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Part 8, September 1995.  To be included in a future print version of the
"Information Bulletin"


1. News
    1.1 RIFs at the USGS
    1.2 New Developments at University of Wyoming
    1.3 Digital Map of the UK Completed
    1.4 International Society of Curators of Early Maps ISCEM Newsletter
    1.5 Modern art map prints of selected California cities
    1.6 The Heritage Map Museum, Lititz, Pennsylvania
2. New books, maps, etc.
    2.1 Maps
    2.2 Books and Atlases
    2.3 Articles
3. Internet resources
4. Meetings
5. Contributors to this issue
6. The Western Association of Map Libraries

1. News

1.1 RIFs at the USGS:
     The US Geological Survey Library has suffered the loss of
three librarian positions and one technical information specialist position
due to a reduction in force (RIF).
     Due also to a job freeze and attrition, the USGS library staff in
Reston, VA, has dwindled from nearly fifty people to now about
thirty-eight staff members. Also due to the RIF, there are other
staff changes. Some staff are transferred to other sections in the
USGS, and new people are coming into their positions from outside the
library. Other staff members are reduced in rank, but keep a job.
     The reference staff has been reduced from four positions to three
during the last few months, and the circulation staff has been reduced
25% as well.

1.2  New Developments at University of Wyoming:
     During this spring and summer, they have brought up the beginnings
of a home page for the Geology Library [ed. note: see N&N section 3].
Flood Insurance Maps for Wyoming and a set of unique oil field maps
by the Wyoming Geological Association were cataloged and they are now
working on cataloging maps by the Wyoming State Geological Survey
(their map series).

1.3 Digital Map of the UK Completed
     The United Kingdom Ordnance Survey has just completed the full
digital map of the UK, available on CD-ROM.

1.4 International Society of Curators of Early Maps ISCEM Newsletter
     David Bosse, Curator of Maps, William L. Clements Library, the
University of Michigan edits the International Society of Curators of
Early Maps ISCEM Newsletter.  The August 1995 issue includes information
about the Vienna Meeting. e-mail for Bosse is

1.5 Modern art map prints of selected California cities
     Jeffrey Kowal of Cartographic Designer Prints of California has
completed prints for Carmel, Calistoga, Encinitas, Sacramento, and the
Santa Ynez Valley Wine District.  Contact him at P.O. Box 163562,
Sacramento, CA 95816.

1.6 The Heritage Map Museum, Lititz, Pennsylvania
     The Heritage Map Museum displays hundreds of original maps from
the 15th to the 19th Century in their museum and retail gallery.  A
rare map and book auction was held September 9; their next scheduled
auction will be on November 25, 1995.  Associate or Professional
Memberships in the Museum are available, and they also sell copies of their
map catalog, as well as reproductions as separates and in atlases.
For more information, contact them:  e-mail
URL:   fax (717) 626-8858  phone (717) 626-5002
mail 55 North Water Street, P.O. Box 412, Lititz, PA 17543

2. New books, maps, etc.

2.1 Maps
     PLEASE NOTE: Ken Rockwell at the University of Utah Library is
now handling the "New Mapping of Western North America" for WAML.
Please send information about new maps to him: Ken Rockwell, University
of Utah, Marriot Library, Salt Lake City, UT 84112

** Western United States **
Casadevall, T. J.; Thompson, T. B., 1995, World map of volcanoes and
principal aeronautical features: U.S. Geological Survey Geophysical
Investigations Series Map GP-1011, 1 sheet, scale 1:34,268,000,
with 9 p. text.

** Nevada **
     John, D. A., 1995, Geologic map of the Pirouette Mountain
quadrangle: Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Field studies map FS-9,
1 sheet, scale 1:24,000, with 6 p. text.  $ 6.50 by mail; order from:
Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, MS 178, University of Nevada,
Reno, NV  89557.
     Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, 1995, Topographic map of
Nevada; 2nd ed.: Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Map 43, 1 sheet,
scale 1:1,000,000.  $5.50 by mail; order from: Nevada Bureau of
Mines and Geology, MS 178, University of Nevada, Reno, NV  89557.

** Oregon **
     Madin, I. A.; McInelly, G. W.; Kelsey, H. M., 1995, Geologic
map of the Charleston quadrangle, Coos County, Oregon: Oregon
Department of Geology and Mineral Industries Geological Map
Series GMS-94, 1 plate, scale 1:24,000, with 8 p. text.  $8.00 by
mail; order from: Nature of the Northwest Information Center,
Suite 177, State Office Building, 800 NE Oregon Street #5,
Portland, OR  97232-2162.

