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Part 5, 5/95.  To be included in vol. 26, number 3,
July 1995

Re the movie "The Englishman who went up a Hill and came
down a Mountain", with Hugh Grant - Margaret Brill reports in an email message
of May 22 that, "It is a lot of fun, and is about the 1917 reaction of a Welsh
village to the pronouncement by two Ordnance Surveyors that the mountain in
their backyard was less than 1000' and so could not be called a mountain.  Don't
miss the credits,which use historic maps as a background.  The acting is
excellent, and I thoroughly recommend it."

>From Linda Zellmer, who read this in a newspaper and stopped laughing long
enough to clip out and send to your editor: an article, "Battle of high-tech
bras expanding on several fronts" includes as an illustration a color photo of a
global bra, Samuele Mazza's 'Brahaus;" they are two hemispheres (northern and
southern, which seem to be somewhat uncomfortably connected with red and blue
cable (optical fiber?).

Mary Edna Fraser uses aerial photos and satellite images, amongst other itmes to
create her silk batiks.  (Smithisonian, November 1994, p. 142)

Ed Dahl and Dale Steele between them sent your editory a stack of very funny
a. from page B12, Phoenix Gazette, 7/16/94, the strip "Frank and Ernest," shows
the Earth saying to Saturn, "Oh, most of them are okay - what I can't stand are
those nosy little geologists."
b. from p. B6, Phoenix Gazette, 4/9/95, more "Frank and Ernest" - depicts 2
angels, standing in front of a sign, "Heavenly Miracles Research Dept.," one
saying to another, as they both look at frustrated sould surrounded by mounds of
creased paper, "He's still working on how to fold a road map quickly and
easily."  More in the same vein from Ziggy - 2 aliens saying to Ziggy and dog,
"We won't be staying long - we just landed to re-fold our road map" (which looks
to be about 5 feet by 8 feet)
c. From Phoenix Gazette, CL42, 5/28/94, devil saying thanks to angel, who when
devil asks way home, points down.
d. From the Express, 7/27/94, St. John's - by Claudine Neil, "Marine Atlantic
placemat's geography challenged;| a Port aux Basques businessman, George Hardy,
is upset with the way Newfoundland is depicted on placemats used by Marine
Atlantic's Gulf ferry service.
e. A giant wooden relief map of British Columbia housed at the Pacific National
Exhibition was 40 years old in 1994.  The entire map is composed of about 1M
pieces and is considered the largest map in the world; it was buit by George
Challenger over a 7-year time period.
Cataloging News:
The U.S. Federal Geographic Data Committee sent out a final version of its
Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Data in early June of 1994.  The
standard is available by anonymous FTP from: for WordPerfect 5.1 (PC/DOS)
(remember to transfer in binary/image mode!) or for PostScript.

The WordPerfect file is set up for 10pt Times Roman font on an HP LaserJet 4
printer.  It can be printed using other fonts or printers, but the sections
that are sensitive to page numbers (i.e. the table of contents and list of
data elements with page numbers) will have to be regenerated.
Paper copies of the standard may be requested from the Federal Geographic Data
Committee (FGDC) Secretariat, c/o U.S. Geological Survey, 590 National
Center, Reston, Virginia 22092, USA; telephone  (703) 648-5514;
facsimile (703) 648-5755; or Internet
If you would like to compare this with the ASTM work, try: under /wais/docs as .txt and .wp5

If you haven't already taken a look at the geomatic-cataloging standards from
Canada, it's worth your time:
Geomatic Data Sets Cataloguing Rules
Cost: $65 plus GST and applicable PST plus $5.40 shipping and handling
To order or obtain more information, contact:
Canadian General Standards Board,
Sales Centre
222 Queen Steet, Suite 1402
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1G6
Tel. (613)941-8706 or 1-800-665-CGSB (Canada only)
Fax. (613) 941-8705

Digital News:

>From Duane F. Marble (E-mail:, Dept. of Geography,
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210;(614) 292-22; Fax:  (614) 292-6213:
In 1988 John Snyder and Harry Steward published their bibliography of
the map projection literature as USGS Bulletin 1856. Containing over
2,000 references, this was certainly the definitive work in this area.
John Snyder has kindly updated the 1988 work by adding about 300 additional
references and allowed us to make it available in digital form.
Perhaps the best way to make use of this bibliography is through the
search capabilites provided by our WWW home page. Should you wish to
do so, you can also download all or part of the bibliography from the
FTP area on The WWW home page may be found at:
It has such items as digital versions of articles from computer-science

Oracle Corporation (Redwood Shores CA) has introduced Oracle7 MultiDimension,
technology that stores and manages spatial data in a relational database.

