May 2000

Larry W. Laliberte, Editor
University of Oregon - Eugene

Electronic Version - May 2000. To be included in a future print version of the Information Bulletin.

1. News
      1.1 FDLP funding cuts
      1.2 U.S. Geological Survey Updates
      1.3 WAML Information Bulletin Editor needed
      1.4 OCLC MARC changes affecting maps
      1.5 Progress of the space shuttle radar topographic mapping mission
      1.6 Announcement from the GeoConnections technology advisory panel
      1.7 Termination of GPS Selective Availability
      1.8 Availability of the FME themes extension for ArcView
      1.9 Land Cover data sets available for two new States
      1.10 New resources for demographic research and analysis
      1.11 GIS Specialist, Librarian II-III - Yale University
      1.12 Assistant Map Librarian - University of Minnesota
      1.13 Reference/Data Services Librarian University of North Carolina
      1.14 Senior Map Assistant University of Alberta
      1.15 GIS Programmer - University of Virginia Library
      1.16 New Map & G.I.S. Librarian for Stanford University
2. New Maps, Books, etc.
      2.1 New Mapping of Western North America compiled by Ken Rockwell
      2.3 Articles of Interest
        2.3.1 Geographic Information Systems: Business Applications and Data
        2.3.2 Maryland Makes GIS Data Available on the Web
        2.3.3 Preliminary Catalogue of the Sven Hedin Map Library
        2.3.4 Seeing Data In-depth
        2.3.5 Three for the Road: Comparing U.S. Road Atlases for 2000
      2.4 Internet Resources
        2.4.1 1998 TIGER/Line Files - Online
        2.4.2 CADD/GIS Bulletin - Online
        2.4.3 Online Map Catalogs in Europe
        2.4.4 About.com GIS
        2.4.5 Iconography of Ptolemy's Portrait
        2.4.6 Remote Sensing Tutorials
        2.4.7 GEO-Data Explorer (GEODE)
3. Meetings and Other Educational Opportunities
        3.1 Upcoming National Conferences, Seminars, Talks, etc.
        3.2 Upcoming International Conferences, Seminars, Talks, etc.
4. Contributors to This Issue
5. The Western Association of Map Libraries

1. News

1.1 FDLP funding cuts

On May 9 the FY 2001 appropriations bill for legislative branch agencies was reported out of the House Legislative Branch Appropriations Committee to the full House. This bill recommends drastic cuts to the budget of the Government Printing Office (GPO) and the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP).

More information on this announcement can be found at :

1.2 U.S. Geological Survey Updates

Posted by Rea Mueller 703-648-5954 FAX: 703-648-5939 e-mail: rlmueller@usgs.gov

1.2.1 Subject: State Map List

The USGS has printed revised editions of the following State map lists: Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts-Connecticut-Rhode Island, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Puerto Rico-Virgin Islands, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming. They are all dated March 2000. The file number for each map list follows a standard format; for example, the file number for Alaska is TAKB. The beginning and ending letters remain the same while the middle two letters are the State code.

Printed State map lists now include the version date for each map: the most recent date printed under the map name in the lower right-hand corner. The version date replaces the previously shown currentness date which indicates when the information on the map was last collected or verified. State map lists are also available in electronic format which includes both the version date and the currentness date information. Customized map lists can also be created using the State map list Web site. http://mapping.usgs.gov/mac/maplists.html

Printed State map lists can be requested free of charge from USGS Information Services, Box 25286, Denver, CO 80225 (FAX: 303-202-4693).

1.2.2 Subject: Publications Status Report

The following information products have been received from the printer:

Please recycle any paper copies of the superseded information products. Electronic versions of these information products are available on the World Wide Web. http://mapping.usgs.gov/mac/isb/pubs/pubslists/

Paper copies can be requested free-of-charge from USGS Information Services, Box 25286, Denver, CO 80225 (FAX: 303-202-4693).

1.2.3 Subject: A Tapestry of Time and Terrain

The USGS has published a new thematic map, Geologic Investigations Series I-2720, titled A Tapestry of Time and Terrain, which combines the topography and the geology of the United States. This composite of two existing images of the lower 48 States is the most detailed and accurate portrait of the U.S. land surface and the ages of its underlying rock formation yet displayed in the same image.

One of the map's two components is a digital shaded-relief image showing the shape of the land surface by variations in brightness. The second component of the map, color, represents geologic time and is simplified from the geologic map of King and Beikman (1974a). The 52 colors used on I-2720 show the geologic ages of rocks and surficial deposits at the Earth's surface. Lines representing faults have been omitted.

