geographic Coard,' Penelope Lawrence; "Database of
	New Zealand geographic names," Steve Brettell.

Observations (Geomatics Canada) - subscription seems to be gratis,
	and it's a useful publication.  Goematics Canada, 615 Booth
	Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0E9

Special Libraries Association Geography and Map Division Bulletin:
no. 178, 12/94; the new Editor is Pat Allen (
	- "Richmond is a hard road to travel: maps and map makers of the
	Civil War," Earl McElfresh; "Re-Writing the maps of the American
	Civil War," Earl McElfresh; "Literary landmarks in the United
	States: an analysis, map, and bibliography," James L. Kelly.

		New Publications - Book format:
Academic Section catalog (updates and replaces 1992-93 World
	map directory).  $10.  Map Link Academic Section, 25
	E. Mason Street, Santa Barbara CA 93101.

Antonious, Jim.  Cities then & now.  $27.50.  Macmillan.

Cambridge atlas of astronomy.  $75.  Cambridge.

Canadian fire insurance plans in Ontario collections, 1876-1973.
	1995.  Occasional papers of the Association of Canadian
	Map Libraries and Archives ; no. 5.  $22. ACMLA, c/o
	Visual and Sound Archives Division, National Archives
	of Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N3.

Ethnicite dans la region metropolitaine de Montreal.  $25 =$5S&H.
	Dept. of Geography, McGill University, Pavillon Burnside,
	805, Sherbrooke West, Local 513, Montreal, H3A 2K6.

Multilingual dictionary of technical terms in cartography.  2d ed.
	1994.  DM420.  Saur (Munchen)

Navajo place names: an observer's guide.  $16.95.  1-800-243-1234.

Nees, Richard J.  1994/95.  Electronic image communications: a guide
	to networking image files.  $39.50.  Information Today, Inc.,
	143 Old Marlton Pike, Medford NJ 08055-8750.

Thomas, G. Scott.  The rating guide to life in America's fifty states.
	$19.95.  Prometheus.
Weiss, Michael J.  Latitudes & attitudes.  $29.95.  Little, Brown.

Wheat, Carl Irving.  1994 facsimile.  Mapping the Transmissippi West,
	1540-1861.  $650.  Forian J. Shasky, Rare Books & MSS., 970
	Terra Bella Ave., Suite One, Mountain View CA 94043.

Wood, W. Raymond.  Joseph N. Nicollet's 1839 manuscript maps of the
	Missouri River and upper Mississippi basin.  $16.50,
	Illinois State Museum.

World reference atlas.  $50.  Dorling Kindersley.

		New Publications - Digital:
Antarctica; Infomap 345, ed. 1.  $5.00.  Dept. of Survey and Land
	Information, Private Box 170, Wellington NEW ZEALAND.

GIS database starter kit summary document.  $7.50.  Alaska Dept.
	of Natural Resources, 3601 C Street, Suite 200, Anchorage 99503-5929.

Gravity mapping from the National Remote Sensing Centre Limited,
	Delta House, Southwood Crescent, Southwood, Farnborough,
	Hampshire, GU14 ONL, United Kingdom.  Free sample datasets.

Indian (as in the peninsula and country) satellite data - free sample
	from EOSAT, 4300 Forbes Blvd, Lanham MD 20706.

Landweber, Lawrence H.  c1994.  [Map depicting Internet connectivity
	around the world], in the connectivity_table

		New Publications - Maps:
Catalogue of maps and other publications of the Ordnance Survey,
	catalogue 28, Ordnance Survey and transport maps. David Archer,
	Maps and Books, The Pentre, Kerry, Newtown, Montgomeryshire,
	SY16 4PD, Wales.

East Asia geographic map series.  1:2.5M.  1995.  $10 + shipping
	for sheet 3.  Documentation and Information Services Unit,
	CCOP Technical Secretariat, 110/2 Sathorn Nua Road, 2d floor,
	Offshore Mining Organization Bldg., Bangkok THAILAND.
	Maps prepared by US Geological Survey.