New version of XV, version 3.10: available via anonymous ftp from -
ftp. cis        pub/xv   (directory)             data/bradley (directory)

PCI's Windows 3.1 image viewer is available as freeware through anonymous ftp:     pub/win31 (directory)

For information on the Web browser, Netscape, try:
For information on standards, try:

100 images - in small, Web-able versions of ca. 250 pixels - are available over
the net:
The printed book from which these were derived, "Honderd hoogtepunten uit de
Koninklijke Bibliotheek/A hundred highlights from the Koninklijke Bibliothee,"
is available for DFL 59.50 from Waanders Uitgevers, Zwolle; isbn 90-6630-490-1.

Try out the Clearinghouse of Image Databases if you haven't already:

For the latest version of the Mosaic Web browser:

Street Seeker San Francisco

This easy-to-use HyperCard-based software will find streets, courts, alleys,
freeway onramps and offramps, public buildings, parks, museums, and much more
in San Francisco, Ca.  The instant you click on a name in the index, a
detailed street map of San Francisco appears with a flashing arrow pointing
at your selection.  You can zoom in and out, glide around the whole city,
search some streets by block numbers, make annotations, and print maps within
the software.  Tourists can bring up information about museums and other
buildings by clicking on them. The map shows street names, block numbers,
one-way street directions, and is accurate as of 1993.  It's faster  than
similar programs on CD-ROM and it's small enough to run on your PowerBook or
on any Macintosh computer, with System 6.0.5 and 1 megabyte of RAM.
 HyperCard Player is included.  $25.  Mines Road Books, P.O. Box 3185,
Fremont, CA, 510/651-2514, fax 510/651-2514.

For weather images/movies:

IMAGE is a public domain program for the Macintosh for doing digital
image processing and analysis.  It can acquire, display, edit,
enhance, analyze, print, and animate images.  Available via anonymous ftp at ( in the directory /pub/image.  Enter 'anonymous' as
the user name and anything you like as the password.

For images of Jupiter: ( in /pub/saao/images

The Canadian Geoscience Information Centre (CGIC) Book, Report and Map
accessions lists are now available on Internet at no cost via anonymous ftp.  To
connect to the ftp server:
1.   Make an ftp connection to  (or
2.   At the user prompt, enter anonymous
3.   At the password prompt, enter your internet address
4.   Enter cd gsc/cgic to move to the directory where the files are
5.   Enter the command "get mapacc.dos" to retrieve the map
     accession list file and store it on your local hard drive.
6.   Enter the command "get monoacc.dos" to retrieve the accessions
     list for monographs and other non-map materials.
7.   Enter the command "get introlib.dos" to retrieve the
     "Introduction to the CGIC Accessions Lists" document which
     provides helpful background information.
8.   Enter the command "exit" to end your ftp session.

Columbia University Libraries is currently conducting an
investigation into the scanning of oversized color maps.
The project is funded by a contract from the Commission on
Preservation and Access.  We are scanning five oversized
color maps using a variety of methodologies, and comparing
the results to determine which can provide successful access
both online and through paper printouts. The report of the work in progress,
which is available via the Columbia University World Wide Web server, includes a
narrative description of the project as well as the complete
set of digital images created to date.  The URL is:

Old-map screen saver: pans over a scanned 1895 map of the Eastern United States.
A small floating block shows the portion of the map being displayed and Goldbug
logo (small). Requires Windows 3.1 or +. Very easy to install and the password
protection option is available. Uploaded to the Genealogy Forum libraries in
both CompuServe and America Online with the title OLD MAP SCREEN SAVER. It is
also now available via FTP thanks to some nice folks at the University of
Queensland. Address:
It is not shareware. No payment is asked or expected.
Art Lassagne
Gold Bug Maps        Historic Map Reproductions and Software
P.O. Box 588           (free list available by e- or snail mail)
Alamo, CA 94507      e-mail:   (510) 838-MAPS