I-2720 is accompanied by a pamphlet which explains how the map was made and describes 48 physiographic features shown on the map. The pamphlet includes two color figures: physiographic features based on terrain texture, rock type, and geologic structure and history; and State boundaries with the numbered locations of the specific features discussed in the pamphlet. The pamphlet is non-technical in nature and includes a reference section for customers who wish more detailed or technical information.

I-2720 may be viewed at http://tapestry.usgs.gov

Orders for I-2720 can be sent to USGS Information Services, Box 25286, Denver, CO 80225 (FAX: 303-202-4693).

1.2.4 Subject: Arsenic in the Nation's Ground Water

The results of a USGS study on the occurrence of arsenic in ground water are now available. An online fact sheet, Arsenic in Ground Water in the United States, a map showing concentrations of arsenic across the nation, a detailed report, and a list of frequently asked questions can be found at http://co.water.usgs.gov/trace/arsenic/

Arsenic is a naturally occurring element in the environment. Its presence in ground water is largely the result of minerals dissolving naturally over time as rocks and soils weather. The new map shows U.S. counties in which wells might exceed the World Health Organization guideline of 10 micrograms of arsenic per liter. The map, and the data from which it was created, can be downloaded from the Web site.

In addition, the more detailed technical report, A Retrospective Analysis on the Occurrence of Arsenic in Ground-Water Resources of the United States and Limitations in Drinking-Water Supply Characterizations, is available both on the Web site and in printed format as Water Resources Investigations Report 99-4279. The report summarizes more than two decades of data collected in various studies done in cooperation with State, local, and other Federal agencies.

WRIR 99-4279 can be ordered from USGS Information Services, Box 25286, Denver CO 80225. File number: WRIR994279 (Price: $4.00 plus $5.00 handling charge per order)

1.2.5 Subject: Publications Status Report

The following information products are now available:

All of these information products can be found in .html and .pdf format. Please remove from distribution any paper copies of the previous editions dated October 1999. http://mapping.usgs.gov/mac/isb/pubs/pubslists/plofprl.html

Paper copies of the order form can be requested from USGS Information Services, Box 25286, Denver, CO 80225 (FAX: 303-202-4693).

1.3 WAML Information Bulletin Editor needed

WAML is looking for an interested person (or persons?) to serve as the Information Bulletin Editor starting with the November 2000 issue. If you have any interest, please let Kathryn Womble know (your name will be kept anonymous during the preliminary talks!) Feel free to call or email Kathryn anytime for more information.

1.4 OCLC MARC changes affecting maps

From: Kathryn Womble kwomble@u.washington.edu to various lists, May 2000.

OCLC Technical Bulletin 236 available at http://www.oclc.org/oclc/tb/tb236/index.htm has some changes of interest for map catalogers. Highlights follow.

From: Ellen Caplan caplane@oclc.org to various lists, May 2000.

The new fixed-field and 006 element, FORM, for Form of item (008/29 and 006/12). This element has been available in several other formats for many years. It was defined in the 1999 edition of MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data (formerly USMARC Format for Bibliographic Data). It should be used to code for microforms, but more importantly, it should be used to code for electronic resources (code 's'). See Technical Bulletin 236 http://www.oclc.org/oclc/tb/tb236/index.htm .

In addition, we are in the process of updating 'Cataloging Electronic Resources: OCLC-MARC Coding Guidelines' at http://www.oclc.org/oclc/cataloging/type.htm. This Document will indicate when code 's' in FORM should be used and when it should not be used.

FORM is defined in formats other than Maps and Visual materials, it is defined in fields 008/23 and 006/06 (Books, Serials, Scores and Sound Recordings). In Maps and Visual Materials, FORM is defined in fields 008/29 and 006/12. For OCLC users, the 008 and 006 positions will not matter on display, but for MARC output or exported records the code for FORM will appear in the appropriate 008 and 006 positions.

1.5 Progress of the apace shuttle radar topographic mapping mission

For those of you interested in the progress of the Space Shuttle Radar Topo Mapping mission, Spatial News just posted a new feature providing details and images of the progress made to date with copying, backing up, and archiving of the data. The feature can be found at http://www.spatialnews.com/features/shuttle/earthnews5.html

1.6 Announcement from the Geoconnections technology advisory panel

From: Adrian Camfield camfield@NRCan.gc.ca to various lists, May 2000.

