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Benchmarks: People & Jobs

  • Long-standing WAML member Yvonne Wilson retired from the University of California, Irvine at the end of June. We wish Yvonne a happy retirement, though expect to see her at future WAML meetings.

  • Job Announcments:
  • A Geographic Information Systems Specialist position is open at Purdue University Libraries.

    Stanford University Libraries has a new position for a GIS Software Developer.

New Maps of the WAML Region

Publications about Mapping

  • A new list of articles from Phil Hoehn.

  • Video: How Road Maps Were Made in the 1940s (The Atlantic)

  • New book from ACRL: Guide to Security Considerations and Practices for Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collection Libraries

  • This ia great looking book on the graphic display of information: Information Graphics (TASCHEN).

  • A fabulous announcement from NACIS:

  • I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our journal's website, which can be found at http://www.cartographicperspectives.org. I'd also like to make you aware that, as of the release of the content for 2012, Cartographic Perspectives (CP) had the distinction of being the only fully open access journal of cartography in the world!

    In April 2012, the NACIS Board of Directors decided to complete the transition of CP to a fully open access journal, moving away from the overly-complicated mixed open and subscription-based access model. With all content immediately available to anyone, CP is strategically positioned in the mainstream of the rising open access movement, and as a leader of this movement in cartography.
    One advantage of open access is that we can make articles available in the timeliest manner.  Our site currently features a collections article from Boris Michev of the Cornell University Library.  This piece will eventually appear in a fully formed and formatted issue of CP (#71). But since we already have this piece on the shelf and it's open access, why wait? You may also note that the last two issues of 2011, CP 69 and CP 70, are now fully open and freely available from our site. Plans are underway to migrate previous issues of CP to the new website, but for now you can access older issues at http://www.nacis.org/index.cfm?x=42.

    I'll be sure to keep you informed as we post new articles and issues, and as CP moves forward in this new and exciting direction.

    Pat Kennelly
    Editor of Cartographic Perspectives

Other Map Organization Journals

  • GSIS: Newsletter (posted 6 months after publication)
  • CUAC : Cartographic Users Advisory Council
  • ANZMaps: The Australian and New Zealand Map Society Newsletter
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  • The WAML 2012 Meeting at the Univerisity of Hawai'i at Manoa from October 30-November 2nd is fast approaching. Please check the meeting page for the latest updates. The registration form was recently posted. Please send the registration form and payment no later than October 15.

    Airfare when I booked last week for a direct flight from San Diego on Alaska Airlines was $336, which is about $200 less since the last News & Notes. This might be a great time to buy a ticket if you haven't already.

  • A note from Tom Brittnacher on the geoportals pre-conference:

    Are you interested in developing a geoportal for your library, or already started on the process?  Then join us at the WAML Fall Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii for a pre-conference hackathon:

    Supporting Geospatial Search and Discovery: Geoportals
    Map libraries have faced increasing demand to make geospatial data available to their patrons online. As a result, interest and knowledge in creating and supporting geoportals has become core to many map libraries' services. This session will be a chance for those participants who work with and support geoportals to discuss their strategies and work, and an opportunity for those interested in starting geoportals to find out more about software, issues, and potential solutions.
    Please note that this session will be both highly technical (we will do some coding during the session) and organized like an unconference (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unconference) where the participants propose and present sessions.
    Co-hosted by WAML and GILS
    GIS in Library Services (GILS) is an informal gathering where GIS Librarians can share knowledge about technical issues that are not typically discussed at librarian conferences, but are more relevant to library work than those discussed at GIS conferences. The interactive, participant-led meetings include discussions, demonstrations and hands-on workshops.
    Tuesday, October 30, 2012
    9:00am - 5:00pm
    UH-Manoa Hamilton Library, MAGIS Lab, Room 006C

    Register for this event on the WAML Fall Meeting registration form by checking next to YES under "Attending pre-conference all-day workshop?" 

    There is no additional charge for this event.

    Hope to see you there!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

    Tom Brittnacher

    (604) 827-4450

Other News

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Cataloging News

    The report this issue by Paige Andrew is lengthy and is therefore available on a separate page.

Canadian News

    No report this time from Tim. Here is an announcement from ACMLA:


    The Bibliographic Control Committee (BCC) of the Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives (ACMLA) is proud to announce the launch of its major guide to the citation of cartographic materials and geospatial resources at last week's Annual meeting of the ACMLA (CARTO 2012).

    This is a major work, compiled primarily by Alberta Auringer Wood (Map Librarian (Ret), Memorial University of Newfoundland) with assistance from other former members of the BCC. It covers 27 different basic forms with 3 - 5 examples of each form. It will be a valuable tool and resource for map and spatial database users. Although currently only available in English, a French version is planned.

    This will be a valuable tool for students and scholars.  It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 Canada License and is recommended for inclusion in map and geospatial related guides.

    It is available from the ACMLA website at:


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