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Part 1, 12/94. To be included in vol. 25, number 3, March 1995 IB (hard copy)

From the News and Notes Editor:
Welcome to the first issue! with lots of issues yet to be addressed,
like getting an ISSN number for this "publication," getting some
attractive (or at least not repulsive) formatting, and so on - so
have patience and remember, this is experimental.  The hard-copy IB will
continue to appear exactly as it has in the past, and all of the
information in these email missives will appear in hard copy, but
not necessarily in exactly the same order, and definitely NOT with all the
typos.     Mary Larsgaard


November 20, 1994  Eleventh Workshop on Map Libraries, Committee on Southern
Map Libraries, SE Div., Asso. of American Geographers, Virginia Beach, VA.
"Integration of past Jamestown archeology with current GIS technologies," Kirk
Kehrberg, Colonial National Historic Park; "Geologic information visualization:
computer mapping at your desk," Chirstine Cook, USGS; "Untangling the web:
geographic information systems and the Internet," Paul Bergen, U VA; "GIS and
map libraries in the academy [sic]," Denise Stephens, U VA; "Public service
aspects of digital maps and atlases in libraries," Melissa Lamont, U CT.

December 12-14, 1994  Fifth Annual Nevada State GIS Conference, Sparks NV.
Ron Hess, Nev. Bureau of Mines and Geology, Mail Stop 178, U NV, Reno

January 21, 1995  California Map Society, UCLA, Westwood - Special Collections.
Bill Warren, Meeting Coordinator, 1109 Linda Glen Drive, Pasadena CA 91105,

February 6-9, 1995  Australian Map Circle, 23rd annual conference, "Mapping the
Environment," University of New England, Armidale.  Mrs. jan Johnson, AMC
Conference Treasurer, Dept of Geography & Planning, Unviersity of New England,
Armidale 2351.

May 7-10, 1995  National Geodata Forum, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Crystal City VA.
ACSM 1995 National Geodata Forum, 5410 Grosvenor Lane, Suite 100, Bethesda MD

June 11-13, 1995  Digital Libraries '95, the second international conference on
the theory and practic of digital libraries, College Station TX.  Digital
Libraries '95, Hypermedia Research laboratory, Dept. of Computer Science, Texas
A&M, College STation, TX 77843-3112.

June 11-15, 1995  Geomatics 1995 - 7th international conference on geomatics.
Ottawa.  Dr. R. Ryerson, Chairman, Technical Program, Geomatics 1995, 615 Booth
Street, Room 700, Ottawa, Ontaio K1A 0E9.

February 27-29, 1996  Eleventh Thematic Conference on Geologic Remote Sensing,
Las Vegas NV.  Robert Rogers, ERIM, Box 134001, Ann Arbor MI 48113-4001. email:

July 4-10, 1996  CHANGED DATES AND PLACE for annual conference, American Library
Association, New York City (not June 20-27, Orlando

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library's Fellowship program for 1995-96:
these support travel to and from New Haven and pay living allowance of $2,000
per month; normally one month; submit resume and brief research proposal (not
more than 3 pages to: Director, Beinecke Library, POB 208240, New Haven CT
06520-8240 BY JANUARY 15, 1995.

                       DIGITAL MATTERS (but you knew that)
   - United Kingdom digital marine atlas; 2d ed. 48 pounds; UKDMAP Orders,
British oceanographic Data Centre, Proudman oceanographic Laboratory, Bidston
Observatory, Birkenhead, Merseyside, L43 7RA.  State size of floppy disk.
   - GEBCO digital atlas; 99 pounds to educational/research institutions, all
others 230 pounds.  CD-ROM. Same address as above.

Publications - serials:
HOTLINE is the occasional newsletter of the US Climate Action Network, which
itself is part of an international Climate Action Network.  To receive via
email, send request to Lelani Arris (  Anonymous ftp:
Corbin, John.  "Compentencies for electronic information services,"
Public-Access Computer Systems Review 4(6):55-22, 1993.  To get full text, send
email to:  (your message: GET CORBIN PRV4N6 F=MAIL)
Canadian Geoscience Information Centre (CGIC) book, report, and map accessions
lists are now available via anonymous ftp: (emr1,
user: anonymous; password: your Internet address; at prompt:cd gsc/cgic; at
prompt: get mapacc.dos; at prompt: exit
Questions? (Mike Mitchell, 613/996-2101)
Best explanation I've read on grasping the concept of spatial data in digital
form (and short besides): Joseph K. Berry, "What does your computer really think
of your map?" GIS World 11/94, p. 30.
>From Earth Observer, July/August 1994, 6(4):23 - " announcement that the ...
(NSF) plans to cease subsidizing the academic community's connection ot the
Internet ..."

