WAML 2016 General Business Meeting Minutes

WAML General Business Meeting
Annual Conference 2016
Meeting Minutes

Sept. 8, 2016

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Time: 4:20 pm
Head of Meeting: Kim Durante (WAML President)
Minute taker: Chrissy Klenke (WAML Secretary)


1.    President – Kim

a.    Future planning, next year’s conference
b.    Vendor report

2.    Executive Reports:

a.    Exec Meeting Summary – Secretary, Chrissy Klenke

i.    Liaisons, Managers and Committees: send reports or emails with summaries so it can been added to Meeting Minutes.
ii.    WAML Officer Description & WAML Bylaws need to be modernized and updated – Kim (Pres.) and Phil (V.P.) will concentrate on doing this this term (2016 – 2017)
iii.    According to the WAML Website we have a lot of Managers, Committee and Liaisons. Past 3 years there is a lack of representation in a few areas. Due to retirement and just change overall of membership and organization.  This term is an effort to keep track and ask to discuss for merging or eliminating/removing some of them.
iv.    In addition we have had a lot of managers, or head of committees for long times.  A few of them would like to hand them off and do other jobs/duties in the organization

v.    Committee Reports (1 minute summary)

1.    Continuing Education (Jon)  – Katie Lage is going to take over educational webinars – working with MAGRIT

a.    We had one this year.
b.    Try to have 3 next year.

2.    Hospitality Committee  – Move to Strike? REMOVED

a.    Used to have 2 meeting a year not necessary
b.    What is the history of the committee
c.    Discussion that it falls on the Host.
d.    Move to strike. – Yvonne  thank you for you time and dedication

3.    Website Communications – Jon Jablonski

a.    Merged 2 committees – did a video conference last week
b.    Test the new website and implement as soon as possible
c.    WAML Toolkit – crowdsource effort to update,  best practices map librarianship platform.
d.    Contemporary MAP Librarian- GIS platform with resources
e.    Sierra agreed to do social media

4.    Rules and Procedures Committee – Move to Strike? REMOVED

a.    Update all the job description
b.    Motion agreed

5.    Nominating Committee – Successful

6.    Treasurer’s Report – Lisa – See report on Exec Meeting Minutes

vi.    Manager Reports (1 minute summary)

1.    Archivist – OPEN Position

a.    Jane Ingalls (2007 – 2016 ) Handles the history of the organization – Would like to hand it off. Been retired for some time now.
b.    Thank you for your years of service.

i.    Packets from meeting/conference
ii.    Indexer
iii.    Ballots
iv.    Candidates and statements
v.    Photographs of meeting.
vi.    There is a list of all the things

1.    Updated version of an archivist 21st

2.    Atlas & Book Review Editor – Ilene Raynes (2012 – )

a.    Move to eliminate report

3.    Business Manager – Lisa Lamont (2011 – )

a.    Sold nothing

4.    IB’s Editor (Information Bulletin) – OPEN Position

a.    Tom Brittnacher (2009 – )
b.    What is the IB Editor – Solicit and review content for IB Information Bulletin WAML Publication comes out 3 times a year

i.    Looking for content for IB
ii.    Next year 50th Anniversary Issue (Nov 2017)
iii.    Any ideas
iv.    DOI’s any volunteers to help look for ways to do them for the articles – helps with Archive – Talk to Tam

5.    IB’s Production Editor –

a.    Jon Jablonski (2011 – )
b.    What is the Production

i.    Set up the look and feel of the wordpress
ii.    More of like the Webmaster
iii.    Deals with the functionality of

6.    Community Manager (formally Membership & Subscriptions Manager) – Greg Armento (2011 – )

a.    91 members staying steady

7.    Webmaster – Daniel Brendle-Moczuk (2011 – ) – Web Committee Merge subsumed by Web Committee


8.    News & Notes editor

a.    Michael Smith (2009 – )

i.    Asked if anyone wants to take over?
ii.    It’s about the news and notes of the organization
iii.    Idea was to use wordpress
iv.    Web communications needs to discuss more about the possibility of using Social Media
v.    Putting a feed on the website.

3.    Liaison & Representatives  Reports

a.    AACCCM ( Anglo-American Cataloguing Committee for Cartographic Materials): Mary Larsgaard (1992 – )

i.    No report – Eliminate

b.    ACMLA (Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives): Daniel Brendle-Moczuk (2014 – )

i.    50th anniversary this year
ii.    Did a presentation about the Association the History.  Learned a lot – about renaming of ORG.  and the times with WAML – possible meet every 5 years.

c.    ALA/MAGIRT (American Library Association – Map and Geospatial Information Round Table): Kathy Rankin (2004 – ) See Report

d.    NGAC – Julie Sweetkind-Singer

i.    National Geospatial Advisory Group Holds Fall Meeting
ii.    National Geospatial Advisory Committee –  Meets 4 times a year –

1.    Look at things about emerging technologies like Smart Devices, drones, that have Geospatial technologies.
2.    Different Committee Looking at the Geospatial Government Platform, standards (different types of technologies), value of LANDsat imagery to the nation (ie: agriculture, floods, jobs, infrastructure, sentinel satellites, advocate national address database

iii.    #9 is going to go up to congress
iv.    Next meeting is Sept 27th in Washington DC – open to the public
v.    Working on a Transition document for the new administration
vi.    Will write something for the IB with the update.
vii.    Something to keep in mind, appointed position is up next year.  Great committee

e.    GSIS (Geoscience Information Society): Carol La Russa (2011 – ) No Report

f.    CCISA – No Report

g.    IFLA – Dorothy McGarry was given a Scroll of Appreciation.  [corrected Jan. 4, 2017]

h.    Treasurer’s Report

i.    Incoming:

1.    Memberships
2.    $2558 via paypal
3.    $ 630 via mail in
4.    $3,188 Total

ii.    Conference:

1.    $3605.30 Registration and banquet

iii.    Totals

1.    $21,296 in checking
2.    $2,737 in money market
3.    $250 in paypal

iv.    Less payments:

1.    ~$1650 for banquet
2.    ~$ 900 conference expenses
3.    $8 per month for web hosting
4.    ~$1900 for honoraria

4.    New Business

a.    Future Meeting (50th Anniversary) – Phil and Kate

i.    UT Austin – Meet with Event planner

1.    Wait till the football schedule – first 2 weeks of November

b.    Officer Handoffs

c.    Scholarship – have an opportunity for a student

i.    Motion is to honor 50th Anniversary to give Library students ½ off registration and membership (banquet not included)

1.    All in Favor

ii.    Further discussion for Exec to discuss for this to be annual

End Time: 5:25

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