July 2000

Larry W. Laliberte, Editor
University of Oregon - Eugene

Electronic Version - July 2000.

1. News
      1.1 Neal Harlow (Obituary)
      1.2 U.S. Geological Survey Updates
      1.3 LPS offers new and improved web pages
      1.4 NSDI Organizing Principles
      1.5 706 new maps added to the David Rumsey Collection
      1.6 ESRI announces the launch of the Geography Network
      1.7 Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science identifying best practice examples
      1.8 New GIS feature articles
      1.9 MAPublisher 4.0 for Adobe Illustrator 8.01 and 9.0.
      1.10 SDTS DLG and DEM data conversion services
      1.11 New Chief Librarian of the USGS Library
      1.12 Allan Doyle receives Gardels Award
      1.13 GIS Data Librarian - Duke University
      1.14 Documents & Maps Reference Librarian and Bibliographer - University of Northern Iowa
      1.15 GIS/Data Librarian - Rice University
      1.16 Project Cataloguer (Maps and Topographical Prints) - University of Durham
2. New Maps, Books, etc.
      2.1 New Mapping of Western North America compiled by Ken Rockwell
      2.2 Other new materials
        2.2.1 From Ancient Afryqah to Modern Africa
        2.2.2 The Island of Lost Maps, A Story of Cartographic Crime
        2.2.3 The Piri Reis Map of 1513
      2.3 Articles of Interest
        2.2.1 Mapping it Out: Using Atlases to Detect Patterns in Health Care, Disease and Mortality
        2.2.2 Restoring the Map of Ancient Rome
      2.4 Internet Resources
        2.4.1 Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon
        2.4.2 1st edition six inch OS maps online
        2.4.3 Summer 2000 catalogue Antique Maps, Atlases and Globes
        2.4.4 State of the Land Site from NRCS
        2.4.5 Bibliography of the Coltharp Collection of Onomastics
        2.4.6 RMS Launches Climetrix
        2.4.7 GIS File Format Descriptions
        2.4.8 Materials from the GIS in Education conference are being published on ESRI's Education Discussion Forum
        2.4.9 Find Maps with Google
3. Meetings and Other Educational Opportunities
        3.1 Upcoming National Conferences, Seminars, Talks, etc.
        3.2 Upcoming International Conferences, Seminars, Talks, etc.
4. Contributors to This Issue
5. The Western Association of Map Libraries

1. News

1.1 Neal Harlow, Historian of California Mapping

To various lists, July 2000

Neal Harlow a librarian and cartographic historian died on July 13 in Los Angeles. He wrote a number of historical works, but is best remembered by map curators for his three books: The Maps of San Francisco Bay: from the Spanish Discovery to the American Occupation, Maps and Surveys of the Pueblo Lands of Los Angeles and Maps of the Pueblo Lands of San Diego, 1602-1874. He headed the California section of the California State Library, Special Collections at UCLA, and served as dean of the Rutgers University Graduate School of Library Service. He began is career as a librarian at UC Berkeley's Bancroft Library. An obituary appeared in the Los Angeles Times July 20, and was reprinted in the San Francisco Chronicle on the same date.

1.2 U.S. Geological Survey Updates

Posted by Rea Mueller 703-648-5954 FAX: 703-648-5939 e-mail: rlmueller@usgs.gov

1.2.1 Subject: Earth Explorer Fact Sheet

The following fact sheet is now available :

Available in .pdf and .html format from the mapping publications Web site : http://mapping.usgs.gov/mac/isb/pubs/pubslists/fctsht.html

1.2.2 Subject : Foreign Names Gazetteers Prices

The order form U.S. Board on Geographic Names Foreign Names Products, dated September 1993, is obsolete and has been discontinued. Please recycle any remaining paper copies.

Gazetteers prepared and published by the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) for the U.S. Board on Geographic Names contain names and associated information for places and features in various foreign countries and areas. A list of NIMA foreign names gazetteers, with current prices, is available on the Web at : http://mapping.usgs.gov/mac/nimamaps/bgn.html

Fact sheets and NIMA gazetteers can be requested free of charge from USGS Information Services, Box 25286, Denver, CO 80225 (FAX: 303-202-4693).

1.3 LPS offers new and improved web pages

From: Donna Koepp dkoepp@ukans.edu to various lists, July 2000.

Library Programs Service (LPS) of the Government Printing Office (GPO) Is pleased to announce new and improved services and web pages for Government information and depository library staff.

FDLP Desktop
The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) Desktop, comprised of more than 700 pages, is an enhanced version of the website formerly called FDLP Administration. It is now available at: http://www.gpo.gov/fdlpdesktop. Over the past year, it had become clear that it was time to better organize the content as more information was added to the FDLP web pages. Members of the depository library community offered constructive comments, many of which were incorporated into the site redesign.