Polar Information Sources Gopher: at U of Calgary Library; Eric Tull,

Mt. Everest's height has been recalculated, using GPS; the summit above the
WGS84 ellipsoid is 8,823.51 meters with reference to the snow surface.  Subtract
snow depth of 2.55 m and you'll get: 8,820.96m  (GPS World, 10/94, p. 42)

Avis Rent-a-Car is equipping cars with Guidestar, which plots routes and gives
turn-by-turn audio and video directions from small monitor mounted on the
dashboard.  The db is stored on a disk in the trunk.  (Phoenix Gazette, 9/14/94,
p. C6)

11/8/94: Apple Computer, IBM, and Motorola announced the new Common Hardware
Reference Platform (CHRP) - details to be announced in spring, machines about
second half of 1996.

April Carlucci (formerly NYPL) is now at the Geological Society of London.

Cartographic perspectives, # 19, fall 1994: "Desinging animated maps for a
multimedia encyclopedia," David DiBiase; "Proactive graphics for exploratory
visualization of biogeographical data," Barbara Buttenfield and Christopher
Weber; "Armchair traveler plugs in: multimedia cartography as a visual
supplement to travel writing," Shannon Des Roches; "Using high-resolution
digital scans in multimedia cartographic applications," David Tilton; "Creating
interactive media on CD-ROM," Sona Karentz Andrews.

Newsleter (Australian Map Circle), 65, 10/94: address for the Circle is POB E
133, Queen Victoria Terrace, ACT 2600.

Heloise (King Features Syndicate) in the 10/1/94 Arizona Republic/Phoenix
Gazette recommends IRONING to get creases out of maps that one would like to
frame.  But we won't do this in our map collections, right? (no matter how great
the temptation - and it did used to be common practice)

The Northeast Document Conservation Center has put out another couple very handy
Technical Leaflet/Reformatting: "Implications of Digital Imaging for
Preservation;" "Digital Imaging and Preservation Issues: Select Bibliography."
100 Brickstone Square, Andover Mas 01810-1494.

New Web server (as of 5/26/94) for the CoOL"

                         REMOTE SENSING
For an excellent list of what's available in remote sensing, see "Commercially
available remote sensing imagery now: what you can get, where," Advanced
Imaging, 10/94, p. 48.

      I've already told you the ones about the motorist who missed Arizona and
didn't realize it until he found the ocean at San Diego, right? and about the
Arizona Dept. of Transportation leaving Mesa off their maps? (AZ Republic,
5/1/94, p. A10; Phoenix Gazette 8/12/94, p. A1)
      The AZ Geographic Information Council has put out a nifty 1995 AZ 5th
annual GIS calendar, in a GIS/LIS Commemorative Edition.  $5 each (1-24 copies);
call Marian Arnold, at AZ State land Dept., 602/542-4061.
      Persons working on geographic names have found out that for the number of
places named after Hell, Arizona is number one in the U.S. (Arizona Republic
8/7/94, p. B1)

Second annual exhibit of Smart Maps was held 11/14-18, 1994, in San Diego
State's Montezuma Hall.  (GIS World 12/94, p. 11)

"Progress on the state geologic map," Washington Geology 22(3):39-41, 9/94.

                          U.S. GOVERNMENT AGENCIES
   Bureau of the Census:
Census has released an information note and layout for future verions of TIGER.
Fax: 301/763-4749. (GIS World 12/94, p. 67)

   Flood Insurance Administration:
The Community Development Banking bill (H.R. 3474) of 9/23/94 establishes new
guidelines and distribution methods for flood insurance maps.  (GIS World 12/94,
p. 18)

   Geological Survey:
       USGS home page:
       By now, you've probably all heard about the Republican budget initiative
for 1995, which includes a proposal to abolish the Geological Survey.  A bad
idea, in your editor's opinion.
       USGS has put out its first Digital Raster Graphic (DRG).  DRGs are
scanned images of a USGS topo.  Mass production will start in early 1995
(provided the previous note doesn't come true), starting with the 1:24K's.
For an online version of the Goddard Space Flight Center Library, try:

   National Geodetic Survey:
To get copies of software: homepage,
For software: ftp  and then change directory to: pub/pcsoft

   Soil Conservation Service:
?Any truth to the rumour that it's to get a new name, Natural Resources
Conservation Service?