WAML produces two publications, the Information Bulletin and the Occasional Papers series.

Information Bulletin (ISSN 2375-7957) is WAML’s open-access publication.
It is issued three times a year and includes feature articles, photo essays, association business, and selected news and notes related to all forms of cartographic information, including maps, geospatial data, GIS, and all aspects of map librarianship.
Some portions of the IB website are available to WAML members only.

Index to the WAML Information Bulletin Vols 46 – 53 (PDF)
Index to the WAML Information Bulletin from 1969 to 2014; Vols.1-45.
Introduction to the IB Index.

Information Bulletin submission information and Instructions for authors

Chrissy Klenke, Information Bulletin Editor
DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library
Univeristy of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV 89512
(775) 682-7371
cklenke at unr . edu

Articles are invited that will address the interests of the publications’ audience. Individuals are encouraged to submit unsolicited articles for consideration.
Reviews of atlases, books, digital cartographic products, software, and data are welcome.

Occasional Papers
Occasional Papers are unique cartobibliograhic references and indexes essential for map librarians and useful for anyone else working with cartographic materials.
The information contained in OPs 1, 2, and 3 below is available online in the Union List of Sanborn & Other Fire Insurance Maps

Catalogue of Sanborn Atlases at California State University Northridge by Gary W. Rees and Mary Hoeber. LC# 73-5773; ISBN 0-939112-01-9; 1973. $4.00.

Union List of Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps held by institutions in the United States and Canada, v.1: Alabama to Missouri by R. Philip Hoehn. LC# 76-6129; ISBN 0-939112-16-7; 1976. Available only in Microfiche. $4.00.

Union List of Sanborn Fire Insurance maps held by Institutions in the United States and Canada, v.2: Montana to Wyoming; Canada and Mexicoby William S. Peterson-Hunt and Evelyn L. Woodruff; with a Supplement and Corrigenda to Volume 1 by R. Philip Hoehn. LC# 76-2129; Rev. ISBN 0-939112-03-5; 1977. Available only in Microfiche. $4.00.

Index to early Twentieth Century city plans appearing in guidebooks: Baedeker, Muirhead-Blue Guides, Murray, I.J.G.R., etc., plus Selected other works to provide worldwide coverage of over 2,000 Plans to over 1,200 Communities, found in 74 Guidebooks by Harold M. Otness. LC# 78-15094; ISBN 0-939112-05-1; 1978. $6.00

The Maps of Fiji: a Selected and Annotative Cartobibliography by Mason M. Green. LC# 78-24066; ISBN 0-939112-06-X; 1978. $4.00.

Microcartography: Applications for Archives and Libraries edited by Larry Cruse, with the assistance of Sylvia B. Warren. LC# 81-19718; ISBN 0-939112-07-8; 1981. Available only in Microfiche. $4.00.

Index to Nineteenth-Century City Plans Appearing in Guidebooks: Baedeker, Murray, Joanne, Black, Appleton, Meyer, Plus Selected other Works to provide Coverage of over 1,800 Plans to nearly 600 Communities, found in 164 Guidebooks by Harold M. Otness. LC# 80-24483; ISBN 0-939112-08-6; 1980. $6.00.

Printed Maps of Utah to 1900; an annotated Cartobibliography by Riley Moore Moffat. LC# 81459; ISBN 0-939112-09-4; 1981. $10.00.

Index to the Information Bulletin (Volumes 1-10, 1969-1979) of the Western Association of Map Libraries by Frances M. Woodward. LC# 83-48800; ISBN 0-939112-10-8; 1983. Available only in Microfiche. $5.00.

Map Index to Topographic Quadrangles of the United States, 1882-1940 by Riley Moore Moffat. LC# 84-21984; ISBN 0-939112-12-4; 1986. $40.00.

Nevada Directory of Maps and Aerial Photo Resources by Mary B. Ansari and Linda P. Newman. LC# 83-26068; ISBN 0-939112-13-2; 1984. $15.00.

Cartobibliography of Separately Published U.S. Geological Survey Special Maps and River Surveys by Peter L. Stark. LC# 89-14684; ISBN 0-939112-15-9 (hard cover); 1990. $40.00.

Topographic Mapping of Africa, Antarctica and Eurasia by Mary Larsgaard. LC# 92-39327; ISBN 0-939112-29-9; 1993. $45.00.

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