The FDLP Desktop provides an improved structure and better navigation tools, information about the FDLP, glossary, site index and more resources available for use by depository library staff. The site also contains the most frequently used services in a more convenient location on the page. The target audience includes new and experienced documents librarians, library school students and Federal agency personnel. Members of the general public will benefit from the information on the site, although they are not the primary audience.

New Electronic Titles
A new service, named New Electronic Titles (NET), will help in locating electronic Federal Government information titles. This tool replaces the Browse Electronic Titles (BET) locator service. The URL is: http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs/locators/net

Each week the NET will contain a list of newly identified online U.S. Government information products added to the FDLP/Electronic Collection (EC). Entries will appear in a true title arrangement. Users will be linked to information products on GPO Access, Federal agency websites, FDLP partnerships and the FDLP/EC archive.

As part of this service, LPS will announce the availability of all new congressional hearings that are to be placed on GPO servers and made available through GPO Access. After four weeks, the oldest NET list will be moved to the NET archive.

Full bibliographic information for the new titles and former BET entries will be available in the online Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP) www.gpo.gov/catalog. The CGP is the prime resource for identifying, locating, and accessing both tangible and online U.S. Government information products.

The other locators, including Browse Topics and Federal Agency Internet Sites, have also undergone facelifts to match the look and feel of GPO Access. All the locator services are accessible from the GPO Access Findings Aids page at : http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs/tools.html.

LPS staff continues to fine-tune the FDLP desktop pages. Please note that anyone trying to access files from the FDLP Administration website will be automatically redirected to the new FDLP Desktop.

Send any comments to Joe Paskoski : jpaskoski@gpo.gov

1.4 NSDI Organizing Principles

From: Doug Nebert ddnebert@fgdc.er.usgs.gov to various lists, July 2000.

It is becoming increasingly clear that there are a number of key ingredients to defining a virtual community and its resources. On the web, a healthy NSDI community would have access to far more than just data resource references, as we do now in Clearinghouse. These resource types include: documents, people and organizations, projects, case studies, software, service organizations, and invokable services.

Future versions of the NSDI Website/portal would like to take advantage of existing designs that you may be using locally to document these types of resources. What properties do you describe, structures do these descriptions take, and how is search performed?

Ultimately, this website could help to integrate communication across many neighboring local spatial communities to help in discovery of required resources nearby, or elsewhere, to help solve problems. If you are currently organizing or building directories of projects, reports, software, or similar community resources, please send me email with documentation of what you have done.

1.5 706 new maps added to the David Rumsey Collection on July 1 2000

From: Phil Hoehn philhoehn@juno.com to various lists, July 2000.

All titles may be found by searching the database http://www.davidrumsey.com under Search/by Publication Author using the author names below.

Some Highlights include :

1.6 ESRI announces the launch of the Geography Network

From: Angela Lee alee@esri.com to various lists, July 2000.

ESRI is pleased to announce the launch of the Geography Network, a collaborative and multi-participant system for publishing, sharing, and using digital geographic information on the Internet.

The Geography Network can be thought of as a large online library of distributed GIS information, available to everyone. It has been designed to adhere to open standards for the dissemination and sharing of data and services.

GIS browser software on the Geography Network allows users to freely visualize, query, and analyze data. GIS software can also be used to connect one or more sites at the same time and using the techniques of digital map overlay and visualization, users can simultaneously combine and analyze many types of data from different sources. Professional users can connect to the Geography Network and directly use the data and application services provided by other participants. Data can be shared and integrated using a wide spectrum of simple to advanced GIS and visualization software technologies.

The Geography Network is an open system designed using industry standards and protocols. It serves as a test bed for data providers and the Open GIS Consortium. The Geography Network is designed for GIS users who wish to share and disseminate their data; discover and use other people's data by searching the metadata catalog; provide applications, such as location and mapping capabilities; and sell data and applications.

Hundreds of data layers are currently available through the Geography Network. Worldwide offerings include political, elevation, vegetation, land use, socioeconomic statistics, and satellite imagery, to name a few. U.S. data includes administrative boundaries, detailed streets, topographic maps, natural hazards, environmental hazards, demographic statistics, crime statistics, aerial photography, and much more.

For more information, visit the Geography Network at : http://www.GeographyNetwork.com

1.7 Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science identifying best practice examples

The Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science has been established by the National Science Foundation through its program of support for research infrastructure in the social and behavioral sciences. CSISS is located at UCSB and its main purposes are to recognize the key role space plays in human society and to promote research that advances understanding of spatial patterns and processes. Cartographic visualization, GIS, pattern recognition, spatially sensitive statistical analytic tools, and place-based search methodologies are the tools of the spatially integrated social science (SISS) used to integrate knowledge across disciplines and paradigms.

The center is now identifying best practice examples from each of the Social Science disciplines and for different problem areas. I am writing to you to ask you please to provide leads on articles or publications that consider a spatial approach in your discipline. The papers may be recent or past publications, authored by you or colleagues you know from any institution for education or research. The authors of the selected papers may be contacted to explore their inclusion in a book on Best Practices in Spatially Integrated Social Sciences. In addition, the proposed papers will be considered to generate user friendly, easily understood primer examples for the center's website http://CSISS.org/

1.8 New GIS feature articles

From: glenn@geocomm.com to various lists, July 2000.

Some new additions to Spatialnew's News features

1.9 MAPublisher 4.0 for Adobe Illustrator 8.01 and 9.0.

Avenza Software has announced the immediate availability of MAPublisher 4.0 for Adobe Illustrator 8.01 and 9.0.

Full product information and downloadable demos are available at http://www.avenza.com/main.html. To read the complete press release go to : http://www.avenza.com/company.press.000720.html

1.10 SDTS DLG and DEM data conversion services

From: Chad Sperry ces@mail.klingner.com to various lists, July 2000.

I would like to announce that we are now offering SDTS Digital Line Graph (DLG) and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data conversion services. Upon request we will download, translate, reproject, and rename any 1:24,000, 1:100,000, or 1:250,000 DLG or DEM that is currently available throughout the United States into an ESRI shape or coverage format for DLG's or a grid format for DEM's. Processed data will be sent to you via your choice of email or cd.

Anyone who has attempted to slay the SDTS dragon knows that conversion of this elaborate data format is not always evident. This is a great source of data, you can check out what's available in your area at : http://mcmcweb.er.usgs.gov/status/mcmc/il/index.html#dlg. If you would like to try to process these files on your own, information for converting them can be found at http://mcmcweb.er.usgs.gov/sdts/ Prices will be determined based on product volume on an individual basis.

Call or email Chad Sperry ces@mail.klingner.com for a free quote.

Note : From glenn@geocomm.com

More resources to help convert SDTS data can also be found at : http://software.geocomm.com/translators/sdts.html. There's a number of translators and white papers that should prove to be very useful.

Another good source is the On-line ArcUser magazine from ESRI http://www.esri.com/news/arcuser/

1.11 New Chief Librarian of the USGS Library

From: : P. Patrick Leahy Associate Director for Geology, July 2000.

It is with pleasure that I announce that Nancy L. Blair has assumed the position of Chief Librarian of the USGS Library. Prior to joining the USGS, Nancy completed undergraduate education in chemistry and graduate education in library science, and served in the Peace Corps in Somalia as a science teacher. Nancy has broad experience in library services and library administration at USGS, including serving since 1988 as the head of the USGS Menlo Park library. She has held offices in the Geoscience Information Society and the Western Association of Map Libraries.

Nancy brings a commitment to providing high quality information services in the digital era to employees at all locations. Please join me in welcoming Nancy to her new position.

1.12 Allan Doyle receives Gardels Award

From: Lance McKee lmckee@opengis.org to various lists, July 2000.

At a recent bimonthly meeting of the Open GIS Consortium, Inc. (OGC), Allan Doyle of International Interfaces, Inc. (Needham, MA) received OGC's second annual Kenneth G. Gardels Award. The Gardels Award, a gold medallion, is awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to interoperable geoprocessing.

Allan Doyle is currently President of International Interfaces, Inc., a firm dedicated to developing, testing, and applying interoperable interfaces and communications protocols for the Internet. Mr. Doyle represents International Interfaces in the Open GIS Consortium, where he has been active since its inception in 1994. He chairs the WWW Mapping Special Interest Group and serves as a representative to the Open GIS Consortium Management committee. He is the editor of the Open GIS Consortium's Web Map Server Interface Specification and is credited with having created the initial vision of Web-based mapping within the OGC. Mr. Doyle serves as the System Architect for the Open GIS Web Mapping Testbed and plays a key technical role in other Open GIS initiatives. He is recognized as a leader in the field of internet-based, distributed geographic mapping technology. Mr. Doyle is also a member of the NASA Global Observation of Forest Cover Testbed team.

Previously, Mr. Doyle was a Division Scientist in the Distributed Applications Development Group at BBN Technologies where he served as a senior systems architect and technical business development leader. Under Mr. Doyle's leadership, his group produced several new distributed mapping technologies and demonstrations, culminating in the release of OpenMap(TM), a programmer's toolkit for map-based systems, as open source software. Mr. Doyle's publications credits span topics ranging from distributed spatial data, system integration, real-time control, and data analysis to the development of vision in infants and computer-based control of laboratory equipment. He holds a degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Mr. Doyle provided most of the technical direction and corporate resources for the OGC/FGDC interoperability demonstration at GIS/LIS in October, 1997, OGC's first public demonstration of OpenGIS capabilities. In OGC, Mr. Doyle has consistently provided leadership: authoring documents, steering the WWW Mapping SIG and the Web Mapping Testbed in a sound technical direction, rallying support for the SIG and the Testbed inside and outside the consortium, and gracefully moderating technical discussions. He recently was unanimously re-elected as one of the two TC reps to the MC, after stepping out from that role when he became GTE/BBN's rep to the MC. From the beginning, Allan has been much more than a technical contributor. His initiative and even-tempered, friendly, principled approach have contributed substantially to the standard of discourse in the OGC community.