Here is the URL for the Ryhiner Map Collection at the University Library of
For further informations:
Dr. Thomas Kloeti
Ryhiner Collection
Stadt- und Universitaetsbibliothek
CH-3000 Bern 7


The Research Libraries of The New York Public Library has an exceptional
opportunity to join our Humanities and Social Sciences/Map Division as an
Assistant Chief Map Librarian.
Under the general direction of the Chief, Map Division, administers the
day-to-day operation of the Division including the supervision of professional
and paraprofessional staff.  Will serve as the selection officer for materials
added to the colleciton and as the Division's conservation representative.
Manages the Division's automation needs, including the public and staff.
Performs public reference and research services in person, via the telephone,
mail and E-Mail.  Plans and implements staff, equipment and collection space
requirements.  Maintains daily, weekly and annual Division schedules.  Assists
in the Division outreach and development programs.  Also, substitutes for the
Chief in their absence.  Performs related duties as required.
Qualified candidates must have an ALA accredited MLS and substantial relevant
professional experience in a large research map collection.  A second Master's
degree in cartography, geography or the social science is preferred.  Must
have a specialized knowledge of maps and map related literature, including
computer mapping.  Knowledge of Geographic Information Systems is preferred.
Knowledge of the principles of collection development and conservation
techniques is required.  Demonstrated administrative experience including the
supervision of professional staff is required.  Must have the ability to
interact well with the public and staff.  A working knowledge of at least two
foreign languages, preferably French and Latin is required.  Candidate must be
active in professional associations and activities.
We offer a competitive starting salary of $38,344 plus excellent comprehensive
benefits.  For consideration, please send resume and cover letter in
confidence to:
Human Resources Department JQ-MAP1
The New York Public Library
8 West 40th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018-3902

Social Sciences Data Services Coordinator, Social Sciences Data Center,
Government Documents Section,University of Virginia Library.

The Social Sciences Data Center, 1 of 7 electronic information centers
in the University Library, makes available numeric data in electronic
formats to faculty and students.  The other library e-centers focus on
e-texts, digital images, geographical information, music, science data,
and rare books and manuscripts.  The centers are featured in the
Library's home page at  The University
Library system comprises the main library and 10 branches, with
independent libraries for law, medicine, and graduate business. The
libraries serve 1,600 teaching faculty, 6,000 graduate and professional
students, and 11,000 undergraduates.Reporting to the Documents Librarian, the
Social Sciences Data Services
Coordinator develops and promotes the use of social and economic
statistical/numeric data collections and products in electronic format,
and coordinates the Social Sciences Data Center services with other
Library electronic data collection and dissemination efforts, especially
the Geographical Information Center.  Serves as Official Representative
for the Virginia Federation ICPSR membership and coordinates use of
ICPSR.  Trains staff in the promotion and use of electronic data;
designs instructional programs and materials, especially using the World
Wide Web. Anticipates new technology and develops proposals for its
acquisition. Supervises students assistants.  Serves as a member of the
Government Documents management team participating with other faculty in
collection development, goal setting, staff development, resource
management, information delivery, and problem resolution.
Required qualifications and experience:  Master's degree or higher in a
relevant field, with preference for an ALA-accredited MLS.  Knowledge of
and ability to use and teach social and economic data in electronic
format as well as traditional formats.  Knowledge of and ability to use
computer and electronic information delivery technologies effectively,
especially World Wide Web.  Knowledge of the methods of scholarly
research in the social sciences.  Ability to work and communicate
effectively with library staff, the University community, and other
users.  Preferred qualifications:  Knowledge of and ability to use
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as related to social and economic
data.  Knowledge of government publications and maps including print,
microform, and electronic formats. Demonstrated organizational  and
supervisory skills.
Salary:  $35,000 or higher, depending upon qualifications.
General faculty status, 22 days vacation, generous sick leave, group
health insurance, state, TIAA/CREF, and other retirement plans, research
Applications received before June 1, 1995 will be given first
consideration.  Send letter of application, resume, and names,
addresses, and phone numbers of three references to
	Gail Oltmanns
	Director of Library Human Resources
	Alderman Library
	University of Virginia
	Charlottesville, VA 22903-2498.

New Publications (Digital):

The Atlas of Florida CD-ROM is available for purchase from:
        Florida Geographic Alliance
        c/o Institute of Science and Public Affairs
        361 Bellamy
        Florida State University
        Tallahassee, FL 32306-4016
0-9 copies @ $29.95 each
10 or more copies @ $19.95 each
Please specify MAC or DOS version.
For additional information please contact Jim Anderson @ (904)644-2883 or

New Publications (Book format):

Commission de toponymie du Quebec. NOMS ET LIEUX DU QUEBEC: DICTIONNAIRE
ILLUSTRE. Quebec: Les Publications du Quebec, 1994.
925 pages; cartes (geographiques et anciennes), photos
ISBN 2-551-14050-1
79.95C$ (plus taxes applicables plus 4$ pour frais d'envoi)
Available from:
Les Publications du Quebec
Case Postale 1005
Quebec (Quebec)
G1K 7B5
A definition dictionary (not a gazetteer) for over 6 000 placenames.

(D8): Map Collector Publications Ltd and Imago Mundi announce publication
in 1995 of the eighth expanded edition of the above work.  So that
the directory can be comprehensive - and hence of the greatest
possible value - the publishers urge ALL those who are (or have
recently been) working towards publication in the history of
cartography to respond to this questionnaire. ENTRY IS FREE.  Replies
are particularly sought from those who might not consider themselves
historians of cartography but who work with non-current maps.
Get form from: Map Collector
Publications Ltd, 48 High Street, Tring, Herts HP23 5BH, UK, by fax
to: 044 282 7712 or by e-mail to:

Map Link has published its 1995 Academic Section catalog which updates and
replaces the 1992-93 World Map Directory. The 289 page book list all map in
Map Link's inventory system which are not listed in its semiannual basic
catalog (current issue Fall 1994) and is directed principally to the
academic, library and special interest market. Ordering information is:
        1995, 289 pages 8.5 x  11 in
        ISBN 0-929591-25-9
        PRICE $10.00
TEL/FAX: 207-874-6664
FAX:  800 627-7768

Thanks to Judith Scurfield (Map Librarian, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne)
for the following on "Reef, range, and red dust:"Re your note in WAML Bulletin
25 (3) July 1994, the atlas with this title was published by the Queensland
Department of Lands, Locked Bag No. 40, Coorparoo Delivery Centre, Brisbane,
Queensland 4001, Australia, in 1993. It has 244 pages, and the ISBN is
0724248471, but I don't know the price - you would have to contact
the publisher.


Charles Mastin, WAML Member, is offering his near-complete collection
of IBs from 1977-1994 to a library that can make use of them.
His address and phone number:
Charles D. Mastin
5 Traxler Road
San Anselmo, CA  94960


June 1994 issue of Consumer Reports has a feature article on U.S. road atlases.

New publication: Conservation of Geological Collections: proceedings of
a conference held at the Welsh Folk Museum, National Museum of Wales on
Thursday 4 November 1993, edited by R. E. Child, published in the
Conservation Monograph series distributed by Archetype Publications,
London. Contents include
The effect of the museum environment on geological collections:
        R. E. Child
Environmental effects on geological material:
        i.   Pyrite decay: C. J. Buttler
        ii.  Damage to sub-fossil bone: C. J. Buttler
        iii. Damage to shale: D. Dollery
        iv.  Salt efflorescence and damage: R. E. Child
        v.   Light induced changes of minerals: J. Horak
Previous treatments, problems and solutions: D. Dollery
Conservation records and specimen surveys: C. J. Buttler
Hazardous specimens and their control: M. Lambert
Good storage practice
        i.   stores and storage materials: R. E. Child
        ii.  Cleaning: D. Dollery
        iii. Packaging: C. J. Buttler
Good summary of up-to-date information. Order from Archetype
Publications Ltd., 31-34 Gordon Square, London   WC1H 0PY, UK.  ISBN 1
873132 60 3, ISSN 0969-1723.  Price not given.

The January 1995 issue of Scientific American has an article entitled, "Ensuring
the Longevity of Digital Documents;" author is Jeff Rothenberg.

State and Province News:
Over the Christmas 1994 holidays, the William C. Wonders Map Library
moved from the Tory Building to  Cameron Library.  The collection
has been split, with the current materials in a spacious area on the
Main Floor and the aerial photograph and rare materials collection in
a secure lower level area.  Service will be from the main Science and
Technology Information Desk, so everyone can update their
directories.  The new contact numbers are (403) 492-7912, fax (403)
492-2721.  The second step of merging the William C. Wonders Collection into the
operations of the Science and Technology Library took place in spring of 1995.
Responsibility for the collection has been turned over to three very capable
librarians, who will each  dedicate half of their time to it.  While all three
will have some responsibility in all areas, they will focus in the following
     David Jones - acquisitions and reference
        (403) 492 - 3433
     Marianne Jamieson - organization, cataloguing, technical
         (403) 492 - 7907
     Jerry Kowalyk - GIS
          (403) 492 - 7905

Ron Whistance-Smith continues as a volunteer and mentor for a few hours each

U.S. Government News:

Board of Geographic Names/Defense Mapping Agency:
he Defense Mapping Agency, in collaboration with the U.S. Board on
Geographic Names (BGN), is making its holdings of foreign geographic
names information available on the Internet World Wide Web.  These
holdings have been used in the publication of the series of DMA/BGN
gazetteers of foreign areas, and comprise over 4 million records.
This new service is called the GEOnet Names Server.  Its Internet URL
is and it can be accessed with any WWW browser
that supports forms, such as Mosaic or Netscape.  For a limited time
users can access the GEOnet using "guest" as the user ID and password
(omit the quotes).  Use of the system is currently free of charge.
For further information:
Randy Flynn
DMA Geographer
E-mail: (Randall E. Flynn)

Environmental Protection Agency:
As part of the effort to reinvent government, the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency signed a memorandum of understanding with three other
federal agencies committing to advanced, long-term research using
remote-sensing data from space satellites. The partnership, known as the
Multi-Resolution Land Characteristic Consortium, will collaborate on research
and the development of a flexible land characteristics database to be used by
the consortium and other federal, stateand local organizations. The partnership
is designed to reduce duplication and streamline the research process, saving
the government $30 million in purchasing costs and preparation of the data,
including archiving, management and data distribution.
Joining EPA in the agreement are the Department of Commerce's National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Department of the Interior's
National Biological Service (NBS) and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).
For further information, contact Dr. Denice Shaw, EPA Environmental,
Monitoring and Assessment Program, (919) 541-2698.

Federal Geographic Data Committee:
FGDC has taken over the NSDI-L listserv. The new list address will be:
The listproc for signing up, setting mail preferences, finding
archived messages, and signing off will be:

Fish and Wildlife Service:
The National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) has created a cd-rom which
contains sample wetlands map data, both for viewing and transfer
into various GIS systems.  The cd-rom also contains the NWI status
database as well as some other goodies. If you would like a copy, send a request
to Herman Robinson at:
or:                 National Wetlands Inventory USFWS
                    9720 Executive Center Drive
                    Monroe Building, Suite 101
                    St. Petersburg, FL  33702
                    ATTN: Herman Robinson

Geological Survey:
GNIS (Geographic Names Information System) CD is available for $57.

Library of Congress:
Book and Paper Group Annual
Volume 12 1993
Washingtoniana II:
Conservation of Architectural Drawings at the Library of Congress
Michele E. Hamill
In 1987, a multifaceted architectural drawings [1] project, known as
Washingtoniana II, began at the Library of Congress.[2] The purpose
of this ongoing, collaborative effort between the Library's
Conservation Office and the Prints and Photographs Division is to
preserve and make available 40,000 drawings related to Washington,
D.C. The size, diversity, and complexity of this collection and the
need to prepare it for service to the public have required some
innovative and cooperative approaches. By providing appropriate
housing and stabilization and through the creation of catalog records
which will be available internationally, the Washingtoniana II
project will make the entire collection accessible for the first
time. This paper will describe the Washingtoniana II collection, the
preservation component of the project, and some of the techniques
which are being used to preserve this unique and valuable collection.