GeoConnections' Technology Advisory Panel (TAP) announces an open forum in Ottawa on Wednesday, June 14 to present three white papers by industrial consortia on a Target Vision and Implementation Plan (TVIP) for the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI). This project is a collaboration among the government, private and academic sectors to develop a vision, conceptual architecture, and implementation plan for the CGDI. The needs of the TVIP are:

Further details on this forum will be posted to the What's New section of the GeoConnections Web site http://www.geoconnections.org

1.7 Termination of GPS Selective Availability

As of Midnight May 1, 2000 the White House announced the decision by President Clinton to terminate GPS Selective Availability (SA). It is anticipated that this will immediately improve unaugmented, single receiver GPS positioning to better than 20 meters (and probably better than 10 meters) accuracy. The expected improvement will vary depending upon the particular receiver and the level of solar disturbance in the ionosphere. For more information, please check:

1.8 Availability of the FME themes extension for ArcView

From: Grace Welch gwelch@uottawa.ca to various lists, May 2000.

The availability of the FME themes extension for ArcView was recently announced. FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) is produced by Safe Software http://www.safe.com, a Canadian company located in British Columbia.

If anyone is considering purchasing data conversion software, I thought we should share our experience with FME. We have just upgraded to FME Suite 2000 which includes the new extension for ArcView. FME Themes for ArcView can also be purchased separately. As we all know, one of our biggest challenges in providing GIS services has been to provide data in a format and datum required by our researchers and students. With this new extension, our jobs have become so much easier.

The extension allows you to have the full capabilities of FME within ArcView except you can only translate files to shapefiles. You can import, view and translate date from many formats into shapefiles with no changes to attributes. It also allows reprojection of data, from different formats to shapefiles and from shapefiles to shapefiles.

1.9 Land Cover data sets available for two new States

From: Stephen Howard smhoward@edcmail.cr.usgs.gov to various lists, May 2000.

The Land Cover Applications Center has updated Four Land Cover datasets and released two new States.

the FTP site is http://edcftp.cr.usgs.gov/pub/edcuser/vogel/states

1.10 New resources for demographic research and analysis

From: GeoLytics questions@censuscd.com to various lists, May 2000.

CensusCD+Maps : The most complete source of official US demographic data (1790-2004) and maps. Fresh 1999 estimates, 2004 projections, 1999 consumer expenditure, time series, historical data, as well as a complete set of 1990 Census data and geographic boundaries. All data and maps in easy-to-use format. Full-featured map viewer included. http://www.censuscd.com/cdmaps/censuscd_maps.htm

StreetCD : Complete set of TIGER 98 spatial data, that's incredibly easy-to-use. High quality street data for geocoding, routing, and street mapping. 2 million landmark points, dozens of boundaries. Easily exports to both ArcView Shape and MapInfo MID/MIF formats. Full-featured map viewer included. http://www.censuscd.com/streetcd/streetcd.htm

CensusCD 1980 : It took until 1999, but finally complete 1980 Census data is in a format that anyone can use. Time series analysis on areas as small as a Census Tract, can now be done with over 1,500 variables. Mapping software with full-featured map viewer and boundaries for 1980 block groups, tracts, counties, states, places, and MCD, are included. http://www.censuscd.com/censuscd1980/censuscd1980.htm

CensusCD Blocks : Contains a unique complete set of data and maps, for 7 Million US census blocks. Includes all Census Bureau population and housing data, Block boundaries and many value-added items such as block to ZIP projections. A sophisticated reporting engine with SQL-like filtering, and mapping software with full-featured map viewer are included. http://www.censuscd.com/cdblocks/cdblocks.htm

40% Discounts are available for academic, government, non-profit, student lab, and classroom use.

For more information see http://www.censuscd.com

1.11 GIS Specialist, Librarian II-III - Yale University (Sterling Memorial Library, Research Services and Collections)

From: Gina Zirlis gina.zirlis@yale.edu to various lists, May 2000.

The University Library, which is a highly valued partner in teaching and research at University, has more than 10 million volumes housed in the Sterling Memorial Library and over 20 school and department libraries and two low-use shelving facilities. It employs a dynamic and innovative staff of nearly 600 FTE who have the opportunity to work with the highest caliber of faculty and students, participate on committees and are involved in other areas of staff development. A full spectrum of library resources, from rare books and manuscripts to a rapidly expanding network of electronic resources, constitutes one of Yale's distinctive strengths. The library is engaged in numerous ambitious projects such as the renovation of the main library building, the complete conversion of the Library's catalog, and various automation projects, which include network access to scholarly information and digital preservation.