** Washington **
  -- Carrara, P. E.; Kiver, E. P.; Stradling, D. F., 1995, Surficial
geologic map of the Chewelah 30' x 60' quadrangle, Washington and Idaho:
U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Investigations Series Map I-2472,
1 sheet, scale 1:100,000.
  -- Dragovich, J. D.; Norman, D. K., compilers, 1995, Geologic map of
the west half of the Twisp 1:100,000 quadrangle, Washington: Washington
Division of Geology and Earth Resources Open File Report 95-3, 63 p.,
1 plate.

2.2 Books and Atlases

Fortin, Marcel; Dubreuil, Lorraine; Woods, C. A., 1995, Canadian fire
insurance plans in ONtario collections, 1876-1973: Association of
Canadian Map Libraries and Archives Occasional Paper 5.  $22.00;
Order from ACMLA, c/o Visual and Sound Archives Division, National
Archives of Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario  KIA 0N3

Whitfield, Peter, 1995, The mapping of the heavens: The British Library.
L 20.  ISBN 0-7123-0402-9.    Contains 100 color illustrations depicting
the range of mankind's view of the night sky.

2.3 Articles

Some articles of interest in Sep 1, 1995, v. 8, no. 9 "GIS world":
 -- Gillespie, Stephen and Snyder, Gregory, U.S. Geological Survey
Customers Speak Out.
 -- Interview: Joel Morrison on National Mapping.
 -- Hoch, Robert B. Federal Geographic Data Committee Reaches a Crossroads.
 -- Hecht Jr., Louis.  GIS Washington. House Passes Appropriations Bill,
Reconfigures USGS.

And from "GIS World", August, 1995, p. 21, don't miss the note about
the project to design a radar mapping system to create 3-D maps of

3. Internet resources
     Bay Area Digital Georesource

     Canada's National Atlas Information Service
     Flood Management Enhancement

     Forest Management Planning

     Gap Analysis Encyclopedia

     The Geoscope Project

     Landsat Images Online/ImageNet

     Iowa Department of Natural Resources Library

     Ohio State University, Center for Mapping

     U.S. Census Bureau

     U.S. Federal Geographic Data Committee

     U.S. Geological Survey

     U.S. National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

     University of California at Berkeley:

     University of Edinburgh

     University of Minnesota

     University of Wyoming:
   [all libraries]
  [Geology Library]

4. Meetings

** HydroGIS '96 Conference, April 16-19, 1996, Vienna.  For
information contact: HydroGIS '96, c/o Austropa Interconvention,
P.O. Box 30, A-1043 Vienna, Austria, tel. +43-1-588 00 110;
fax +43-1-585 71 2

** Spatial Data Handling Symposium, the Netherlands, 1996:
     The International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling has met
every two years since 1984. The meeting normally attracts about
300-400 professionals from a variety of disciplines who are interested
in the technical aspects of GIS. The next meeting will take place in the
Netherlands in 1996.
     The Director/Organizer for the next SDH is Menno-Jan Kraak at the
Delft University of Technology.  He has requested SDH Email to be sent to:
     Abstracted citations for the previous meetings may be downloaded
via anonymous FTP from the biblio directory on
or search and downloaded from the Ohio State University geography
department home page

** Arizona's 2nd annual GIS Conference was held August 14-15 in Scottsdale.
For more information, contact:
     Arizona Geographic Information Council
     1616 West Adams Street
     Phoenix, AZ  85007

5. Contributors to this issue:
     R. Lee Hadden, U.S. Geological Survey, Reston
     Mary Larsgaard, University of California, Santa Barbara
     Duane F. Marble, Ohio State University
     Vivienne Roumani, University of California at Berkeley
     Peter Stark, University of Oregon, PSTARK@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU
     Kathryn Womble, University of Washington
     Linda Zellmer, University of Wyoming  LZELLMER@UWYO.EDU

6. The Western Association of Map Libraries

     WAML News and Notes is a moderated bulletin of the Western
     Association of Map Libraries.
     The Western Association of Map Libraries (WAML) is an
     independent association established to encourage high standards in
     every phase of the organization and administration of map libraries.
     Membership in WAML is open to any individual, institution, or
     business interested in furthering the purposes of the organization.
     For further information, contact the WAML Secretary.

          WAML Officers as of July 1, 1995

Kathryn Womble, President
Map Collection
University of Washington Libraries
Box 352900
Seattle, WA  98195-2900
(206) 543-9392

Yvonne Wilson, Vice President/President Elect
Gov. Pubs & Microforms Dept.
P.O. Box 19557
Irvine, CA  92713
(714) 856-7362

Katherine Rankin, Past President
3189 Brazos St.
Las Vegas, NV  89109
(702) 895-3062

J.K. Herro, Secretary
Branner Earth Sciences Library
Mitchell Building, MC-2210
Stanford University
Stanford, CA  99305

Dorothy McGarry, Treasurer
P.O. Box 93119
Los Angeles, CA  90093-1119

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