1.13 GIS Data Librarian - Duke University (The Nature Conservancy's Mid-Atlantic Division)

The Nature Conservancy in collaboration with The Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University is seeking a Geographic Data Manager / Librarian to construct and maintain an Internet based GIS data library for the Mid-Atlantic Division. The goal of this position is to better facilitate collaboration between academic researchers and conservation practitioners in the division and at the TNC Southern Resource Office. The GIS Data Librarian will be responsible for database maintenance and metadata development. As data development and training goals are achieved, development of innovative projects will be incorporated into the data librarian's role. This will be a Duke University research position working on a Nature Conservancy collaborative program located at the Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University.

Application Deadline: September 1, 2000

Duties :

Requirements :

Contact : All forms of inquiry are welcome, but final applications are not accepted by fax, telephone, or e-mail.

The Nature Conservancy and Duke University are equal opportunity employers.

1.14 Documents & Maps Reference Librarian and Bibliographer - University of Northern Iowa

From: Susan Moore Susan.Moore@uni.edu to various lists, July 2000.

The Documents & Maps Reference Librarian and Bibliographer holds a joint appointment in the Reference and Instructional Services Department and the Collection Management & Special Services Department. Provides documents and maps and general reference, instructional, and collection management services to university students, faculty, staff, and the general public.

Promotes use of and access to documents and maps collections, trains reference faculty and staff and educates library users to find information in both governmental and commercial sources in all formats efficiently and effectively, and serves as the principal authority on documents and maps questions. Helps subject bibliographers increase awareness and use of GPO-issued materials and serves as principal contact for the U.S. and Iowa document depository programs. Serves as liaison with the Acquisitions and Cataloging departments for handling of technical processing of documents and maps. Other duties include participation in the development and delivery of library instruction and active liaison work with selected academic departments. As bibliographer and liaison, is responsible for collection management, promotion of library services, and specialized instruction related to programs in those academic departments. Serves at the reference desk one evening a week and on weekends in rotation with other faculty. Participates in library and university committees and professional associations. Conducts a substantive program of research, scholarship, and/or creative work.

Specific Duties :

Reports To : Head, Reference and Instructional Services Department; Head, Collection Management and Special Services Department.

Qualifications : Required: ALA-accredited MLS or international equivalent; minimum of two years of professional library public services experience; demonstrated broad knowledge of and experience with U.S. documents, including demonstrated experience with electronic documents resources; demonstrated commitment to public services; demonstrated strong written, oral communications, and teaching skills.

Preferred : Public services experience in an academic library; work in a depository library; demonstrated interest and experience with maps collections; academic degree in the social sciences; second graduate degree (required for tenure).

Salary: $ 36,344 with comprehensive benefits including TIAA/CREF. Rank commensurate with credentials and experience. Full-time, tenure-track position.

Application : Applications must be received by August 30, 2000 to be given full consideration. The Library encourages applications from minority persons, women, disabled persons, and Vietnam era veterans. Send a letter of application, resume, and the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of three professional references to :

The University of Northern Iowa is an Equal Opportunity Employer with a comprehensive plan for affirmative action.

1.15 GIS/Data Librarian - Rice University (GIS/Data Center)

Rice University, a private university located in Houston, Texas, is seeking a highly motivated librarian to provide GIS and data services to the community. Candidates with a strong combination of interpersonal and technical skills are encouraged to apply. The position reports to the Head of Government Publications and Microforms.

Responsibilities : The GIS/Data Librarian oversees the functions of the GIS/Data Center (GDC); assists and educates users (primarily Rice faculty, staff, and students) on GIS and data needs, resources, and projects; selects, installs, and tests GIS and data equipment, software, and resources; maintains the GDC web site; provides reference service at Government Publications and Microforms reference desk; serves on library, university, and professional committees and organizations; performs collection development for GIS and data resources and for maps in electronic, digital, and print formats; teaches classes and workshops on using GIS and data resources; and supervises one paraprofessional staff member and 1-3 student workers.

Environment : The GIS/Data Center http://www.rice.edu/Fondren/GDC/index.shtml provides a central location on campus for faculty, staff and students to work on projects involving GIS and data. Fondren Library is an exciting place to work with opportunities to participate in the development of leading edge library technologies. The range of library collections is widening to reflect the frequent addition of new university initiatives. An active program of digital resource development is grounded in successful collaboration with University information technology staff and a broadening range of well-supported interdepartmental projects. Fondren Library http://riceinfo.rice.edu/Fondren/ is currently preparing for a major building renovation and expansion.

Required Qualifications : ALA accredited MLS; academic or work experience with spatial and numeric data resources; experience with and strong working knowledge of computer systems, including DOS, Unix, Macintosh, and Windows NT; ability to work with minimal supervision and to identify and meet user needs; ability to set priorities and manage time; excellent interpersonal skills; excellent oral and written communication skills.

Preferred Qualifications : Experience with GIS software and data, including one or more of the following: ArcView, ERMapper, MapInfo, ArcInfo, and Landview; social sciences or natural sciences background with experience in government publications and/or cartography; public service experience.

Salary & Benefits : Minimum salary $37,000 with hiring salary commensurate with experience and qualifications; no state or local income tax; career advancement program; 21 benefit days; 8 study days; TIAA/CREF; health and life insurance; and tuition waiver.

Applications received by September 15, 2000 will receive first consideration. To apply, send letter of application, resume, and the names, titles, addresses, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers of three references to :

Rice University is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer.

1.16 Project Cataloguer (Maps and Topographical Prints) - University of Durham (University Library, Archives & Special Collections)

From: Richard Higgins r.i.higgins@durham.ac.uk to various lists, July 2000.

For a collaborative project, funded by the British Library's Co-operation and Partnership Programme, to widen access to historic maps and topographical prints of Co. Durham by creating a web-mounted digital gallery. The project will cover the collections of the Durham University, County, and Cathedral libraries, with selected items from the British Library, and will be based in the University Library. Candidates should have a good honours degree in an appropriate subject, and excellent IT skills. Knowledge of maps and/or prints and graphic processes is highly desirable. Library, museum or archive qualifications and cataloguing experience will be advantages.

Further details and an application form are available at http://www.dur.ac.uk/Personnel/vacancies/ or by contacting the Director of Personnel, University of Durham, Old Shire Hall, Durham DH1 3HP (tel: 0191 374 7258; fax: 0191 374 7253 or e-mail Acad.Recruit@durham.ac.uk.

2. New Maps, Books, etc.

2.1 New Mapping of Western North America by Ken Rockwell


Pearson, Roger W., and Hermans, Marjorie. Alaska in maps : a thematic atlas. 2nd print., with corrections. 1 atlas (99 p.), scales differ. Fairbanks : University of Alaska Fairbanks, pub. 2000. ISBN 1887419020. OCLC #44407119

Trails Illustrated. The definitive Alaska. 1 computer optical disc. Evergreen, Colo. : Trails Illustrated, 1999. ISBN 1566950953. OCLC #44266607

U.S. Bureau of Land Management, Northern Field Office. White Mountains National Recreation Area : winter trails. Scale ca. 1:250,000. Fairbanks, Alaska : BLM Northern Field Office, pub. 2000. OCLC #44271626


DeLorme Mapping Company. 3-D TopoQuads. Arizona. 9 computer optical discs. Yarmouth, Me : DeLorme, 1999. ISBN 089933802X. OCLC #44443593

Pearthree, Philip A., and Bausch, Douglas B. Earthquake hazards in Arizona. Scale 1:1,000,000. Phoenix, Ariz. : Arizona Geological Survey, Map 34, pub. 1999. OCLC #44508805

Trails Illustrated. Saguaro National Park, Arizona, USA : featuring, Tucson and Rincon Mountain District, and Tucson Mountain Park. 2 maps on 1 sheet, scale 1:37,750. Evergreen, Colo. : Trails Illustrated, 2000. OCLC #44494578

U.S. Geological Survey. Digital orthophoto quadrangle (DOQ), Arizona. Set of computer laser optical discs. Sioux Falls, SD : EROS Data Center, 1999. OCLC #44190628 ACCESS: http://aria.arizona.edu/images/doqq.html

U.S. National Applied Resource Sciences Center. Arizona Strip visitor map, Arizona. 3rd revision. Scale 1:168,960. Denver : National Applied Sciences Center, 1999. OCLC #44263126


Berndtson & Berndtson. B&B map. California road map 1:1 200 000. Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany : Berndtson & Berndtson, 2000. OCLC #44171610

Brabb, Earl E., et al. Geologic map and map database of the Palo Alto 30- x 60-degree quadrangle, California. Scale 1:100,000. U.S.G.S. Miscellaneous field studies no. map MF-2332, pub. 2000. OCLC #44478940

Christensen, Allen H. Generalized water-table and water-level data at the U.S. Air Force plant 42 and vicinity, Palmdale, California, March-April, 1997. 1 computer optical disc, original scale 1:24,000. USGS Water-resources investigations report no. 99- 4262, pub. 1999. OCLC #44476729

Cyr, Kathleen A., and McLaughlin, Robert J. Geology of the Cape Mendocino, Eureka, Garberville, and southwestern part of the Hayfork 30 x 60-minute quadrangles and adjacent offshore area, northern California. Scale: 1:100,000. Online version 1.0 of USGS Miscellaneous field studies no. MF 2336, pub. 2000. ACCESS: http://geopubs.wr.usgs.gov/map-mf/mf2336 or ftp://wrgis.wr.usgs.gov/pub/map-mf/mf2336 OCLC #44270905.

Dibblee, Thomas Wilson. Regional geologic map of San Andreas and related faults in Carrizo Plain, Temblor, Caliente and La Panza Ranges and vicinity, California, a digital database. Scale 1:125,000. USGS Open-file report no. 99-14, pub. 1999. Distributed to depository libraries on microfiche. ACCESS: http://wrgis.wr.usgs.gov/open-file/of99-14 or ftp://wrgis.wr.usgs.gov/pub/open-file/of99-14 OCLC #44478250.

Harrison, Tom. Mount Shasta Wilderness trail map. Scale 1:42,240. San Rafael, CA : T. Harrison, 1999. OCLC #44502600

Nielson, Jane E., and Bedford, David R. Geologic map of the Hart Peak quadrangle, California and Nevada, a digital database. Original scale 1:24,000 or smaller. U.S. Open-file report no. 99-34, pub. 1999. ACCESS: http://wrgis.wr.usgs.gov/open-file/of99-34 or ftp://wrgis.wr.usgs.gov OCLC #44480053.

Rand McNally and Company. San Francisco Bay Area. Scale ca. 1:206,921. Skokie, IL : Rand McNally, 1999. OCLC #44496553.

Saucedo, George J. Geologic map of the Whittier 7.5 minute quadrangle, Los Angeles County, California. Scale 1:24,000. Sacramento : California Division of Mines and Geology, Open-file report no. 99-04, pub. 1999. OCLC #44506742.

Wentworth, Carl M. Preliminary geologic map of the San Jose 30 x 60-minute quadrangle, California, a digital database. Scale 1:100,000. USGS Open-file report no. 98-795, pub. 1999. U.S. Geological Survey open-file report no. 98-795. ACCESS: http://wrgis.wr.usgs.gov/open-file/of98-795 or ftp://wrgis.wr.usgs.gov/pub/open-file/of98-795 OCLC #44190257.

Wieczorek, Gerald F. Rock-fall potential in the Yosemite Valley, California. Scale 1:12,000. Plate 1 accompanying USGS Open-file report no. 99-578, pub. 1999. ACCESS: http://greenwood.cr.usgs.gov/pub/open-file-reports/ofr-99-0578 OCLC #44386756.

Wilderness Press. Topographic map of Emigrant Wilderness : an official Federal wilderness area on the northern border of Yosemite. 2 maps on 1 sheet, scale 1:63,360. Berkeley, Ca. : Wilderness Press, 2000. OCLC #44272915.

ALSO: A large series of maps titled State of California seismic hazard zones is being published by the California Division of Mines and Geology. Each sheet covers a 7.5-minute USGS quadrangle. So far, 18 have been entered into OCLC, covering a large section of the Los Angeles area: Azusa, Baldwin Park, Beverly Hills, Burbank, El Monte, Glendora, Hollywood, Inglewood, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Mt. Wilson, Pasadena, Redondo Beach, San Dimas, San Fernando, South Gate, Venice, Whittier.

Similarly, the California Farmland Mapping and Monitoring Program has recently released numerous maps showing important farmland by county. Twenty-six of them were input into OCLC in June. Contact the California Department of Conservation, Division of Land Resource Protection.


Carrara, Paul E. Geologic map of the Palisade quadrangle, Mesa County, Colorado. Scale 1:24,000. USGS Miscellaneous field studies no. map MF-2326, pub. 2000. OCLC #44185793.


Torresan, Michael. Acoustic mapping of the regional seafloor geology in and around Hawaiian ocean dredged-material disposal sites. 8 maps, scale ca. 1:110,500. USGS Open-file report no. 00-124, pub. 2000. OCLC #44408914.


Bookstrom, Arthur A. Digital map of surficial geology, wetlands, and deepwater habitats, Coeur d'Alene River Valley, Idaho. 10 maps on 11 sheets, scales 1:24,000 and 1:60,000. USGS Open-file report no. 99-548, pub. 1999. ACCESS: http://wrgis.wr.usgs.gov/open-file/of99-548 OCLC #44192405.

Lewis, Reed. Digital geologic map of part of the Thompson Falls 1:100,000 quadrangle, Idaho. Original scale 1:100,000. USGS Open-file report no. 99-438, pub. 1999. U.S. Geological Survey open-file report ; 99-438. ACCESS: http://wrgis.wr.usgs.gov/open-file/of99-438 or ftp://wrgis.wr.usgs.gov/pub/open-file/of99-438 OCLC #44190305.

Tysdal, Russell G. Stratigraphic sections and equivalent uranium (eU), Mead Peak phosphatic shale member of Permian phosphoria formation, Dry Valley, Caribou County, Idaho. 2 cross sections. USGS Open-file report no. 99-20B, pub. 2000. OCLC #44178177


Van Gosen, Bradley S. Generalized geologic map of the Absaroka- Beartooth study area, south-central Montana. Scale 1:126,270. USGS Miscellaneous field studies no. map MF-2338, pub. 2000. ACCESS: http://greenwood.cr.usgs.gov/pub/mf-maps/mf-2338 OCLC #44185206.


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Castor, Stephen B., et al. Geologic map of the west half of the Moses Rock quadrangle, Nevada. Scale 1:24,000. Reno, Nev. : Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, Open-file report no. 99-11, pub. 1999. OCLC #44163825.

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DeLorme Mapping Company. 3-D TopoQuads. Nevada, South. 5 computer optical discs. Yarmouth, Me : DeLorme, 1999. OCLC #44443596.

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King of the Road Map Service. Utah : including Salt Lake City, Ogden ... downtown Salt Lake City : plus detailed travel information ... state parks chart, state map. Scale ca. 1:1,050,000. Mill Creek, WA : King of the Road Map Service, 1999. OCLC #44265184.


Blakely, Richard J. The Seattle fault : an aeromagnetic perspective. 3 maps on 1 sheet, scale ca. 1:430,000. U.S. Geological Survey, pub. 2000. OCLC #44408945.

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DeLorme Mapping Company. 3-D TopoQuads. Wyoming, East. 6 computer optical disks. Yarmouth, ME : DeLorme, 1999. ISBN: 0899338534 OCLC #44443603.

DeLorme Mapping Company. 3-D TopoQuads. Wyoming, West. 5 computer optical disks. Yarmouth, ME : DeLorme, 1999. ISBN: 089933840 OCLC #44443604.

2.2 Other New Materials

2.2.1 From Ancient Afryqah to Modern Africa

This Encyclopedic reference tool by Pierre L. Sales compresses 2400 hard-copy pages, including 550 historical maps, on a single CD-ROM that is configured for both MAC and IBM. The CD provides historical coverage of Africa's 53 sovereign states and 15 Dependent Territories. Published by Afryqah Ltd., Deerfield Pond, Great Falls, VA 22066, 2000. (price $49.00)

For more information see : http://www.afryqah.org/Home.htm

2.2.2 The Island of Lost Maps, A Story of Cartographic Crime

By Miles Harvey, (Random House), OCLC: 43728937

2.2.3 The Piri Reis Map of 1513

By Gregory C. McIntosh with a foreword by Norman J. W. Thrower.

xiv + 230pp, 34 figures, 8 tables, bibliography, notes, index. Hardbound. ISBN 0-8203-2157-5. price $40.

Available now from :

2.3 Articles of Interest

2.3.1 Annals of Internal Medicine, July 18, 2000 pg. 161-164

Within the article is a table of online medical atlases. A major portion of the discussion focuses on the Dartmouth atlas of health care in the United States http://www.dartmouth.edu/~atlas/.

2.2.2 Discovering Archaeology , July 26, 2000 : http://www.discoveringarchaeology.com/articles/072600-rome.shtml

Since the fall of the Roman Empire, the Forma Urbis Romae - an ancient map detailing every room, staircase and portico of Rome in the third century A.D. - has lain in thousands of scattered pieces. But now, Stanford University scientists are hoping some innovative computer work will put many of the pieces back together again. Be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the story for a detailed look at the scanning operation.

2.4 Internet Resources

2.4.1 Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon.

From: David Bigwood bigwood@lpi.usra.edu to various lists, July 2000.

The Lunar and Planetary Institute has made available the long out of print Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon by Bowker and Hughes (NASA SP-206). It is available at : http://www.lpi.usra.edu/research/lunar_orbiter/index.html

The Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon by Bowker and Hughes (NASA SP-206) is considered the definitive reference manual to the global photographic coverage of the Moon. The images contained within the atlas are excellent for studying lunar morphology because they were obtained at low to moderate Sun angles. This digital archive consists of the complete set of 675 plates contained in Bowker and Hughes. Images in the archive have been enhanced to display the best photo quality possible. For accuracy and usability surface feature information has been improved and updated, and multiple search capabilities added to the database.

More detailed information about the digital archive process can be read in abstracts presented at the 30th and 31st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

2.4.2 1st edition six inch OS maps online

A version of the 1st edition six inch Ordnance Survey maps for the United Kingdom has recently gone on line at : http://www.old-maps.co.uk/

The Landmark Information Group's historical maps are dated between 1846 and 1899, and are of 1:10,560 scale

2.4.3 Summer 2000 catalogue Antique Maps, Atlases and Globes

From: Massimo De Martini altea@antique-maps.co.uk to various lists, July 2000.

The Summer 2000 catalogue of Antique Maps, Atlases and Globes, now on-line at : http://www.antique-maps.co.uk

42 maps and one globe have been added to the illustrated website. A few highlights include :

Go to http://www.rossmaps.com/ and click New Additions.

2.4.4 State of the Land Site from NRCS

From: Joseph J. Kerski jjkerski@usgs.gov to various lists, July 2000.

This site provides data and analysis on land use, soil erosion and soil quality, water quality, wetlands, and other issues regarding the conservation and use of natural resources. A wealth of tabular and spatial data [ArcInfo coverages] here.

For more information see http://www.nhq.nrcs.usda.gov/land/home.html

2.4.5 Bibliography of the Coltharp Collection of Onomastics

The latest version of the Bibliography of the Coltharp Collection of Onomastics is now on line. The collection can now be searched using title, author, or other category. There are about 1800 entries in the bibliography. For more information see http://libraryweb.utep.edu/onomastics.html

For further information, contact :

2.4.6 RMS Launches Climetrix the First Comprehensive Risk Management System for the Weather Risk Market

From: SpatialNews.com Press Release http://www.spatialnews.com/dailynews/2000/jul/12/news8.html July 2000.

Risk Management Solutions (RMS) today announced the release of Climetrix(TM), an Internet-based application that provides a comprehensive range of cleaned and enhanced weather data, sophisticated analytical tools, and portfolio management capabilities. The application can be accessed at http://www.climetrix.com.

2.4.7 GIS File Format Descriptions

From: Charles Hickman CHickman@usgs.gov to various lists, July 2000.

These links were a part of a response to the following question...
Does anyone know a link to a place that has a brief writeup on all the major GIS file formats. What I am looking for is a paragraph or two describing each format. Ted Florence ted@avenza.com

2.4.8 Materials from the GIS in Education conference are being published on ESRI's Education Discussion Forum

From: Angela Lee alee@esri.com to various lists, July 2000.

Materials (speaker hand-outs, etc.) from the National Conference on GIS in Education held at California State University, San Bernardino, July 17 - 19 2000 are being published through ESRI's Education Discussion Forum : http://forums.esri.com/forums/Main.cfm?CFApp=41

Note :
Mark your calendar for next year's conference, July 6-8 in San Diego, CA. This is immediately preceding the ESRI User Conference, July 9-12 in San Diego.

2.4.9 Find Maps with Google

From: Jenny Stone jnstone@u.washington.edu to various lists, July 2000.

A google.com feature, described at : http://www.google.com/help/features.html#maps, lets you search for street address maps by typing in the name of an address in the search box.

3. Meetings and Other Educational Opportunities

3.1 Upcoming National Conferences, Seminars, Talks, etc.

3.2 Upcoming International Conferences, Seminars, Talks, etc.

4. Contributors :

Phil Hoehn phoehn@sulmail.stanford.edu
Larry W. Laliberte lwl@darkwing.uoregon.edu
Ken Rockwell krockwel@library.utah.edu
Dale Steele dasteel@dlapr.lib.az.us
Kathryn Womble kwomble@u.washington.edu

5. The Western Association of Map Libraries (WAML)

WAML News and Notes is a moderated bulletin of the Western Association of Map Libraries.

The Western Association of Map Libraries (WAML) is an independent association established to encourage high standards in every phase of the organization and administration of map libraries.

Membership in WAML is open to any individual, institution, or business interested in furthering the purposes of the organization. For further information, contact the an officer listed below or visit the WAML web site at : http://gort.ucsd.edu/mw/waml/waml.html.

WAML Officers as of July 1, 1999

Greg Armento
University Library
California State University, Long Beach
Long Beach, CA 90840
(562) 985-4367

Vice President/President Elect
David Decklebaum
University of California, Los Angeles
Maps and Government Information
4510 Young Research Library
Box 951575
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575
(310) 825-3135

Muriel Strickland
2465 Baja Cerro Circle
San Diego, CA 92019

Jenny Stone
University of Washington
Map Collection & Cartographic
Information Services
Basement, Suzzallo Library
Box 352900
Seattle, WA 98195-2900
(206) 543-9392

Past President
Linda Zellmer
Arizona State University Libraries
Map Collection
P.O. Box 871006
Tempe, AZ 85287-1006
(602) 965-5973

Business Manager
Richard E. Soares
WAML Book & Fiche Sales Manager
Brigham Young University
P.O. Box 1667
Provo, UT 84603-1667
(801) 378-6179

To submit items for release in News and Notes, contact the Information Bulletin editor, Linda Zellmer Linda.Zellmer@asu.edu

To submit items for release in Electronic News and Notes, contact the News & Notes Editor Larry Laliberte; e-mail: lwl@darkwing.uoregon.edu

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