The Yale University Library seeks an energetic Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialist to develop and implement a successful GIS service and instruction program. The position offers an exciting opportunity to advance the use of digital geospatial analysis and mapping across the Yale campus. The successful candidate will be expected to work closely with colleagues in the Arts Library , Science Libraries, the Social Science Libraries and Information Services, the Social Science Statistical Laboratory, and with subject specialist librarians and area curators throughout the Yale University libraries, including Sterling Memorial Library. The GIS specialist will give special attention to the assessment of student and faculty needs, training and consultation, and the hardware and software requirements for geospatial analysis and mapping. There will also be an opportunity to plan and implement digitization projects based upon the library's extraordinarily rich collection of historic maps and atlases. This position will be located in the Map Collection, along with the Map Curator and one full-time library assistant, and will report directly to the Head of the Research Services and Collections Department. There will also be a close working relationship with the Director of the Science Libraries and others appointed to the GIS Library Advisory Council.


Salary and Benefits

Competitive salary and rank, based upon the successful candidate's qualifications and experience. Full benefits package including 22 vacation days; 17 holiday, recess and personal days; comprehensive healthcare; TIAA/CREF or Yale retirement plan; and relocation assistance.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Nominations, requests for more information, and applications (consisting of a cover letter, resume, and the names of three references) should be directed to:

Yale University is an Equal Opportunity Employer

1.12 Assistant Map Librarian - University of Minnesota (John R. Borchert Map Library)

From: Brent Allison b-alli@umn.edu to various lists, May 2000.

The University of Minnesota Libraries invites applications and nominations for the position of Assistant Map Librarian in the John R. Borchert Map Library. The University Libraries particularly encourages the candidacy of people with experience in multicultural and multiracial settings.

Description of Unit: A premier cartographic collection and Regional GPO Map Depository Library, with holdings of 300,000 maps dating from the 16th century to the present, 330,000 aerial photographs, and 8,000 atlases, the Borchert Map Library also houses the Automated Cartographic Information Center, an award-winning GIS facility, and is closely aligned with the University of Minnesota's top-ranked geography department.

Position Responsibilities: Perform original and copy cataloging, and metadata creation for World Wide Web Resources; participate in all other activities of the Map Library, including reference service, using traditional resources and the digital resources of the Automated Cartographic Information Center; instruction, both in the library and the classroom; circulation; materials processing; and, conservation. Administer the Borchert Map Library in the absence of the Head Map Librarian. Represent the library favorably, both to persons from academic units outside the library and to individuals not affiliated with the University. Actively contribute to the University and the University Libraries. Participate actively in the profession through relevant research, publication and/or professional association activity.

Qualifications. Required: MLS degree from an ALA accredited institution (or its foreign equivalent); good oral and written communication skills; knowledge of trends and issues in map librarianship; familiarity with bibliographic control and metadata concepts; ability to work effectively in a team environment and with a diverse clientele; strong interpersonal skills. Preferred: Academic background in geography or a related field; familiarity with digital spatial information and GIS; knowledge of metadata creation and application; knowledge of AACR2 Rev. and MARC21; experience with html and web page creation; and experience with electronic reference sources in geography.

Type of Appointment/Salary: This is a full-time, 12-month, continuous appointment track, academic professional position with probationary appointment at the Assistant Librarian rank. Minimum salary: $33,000. Excellent benefits and moving allowance.

Recruiting Schedule: Position is available immediately. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Full position description is available at, http://www.umn.edu/ohr/employ.html listed with Academic Professional positions by Job Number, UL114.

To Apply: Send letter of application, resume, and names and addresses of three references to

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Please cite UL114 on application. The University of Minnesota is committed to the policy that all persons shall have equal access to its programs, facilities, and employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

1.13 Reference/Data Services Librarian University of North Carolina

From: Dawn Hubbsdhubbs@email.uncc.edu to various lists, May 2000.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte has an opening for a Reference/Data Services Librarian. This is an excellent opportunity to join a library staff that is defining and implementing a set of refocused services to support the opening of an Information Commons featuring networked information systems in a new library building.

The Library has installed a new Integrated Library System (Innovative Interfaces' Millennium systems). UNCC is experiencing controlled growth (current enrollment 17,000), a modestly increasing materials budget, and new Undergraduate, Doctoral and Graduate program development. There is a strong tradition of service to the undergraduate population and a philosophy of anywhere anytime access to materials.

Responsibilities: The successful candidate will be a member of a team developing and managing statistical and geographic data services, including archival and support services for full-text and numeric data (i.e. ICPSR data) in various machine-readable formats, as well as GIS initiatives and projects. He/she will:

  1. develop, implement, and review collection policies for data resources and software; provide consultation services and training; and create documentation for staff and users of economic and social sciences data files and GIS tools, as well as outreach services to other librarians, faculty and students
  2. further develop the unit's web site to deliver information, instruction, and data files to users
  3. make effective use of information resources at a busy public service point that combines both general and government sources
  4. perform liaison and collection development responsibilities commensurate with the candidate's academic background. Serves on library and university committees. Reports to the Head of Research Data Services


Required: MLS from an ALA-accredited program. Substantial knowledge of microcomputer applications; excellent oral and written communication skills; good organizational skills; knowledge of electronic and print data sources in the areas of census, community or business information.

Preferred: Economics, business or marketing research background. Experience in using machine-readable data, especially government survey/census data. Expertise with major statistical packages, e.g., SAS, SPSS. Two years public service experience providing access to statistical or geographic data. Academic background in or work experience with GIS software such as ArcInfo, ArcView, or MapInfo, and related data files. Ability to plan and implement innovative services responsive to user needs. Faculty liaison experience, experience in planning and presenting user education sessions, experience in developing web-based instruction or interactive map/data web sites.

Status: Full-time, 12-month tenure-track contract with faculty rank. Salary: Competitive and dependent upon qualifications. Start date: ASAP

To Apply: Send a letter of interest indicating your qualifications, resume, and names, addresses, and phone numbers of at least 3 professional references to

Review of applications will begin 5/15/00 and will continue until position is filled. For additional information see http://www.uncc.edu/ AA/EEO. Members of minority groups and persons w/disabilities are encouraged to apply.

1.14 Senior Map Assistant University of Alberta (William C. Wonders Map Collection)

From: David L. Jones david.jones@ualberta.ca to various lists, May 2000.

The University of Alberta Libraries' William C. Wonders Map Collection is looking for a senior map assistant. The position will include both technical and public services duties including reference assistance for the map collection and the Science & Technology Library.

Closing date is May 24th.

For full details please check University of Alberta Libraries' Employment Opportunities website: http://www.library.ualberta.ca/library_html/employment/index.html

1.15 GIS Programmer - University of Virginia Library (Geospatial and Statistical Data Center)

From: Mike Furlough mjf9s@cms.mail.virginia.edu to various lists, May 2000.

Grade 12: Programmer/Analyst -- Salary Range: $33811 - $52787

Position Overview: Supports the Geospatial and Statistical Data Center's primary mission of developing and expanding a GIS user community by assisting faculty, students and others in the selection and use of appropriate GIS technologies; assists faculty and students in designing long-term research projects that incorporate GIS services; provides public service (including one night per week) in a dynamic statistical and GIS lab. Reports to the Associate Director.

Duties Include:

Required Skills:

Desired Skills:

How to Apply:

To be considered for this position, a State application must be submitted to the Employment Services section of the University's Department of Human Resources, 914 Emmet Street, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903. Information on the application process is available at http://www.hrs.virginia.edu/seeking.html. The job vacancy number is JVA 06718. This position is open until filled, but our review of applicants will begin after May 12.

An online version is available at http://fisher.lib.virginia.edu/staff_serv/vacancy.html.

The University and the Libraries have a strong commitment to achieving diversity among faculty and staff. The University of Virginia is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. Minority candidates are encouraged to apply.

1.16 New Map & G.I.S. Librarian for Stanford University

From: Phil Hoehn phoehn@sulmail.stanford.edu to various lists, May 2000.

Stanford University's Branner Earth Sciences Library and Map Collections is pleased to welcome Julie Sweetkind as its new Map & Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Librarian. Julie replaces Jean Kan, who retired in December. Julie served as a summer intern at Branner in 1998 where she worked on map and GIS projects. She has a BA in History and English and an MBA from the University of Colorado, and an MLIS from San Jose State University. Most recently Julie was map librarian for two California private map collections: the David Rumsey Collection in San Francisco, and the Glen McLaughlin Collection in Saratoga. Both are large, significant collections of historic maps. Sweetkind served as assistant editor for a recent California Map Society book California 49: Forth-nine Maps of California from the Sixteenth Century to the Present. She has also worked in the library of Elan Pharmaceuticals in South San Francisco, and for Information Express, the Buckinghamshire County Council Literacy Program in England, for Bendall Accounting in Campbell and the VITA Shakespeare Festival in Saratoga. She has given presentations on her cartographic projects at meetings of the Western Association of Map Libraries, the California Map Society and the Book Club of California.