European pulp & papermill map.  BF 3,150.  PPI Book Dept.,
	123a Chaussee de Charleroi, Box 5, B-1060 Brussels BELGIUM.

Historical maps of Canada.  1995 brochure.  ACMLA, c/o Cheryl
	Woods, Sauer Map Library, Dept. of Geography, University
	of Western Ontario, London, Ontario N6A 5C2.

XV, version 3.10.  John Bradley's excellent image-processing
	software for UNIX., directory pub/xv.

		News - U.S. Federal Agencies:
Board of Geographic Names:
	GEOName digital gazetteer; GDE Systems Inc., POB 509008,
	Mail Zone 6100-J, San Diego CA 92150-9008.  Price not yet
	From the minutes of the Domestic Names Committee:
	- Branch prepared an updated version of National Digital
	Gazetteer for USGS open house in April
	- approximately 100,000 new entries have been added
	to GNIS since the digital gazetteer was released in 9/93
	- FIPS55 is scheduled to be redesigned in connection with
	the GNIS modernization project.

Bureau of the Census:
	- Do you have fond memories of reference questions successfully
	answered with volumes from the 1970 Urban Atlas series?  The
	ARL/GIS Literacy Project is putting together a 1990s digital
	version.  Architects/editors of this soon-to-be electronic
	masterpiece are Brent Allison (U Minn.) and Pru Adler (ARL).
	- "Post 1992 TIGER/Line files, TIGER/Line files - 1994,
	Information note 1. Version 1.03."  Get your copy by calling
	301/457-1022.  (Robert A. LaMacchia, the Bureau)

Federal Geographic Data Committee:
	The National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse address is:

Fish and Wildlife Service:
	Its Web server is:

General Land Office:
	GLO records are now available on compact disk, for
	Arkansas, FL, LA, Michigan, Wisc.  $15 each.
	Superintendent of Documents, POB 371954, Pittsburgh PA 15250-7954.

Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division
	Barbara J. Story has been appointed head of the Division's
	Cataloging Unit, effective 3/20/95.  Congratulations, Barbara!

National Aeronautics and Space Administration:
	- If you haven't discovered it yet - the NASA Technical
	Reports Server (NTRS) is a treasure!
	- Planetary Data System has produced a new CD-ROM,
	"Welcome to the Planet," 190 images acquired over the
	past 25 years.  $36.  NSSDC Request Office, 301/286-6695.
	- new brochure - NOAA-NASA Pathfinder Program, 8/94.
	- The Jet Propulsion Lab has prepared a CD, "SIR-CED radar
	imagery," free from: AnnieRichardson or A. Freeman, Radar
	Data Center, MS 300-233, JPL, 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena 91109.

National Climatic Data Center:
	The National Environmental Watch has been published on a
	CD-ROM and also on a set of 6 3.5" diskettes.  Call or
	write: Customer Services, NCDC, 37 Battery Park Avenue,
	Asheville NC 28801.  Or:
	NCDC also has available "Global Historical Fields CD
	(northern hemisphere, 1899-1994)
	NCDC has a new climate-visualization tool (CLIMVIS).

National Geophysical Data Center:
	In the continuing avalanche of CDs from NGDC is the Global
	View CD, including owners manual.
	Geologic hazards slide sets - the latest is January 17, 1994,
	Northridge (CA) earthquake; 2 sets, $30 each. NGDC,
	E/GC4, Dept. 953, 325 Broadway, Boulder CO 80303-3328.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:
	These should actually be under NESDIS but I couldn't remember
	what the acronym meant ...
	World OceanAtlas 1994, volumes 1-4, have been published.
	Environmental Information Services, NOAA/NESDIS E/EI,
	Universal Building, Room 506, 1825 Connecticut Avenue, NW,
	Washington, D.C. 20235.

National Oceanographic Data Center:
	Its data and information are available: