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Part 6, 5/95.  To be included in vol. 26, number 3,
July 1995

>From the News and Notes Editor: This is my swan song as News and Notes Editor
for the WAML IB.  Connie Manson will be taking up the pen, or rather the
keyboard, for WAML.  Thanks, Connie!
Mary Larsgaard


April 11, 1995  Boston Map Society, Harvard Map Collection. Over 125 persons
attended the inaugural meeting. The first lecture was delivered by Robert Karrow
of the Newberry Library, on the cartographic renaissance of the sixteenth
century. The attendees then adjourned for a reception and exhibit of materials
from the Map Collection. Entitled 'Ortelius and Friends: A Celebration of
Sixteenth Century Maps,' the exhibit includes, among other items,
Ortelius' Thatrum of 1570 and 1584; Mercator's Celestial Globe of 1551;
Braun and Hogenberg's Civitates; Phillip Apian's 1568 map of Bavaria; and
Richard Lyne's 1574 map of Cambridge, England.

April 26, 1995  Northern Ohio Bibliographic Society, Map Interest Group,
Cleveland.    The meeting was hosted and co-sponsored by the Western
Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland. David Bosse, of the
William L. Clements Library at the University of Michigan, had
been "lured" to Cleveland by Bill Barrow's promise of a look
at some Civil War maps and correspondence in Western Reserve's collection.  Dr.
Bosse gave an illustrated talk on Civil War newspaper maps.  The group's June
meeting will be a visit to the Geography Dept. and GIS lab at Kent State
University.  For more information: Maureen Farrell, Cleveland Public Library,
e-mail: MapColl1@LIBRARY.CPL.ORG; mail: c/o Map Collection, 325 Superior Ave.,
Cleveland OH  44114

May 10, 1995  Arizona Map Society, Tucson. William Peachey gave an illustrated
talk on "Arizona Cave Maps:  A Survey of History and Mystery" at the Arizona
Historical Society.

May 19, 1995  California Geographic Information Association, Sacramento.  For
info: CGIA, POB 15424, Sacramento CA 95851-0424.

June 8-9, 1995  North East Map Organization.  "Massachusetts atlas,"
"development of mapping and information systems for the marine environment,"
"Maps and the retail sector," "Maps and spatial information: changes in the map
library;" field trip to Massachusetts State ARchives; reception and tour at
Harvard University Map Collection.

June 24, 1995  California Map Society, San Francisco.  "Mapping the population
history of California places," Robert Berlo; "Human induced land transforamtion
in the San Francisco Bay area 1850-1990," William Acevedo; "Wells Fargo Bank
historical services, Wells Fargo Days," Robert Chandler; reports on LC
digitizing project (Magellan Geografix) and map publishing and distribution
worldwide (Map Link).

September 3-9, 1995  International Cartographic Association, Barcelona, Spain.

September 25-28, 1995  Land Satellite Information in the Next Decade, Vienna VA.
 ASPRS, 5410 Grosvenor Lane, Suite 210, Bethesda MD 20814-2160.

October 8-11, 1995  Alaska to Panama: the Mapping of the Interior of Western
North America, IMCoS 145h International Sysmposium, San Francisco CA.    Host:
California Map Society.  For more information: California Map Society, c/o
Thomas B. Worth, McCutchen, Doyle, Brown and Enersen, Three Embarcadero Center,
Suite 2400, San Francisco CA 94111-4066.

October 15-18, 1995  Western Association of Map Libraries, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Kathy Rankin says:
The fall 1995 WAML meeting will be held in Las Vegas on October 15-18.  I
am planning a picnic for Sunday night, October 15th.  the Executive board
meeting will be held the morning of October 16th, and the conference will
start that afternoon.  There will probably be programs on BLM maps and
mining claims, distribution of Colorado River water, how GIS is used in
the Desert Research Center, the history of Las Vegas as shown on maps.
GIS in city planning departments, and other topics to be named later.
WAML members are welcome to give papers on any map-related topic.  I would
like the names of people who would be willing to be part of a panel
on map libraries' experiences with loading the MARCIVE tapes.
The banquet will be a dinner cruise to Hoover Dam on Lake Mead aboard the
paddlewheeler Desert Princess.  There will probably also be an optional
trip to Hoover Dam, possibly before the dinner.  Information will be
provided on shows so people can make their own reservations.  The field
trip on October 18th is going to be a trip to Red Rock Recreational Area
with a stop at spring Mountain Ranch State Park.
The Las Vegas meeting will be held on a Sunday through Thursday schedule
to take advantage of the many Sunday through Thursday tour packages
available from western US and Canadian cities.  We are planning to have
people choose their own hotels to take advantage of package deals.
Information on the different hotels will be provided.
A prime reason for meeting in October is that the average high
temperature is eighty-one degrees Fahrenheit and the average low is
fifty-one degrees.  Days are balmy, evenings are cool, and not as many
tourists are in town.
Additional trips before or after the convention can be arranged to the
Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce National Parks, Death Valley, Laughlin, and
several old mining towns in southern Nevada.  More information will be
provided later.
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October 25-29, 1995  15th Annual Meeting of the North American Cartographic
Information Society, Wilmington NC.  Keith Rice, Dept. of Geography & Geology,
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Stevens Point WI 54481.

November 13-17, 1995  GIs/LIS '95 and ACSM/ASPRS Fall Convention, Nashville TN.

February 27-29, 1996  Eleventh Thematic Conference and Workshps, Applied
Geologic Remote Sensing, Practical Solutions for Real-World Problems, Las Vegas,
Nevada. ERIM, POB 134001, Ann Arbor MI 48113-4001.

Spring 1996  Western Association of Map Libraries, Arcata CA.

April 20-26, 1996  ACSM/ASPRS Annual Convention, Baltimore MD.

Fall 1996  Western Association of Map Libraries, Seattle WA.

Spring 1997  Western Association of map Libraries, Phoenix AZ

Fall 1997  Western Association of Map Libraries, Pasadena.  THIRTIETH


George M. Cunha, Director Emeritus of the Northeast Document Conservation
Center, has died at the age of 82, on 11/29/94.  (NEDCC, 100 Brickstone Square,
Andover MA 01810)

A belated but nonetheless sincerely meant congratulations to Elaine Clement, who
was, mid-last year, elected chair of the Geography & Map
Division of Special Libraries Association. Elaine hails from Penn State's
Earth and Mineral Sciences Library. She and Alice Hudson will be planning the
G&M Division's program in MOntreal in June 1995. Elaine's email is Further congratulations to Geography & Map Division members
Charlene M. Baldwin and Hope N. Tillman, just elected to the Special Libraries
Association Board of Directors. It is always nice to see geog & map folk rise to
higher positions of authority and power...! Charlene is due further congrats on
her position as Division Head, Science Libraries, University of California,
Riverside. Her email is:

As of June 30, 1995, the Free Library of Philadelphia (through which Jeremiah
Post has email) will terminate its HSLC contract, and Jeremiah will not be
reachable at this address:
He'll let us know when he has new email address.

New Publications (Book format):

Index and carto-bibliography of maps, 1789-1969.  Part XIV of the CIS US Serial
Set index.  $2,685 (3 volmes - 1789-1897; 1897-1925; 1925-1969) or $995 the
volume.  CIS, 4520 East-West Highway, Bethesda MD 20814-3389.

                     Great Britain
"The Earth & the Heavens: the Art of the Mapmaker," the British Library's main
summer exhibition for 1995 has as its focus the response of mapmakers to the
questions, what is the shape and extent of the Earth, and of the cosmos
containing it?  July 7-October 22, 1995.  (Press and Public Relations, 96 Euston
Road, London NW1 2DB)


Arachnet Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture
Special Issue: Computerized Tools as Intermediaries in the
Communication of Mental Maps, May 16, 1994 (Volume 2 Issue 2)
Articles and Sections of this issue of the _Electronic Journal on
Virtual Culture_ may be retrieved via:
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Books and other publications section.

The Globe, #41, 1995:
"To map is to discover: the realisation of shape & context," David Denholm;
"Historic cartography of the thematic map," Robert Clancy; "Changing maps of
changing cities: mapping urban change," Graeme Aplin; "Geological mapping on the
Macintosh," John Martyn; "Mapping aboriginal linguistic & clan boundaries in the
Sydney region," J. L. Kohen; "Mapping vegetation," Doug Benson; "Types,
limitations & uses of geographic data in conservation planning," R.L. Pressey
and S. Ferrier; "Mapping Macquarie Island," P.M. Selkirk & D.A. Adamson;
"Mapping beach conditions to provide an efficient surf rescue service,"
Christopher Hogan; "Geographical patterns of crime," Ailsa Mackenzie; "Mapping
via Internet: transmitting maps electronically," Mohan Ayyar; "Lost and found in
space: digital data & map libraries," Rebecca Thomas.

NEMO (North East map Organization) newsletter, no. 17, April 1995:
"A trip to the Art Museum: the "Mapping" exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art,
December 1994," Gene Moser; "Dabbling in computer mapping: the Boston Public
Library," Betsey Anderson; "The Map library in transition, report on a
conference;" Carto Clips.

Special Libraries Association Geography and Map Division Bulletin, no. 179,
February 1995
"Dream towns of northwest Indiana," Elmer B. Hess; "MAGIC at the University of
Connecticut: Building the Virtual Map Library," Patrick McGlammery; reports,
news, book reviews, new catalogs, obituary for Clara Egli LeGear.

Preservation News

The spring 1995 (6, no. 1) issue of NDCC News has an article by Paul Conway
(head, Preservation Dept., Yale U. Library) on "The implications of digital
imaging for preservation."  (pages aren't numbered but looks like pages [4-5]).

Remote-Sensing News:

The first experimental SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) image was acquired by
ERS-2, on May 2, 1995; it is of theCampania region in south central Italy.
(European Space Agency, 8, 10 rue Mario-Nikis - 75738 Paris Cedex 15, France)

Go online to view thumbnails of Landsat data:
for access to 250,000 images in the TM archive.

The U.S. has begun to release about 800,000 vintage satellite
photo-reconnaissance pictures, that are being declassified.

State News:
CD available - Climate time machine/ Donald Jensen.  Logan,UT: Utah State
University, State Climatologist, 1994. $30.00.  Barbara Cox has seen a brief
demo but our copy hasn't arrived yet.  Be warned that one of its intended
audiences is elementary school science classes so it may not have
a lot of depth.

U.S. Government News:

Fish and Wildlife Service:
Need to convert National Wetland Inventory's DLG3 digital files to PC Arc/Info
coverages? Macros are available at:

Geological Survey:
Geologic Information Visualization (GIV) mapping software is available free.
For more information: Christine Cook, 703/648-6481.

National Snow and ice Data Center:
Historical Soviet Daily Snow Depth CD-ROM - $50 from NSIDC, CIRES, University of
Colorado, Campus Box 449, Boulder CO 80309-0449;