Julie can be reached at: sweetkind@stanford.edu or 650.725.1103 (phone), 650.725.2534 (fax).

2. New Maps, Books, etc.

2.1 New Mapping of Western North America by Ken Rockwell


International Travel Maps. Banff National Park. Scale 1:300,000. Vancouver, BC : International Travel Maps, 2000. OCLC #43843194

International Travel Maps. Jasper National Park. Scale 1:250,000. Vancouver, BC : International Travel Maps, 2000. OCLC #43888842


Phoenix Mapping Service. Arizona 5-digit zip code map. 9 maps on 1 sheet, scales differ. Phoenix, Ariz. : Phoenix Mapping Service, 1999. OCLC #43871885

Linda Zellmer at ASU reports the following new maps, available via http://www.mapz.com

(Also, Linda reports a new book from the Arizona Center for the Book in Phoenix titled Arizona: A Literary Landscape, pub. 1999.


California Grassland Water District. Come explore the Grassland wetlands. Scale not given. Los Banos, Calif. : The District, 1999. OCLC #43882003

California Irrigation Management Information System. Reference evapotranspiration. Scale 1:1,805,000. Sacramento : California Dept. of Water Resources, 1999. OCLC #43882053

Geo-Institut. California, Nevada. Plastic raised-relief map, scale 1:750,000. Porta Westfalica, Germany : H. Muermann GmbH & Co., 2000. OCLC #43932021

Lone Mountain Designs. Coop's roadmap guide to the microbreweries and brewpubs, Northern California & Nevada breweries. Scale ca. 1:1,210,000. Menlo Park, CA : Lone Mountain Designs, 1999 ed. OCLC #43785088


Fish-n-Map Co. Carter Reservoir. Scale ca. 1:10,500. Arvada, Colo. : Fish-n-Map Co., 1999. OCLC #43786219

Fish-n-Map Co. Cherry Creek, Aurora & Quincy Reservoirs. 3 maps on 1 sheet, scales differ. Arvada, Colo. : Fish-n-Map Co., 1999. OCLC #43786230

Fish-n-Map Co. Elevenmile, Adobe Creek & Sanchez Res. 3 maps on 1 sheet, scales differ. Arvada, Colo. : Fish-n-Map Co., 1999. OCLC #43786224

Fish-n-Map Co. L. Granby, Grand Lake, Shadow Mtn. 2 maps on 1 sheet, scales differ. Arvada, Colo. : Fish-n-Map Co., 1999. OCLC #43786204

Fish-n-Map Co. McPhee Res., Twin Lakes, Vallecito Res. 3 maps on 1 sheet, scales differ. Arvada, Colo. : Fish-n-Map Co., 1999. OCLC #43786213

Fish-n-Map Co. Pueblo Res., John Martin, Neegronda, Neenoshe & Queens. 5 maps on 1 sheet, scales differ. Arvada, Colo. : Fish-n-Map Co., 1999. OCLC #43786237

Fish-n-Map Co. Stagecoach Res., Steamboat Lake, Pearl Lake. 3 maps on 1 sheet, scales differ. Arvada, Colo. : Fish-n-Map Co., 1999. OCLC #43786250

Fish-n-Map Co. Wolford Mtn. Res., Williams Fork Res., No. Sterling Res. 3 maps on 1 sheet, scales differ. Arvada, Colo. : Fish-n-Map Co., 1999. OCLC #43786243

Mayerle Enterprises, Inc. The Summit County road map : Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Dillon, Frisco, Keystone, Silverthorne, and includes the Summit County Bike Path System. 7 maps on 1 sheet, scales differ. Silverthorne, Colo. : Mayerle Enterprises, Inc., 1999. OCLC #43855992


GTR Mapping. Topographic recreational map of Idaho : detailed travel map! Scale 1:792,300. Canon City, CO : GTR Mapping, 1999. OCLC #43785061


Skipp, Betty, and Lageson, David R. Geologic map of the Sedan quadrangle, Gallatin and Park Counties, Montana. Scale 1:48,000. USGS Geologic investigations series no. I-2634, pub. 1999. Also online. OCLC #43835785


Linda Newman at UNR reports the following new maps now available:

Carr, Michael D., et. al. Geologic map of the Blue Diamond SE Quadrangle, Nevada. Scale 1:24,000. Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Map no. 123, pub. 2000.

McDonnell-Canan, Cheryl. Geologic map of the Blue Diamond NE Quadrangle, Nevada. McDonnell-Canan, Gary Axen, Michael D. Carr, and David L. Weide (2000) 1:24,000. Scale 1:24,000. Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Map no. 124, pub. 2000.

Howard, Keith A. Geologic map of the Lamoille Quadrangle, Elko County, Nevada. Scale 1:24,000. Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Map no. 125, pub. 2000.

Available via the Web at http://www.nbmg.unr.edu/sales.htm or contact:


DeLorme Mapping Company. 3-D TopoQuads, Oregon. 11 computer optical discs in two cases. Yarmouth, Me : DeLorme, 1999. OCLC #43870126

Harvey, Andrew F. Water-induced landslide hazards, eastern portion of the Eola Hills, Polk County, Oregon. Scale 1:24,000. Oregon Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries, Interpretive map series no. 5, pub. 2000. OCLC #43871354

Oregon Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries. Earthquake scenario ground shaking maps for the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area. 11 maps, scale 1:62,500 + computer diskette. Oregon DOGAMI Interpretive map series no. 16, pub. 2000. OCLC #43925231

Oregon Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries. Earthquake scenario ground shaking maps for the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area : Portland Hills Fault M 6.8 earthquake peak horizontal acceleration (g) at the ground surface. Scale 1:62,500. Oregon DOGAMI Interpretive map series no. 15, pub. 2000. OCLC # 43920028


DeLorme Publishing Company. Utah atlas & gazetteer : new enhanced topography, topo maps of the entire state, public lands, back roads. 3rd ed. 1 atlas (64 p.), scale 1:250,000. Yarmouth, Me. : DeLorme, 2000. OCLC #43856124


Snohomish River Basin characterization GIS data. Version 1. 1 computer optical disc, original scale not given. Seattle, Wash. : Washington State Department of Ecology, Publication no. 99-119, pub. 1999. OCLC #43933113

Washington State Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. Priority habitats and species digital data. 1 computer optical disc, original scales differ. Olympia, Wash. : The Dept., 2000. OCLC #43800156


Miller, Kirk A., and Mason, John P. Water-surface profile and flood boundaries for the computed 100-year flood, lower Salt River, Lincoln County, Wyoming. Scale 1:12,000. USGS Open-file report no. 00-201, pub. 2000. OCLC #43851044

Wyoming Division of State Parks & Historic Sites. Continental divide, Wyoming, snowmobile trails map, 1999-2000. 4 maps, scale ca. 1:167,962. Cheyenne : Wyoming State Parks & Historic Sites, 1999. OCLC #43737779

Wyoming Division of State Parks & Historic Sites. Southwest Wyoming snowmobile trails map, 1999-2000. Scale 1:126,720. Cheyenne : Wyoming State Parks & Historic Sites, 1999. OCLC #43737991


Lone Mountain Designs. Coop's roadmap guide to the microbreweries and brewpubs, Pacific Northwest breweries, including Alaska. Scale ca. 1:1,340,000. Menlo Park, CA : Lone Mountain Designs, 1999. OCLC #43785070


Berndtson & Berndtson. USA 2, American Southwest 1:3 000 000 road map. 2nd ed. 1 map in 2 segments, scale 1:3,000,000. Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany : Berndtson & Berndtson, 1999. OCLC #43621552

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Lone Mountain Designs. Coop's roadmap guide to the microbreweries and brewpubs, Southwestern United States breweries. Scale ca. 1:2,300,000. Menlo Park, CA : Lone Mountain Designs, 1999 ed. OCLC #43785080

2.3 Articles of Interest

2.3.1 Journal of business & finance librarianship, 1999 v. 5, no. 1, pg. 3

It is estimated that more than three quarters of all business data already contains a geographic component, such as address or location. Current technology allows us most satisfactory ways of depicting, viewing and analyzing the spatial components of such information, both expressed and implied, through a geographic information system (GIS), a medium capable of displaying and manipulating geographical information. Describe such systems, list some of their current uses in the business arena and suggest strategies for obtaining geographic data to populate these systems

2.3.2 Eom, 2000 v. 9, no. 4, pg. 10

2.3.3 Himalayan research bulletin 1999 v. 19, no. pg. 1

2.3.4 Computer graphics world. May 01 2000 v. 23, no. 5, pg. 43

Incorporating 3D high-resolution imagery into GIS maps is adding depth to desktop users' data.

2.3.5 The booklist. MAY 01 2000 v . 96, no. 17. pg. 1690

2.4 Internet Resources

2.4.1 1998 TIGER/Line Files - Online

From: Robert LaMacchia rlamacchia@geo.census.gov to various lists, May 2000.

We have made available the 1998 TIGER/Line files online for your downloading convenience. Please note the size of these files before downloading. Many of these files are over 1 MB in size, and we do not advise downloading them over a slow modem connection. They will continue to be available for purchase on CD-ROM. The 1998 TIGER/Line files are available at: http://www.census.gov/geo/tigerline/tl_1998.html. Once we have created the 1999 TIGER/Line files, they also will be available for downloading from the web at no charge. They also will be available on CD-ROM; we hope that we can reduce the price to $50 per disk (7 disks are required for national coverage). If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.

Note: There is a TIGER Reader Extension for ArcView available at: http://www.mapclick.com/products/tiger.html which converts TIGER/Line files into shapefiles and adds them as themes to a view.

2.4.2 CADD/GIS Bulletin - Online

The latest CADD/GIS Bulletin published by the CADD/GIS Technology Center for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment is now available online at: http://tsc.wes.army.mil/downloadtracking/DownloadData.asp?PID=116. The site requires you to register your name and institutional information.

2.4.3 Online Map Catalogs in Europe

From: David Y. Allen dyallen@notes.cc.sunysb.edu to various lists, May 2000.

Online Map Catalogs in Europe is now available online. It has been revised and slightly expanded, and now bears the title Online Map Catalogs in North America and Europe. For more information see :http://www.sunysb.edu/libmap/libcats.htm

2.4.4 About.com GIS

About.com GIS is a new collection of articles and links related to GIS. For more information see http://gis.about.com/

2.4.5 Iconography of Ptolemy's Portrait

From: Professeur Robert Derome to various lists, May 2000.

I want to thank several and generous collaborations which made this newborn website (only a few weeks old) grew to very interesting size and content.

Ptolemy Ptolemee Ptolemaeus 2nd Century A.D. Iconography of Ptolemy's Portrait http://www.er.uqam.ca/nobel/r14310/Ptolemy/

You are welcome to contribute to this collaborative website to feed it with your knowledge.

2.4.6 Remote Sensing Tutorials

The following sites were generated as a result of a question relating to Remote Sensing Tutorials on the Internet.

2.4.7 GEO-Data Explorer (GEODE)

Use GEO-Data Explorer (GEODE) to access, view, and download information from geo-spatial databases containing a broad spectrum of data produced by the USGS and other government agencies. For more information see : http://dss1.er.usgs.gov/

3. Meetings and Other Educational Opportunities

3.1 Upcoming National Conferences, Seminars, Talks, etc.

3.2 Upcoming International Conferences, Seminars, Talks, etc.

4. Contributors :

Larry W. Laliberte lwl@darkwing.uoregon.edu
Ken Rockwell krockwel@library.utah.edu
Kathryn Womble kwomble@u.washington.edu

5. The Western Association of Map Libraries (WAML)

WAML News and Notes is a moderated bulletin of the Western Association of Map Libraries.

The Western Association of Map Libraries (WAML) is an independent association established to encourage high standards in every phase of the organization and administration of map libraries.

Membership in WAML is open to any individual, institution, or business interested in furthering the purposes of the organization. For further information, contact the an officer listed below or visit the WAML web site at : http://gort.ucsd.edu/mw/waml/waml.html.

WAML Officers as of July 1, 1999

Greg Armento
University Library
California State University, Long Beach
Long Beach, CA 90840
(562) 985-4367

Vice President/President Elect
David Decklebaum
University of California, Los Angeles
Maps and Government Information
4510 Young Research Library
Box 951575
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575
(310) 825-3135

Muriel Strickland
2465 Baja Cerro Circle
San Diego, CA 92019

Jenny Stone
University of Washington
Map Collection & Cartographic
Information Services
Basement, Suzzallo Library
Box 352900
Seattle, WA 98195-2900
(206) 543-9392

Past President
Linda Zellmer
Arizona State University Libraries
Map Collection
P.O. Box 871006
Tempe, AZ 85287-1006
(602) 965-5973

Business Manager
Richard E. Soares
WAML Book & Fiche Sales Manager
Brigham Young University
P.O. Box 1667
Provo, UT 84603-1667
(801) 378-6179

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