General Business Meeting Notes

Annual Conference 2017
Perry-Castañeda Library
University of Texas, Austin
Friday, November 3, 2017

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Attendees: Greg Armento, Daniel Brendel-Moczuk, Tom Brittnacher, Jim Coombs, Kim Durante, Ryan Ehrfurth, Bruce Godfrey, David Hodnefield, Jon Jablonski, Chrissy Klenke, Sierra Laddusaw, Lisa Lamont, Susan Powell, Katherine Rankin, Louise Ratliff, Ken Rockwell, Cecilia Smith, Michael Smith, Stanley Stevens, Katherine Stickland, Kathleen Stroud, Julie Sweetkind-Singer, Chistopher Thiry, Leslie Wagner, Philip White, Yvonne Wilson

Meeting presided over by Philip White, President

  1. Executive Reports:
    1. Exec Meeting Summary – Secretary, Julie Sweetkind-Singer
    2. Treasurer’s Report – Bruce Godfrey
      1. $22,000 in our account. Transferring names on the account at the bank and through PayPal.
    3. Committee & Manager Reports (1 minute summary)
      1. Continuing Education – John Jablonski
        1. Katie Lage organized the MAGIRT/WAML webinar with Keith Masback.
      2. Scholarship Committee – Susan Powell
        1. 4 members of the scholarship committee: 2 given, 18 applied. Each scholarship recipient was given $750, free registration, free banquet, free year membership
        2. 6 mentor matches (12 people total)
        3. Criteria for applying for the scholarship: diversity and early career.
          1. Diversity: Contribute to the diversity of the organization.
          2. Early career: Involvement for less than 3 years or in school.
        4. The committee is Ad-Hoc and the question is how to make it permanent? Should we spend some of the money from our reserve be used to fund the scholarship in the future? We might want to come up with an endowment. Add an option to help fund the scholarship program when people renew their membership. Fund through a raffle at the annual meeting. Potentially lean on vendors to help sponsor the scholarships.
        5. Suggestion that a budget be developed to then work on a funding model for the future.
      3. Website Committee – Daniel Brendle-Moczuk
        1. Have a web communications committee and don’t have a chair. We need one. The committee will work on this internally.
        2. Responsive website has been built. Within the next 6 months, Daniel will move everything over, but there are discussions about how far to go in terms of the depth. News & Notes is done and will stay frozen as it is. The Toolbox is done and transferred into a wiki format. The committee will discuss how to maintain this in the future.
      4. Nominating Committee – Kim Durante
        1. There were three nominees for vice president in the past year. New treasurer and secretary this year.
      5. Archivist Report – Julie Sweetkind-Singer
        1. Wafaa Salaje-Neil of Stanford has agreed to be the new WAML Archivist. Tasks that she will take on is to study how to archive the pictures on the Flickr site, ingest digital archives into the Stanford Digital Repository, and add additional paper materials to the WAML Archives, which are held at Stanford.
  2. Liaison & Representatives Reports
    1. AACCCM (Anglo-American Cataloguing Committee for Cartographic Materials)
      1. This group is being dissolved.
    2. ACMLA (Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives): Daniel Brendle-Moczuk
      1. They are having their 50th anniversary coming up. They are looking at changing their name.
      2. Last week of May, beginning June 2018 a joint meeting with IASSIST.
      3. Their revenue is dropping. They are mailing out a print journal. They are considering moving this to an online platform, but they would lose their subscription venue stream.
    3. ALA/MAGIRT (American Library Association – Map and Geospatial Information Round Table): Kathy Rankin and Michael Smith
      1. The new chairperson of MAGIRT is Leslie Wagner, who is the Metadata Archivist at the University of Texas-Arlington.   Bruce Godfrey, who is the WAML treasurer, is the MAGIRT assistant treasurer. The vice chairperson/chair elect is Tammy Wong, a Cartographic Materials Cataloger at LC G&M; their secretary is Catherine Hodge, the Monograph & Cartographic Resources Cataloging Librarian at The University of Iowa; and their treasurer is Maggie Long, Special Collections Cataloger at Wesleyan University.
      2. At ALA Annual in Chicago in June, MAGIRT co-sponsored a preconference on Applying Descriptive Cataloging for Rare Materials (Cartographic) with RUSA. It was taught by Nancy Kandoian, Todd Fell, and Manon Theroux. The field trip was to the Mansueto Library at the University of Chicago. After the field trip, Hallie Pritchette of the University of Georgia was awarded the MAGIRT Honors award at the honors dinner. Rebecca Lowery, Philip Sutton, and Jen Baldwin did presentations for the MAGIRT program, “Mapping the Generations: Visualizing Family History with Maps.” Ryan Mattke also did a presentation on “Georeferencing Historical Maps: A Tutorial.” Eighty-five people attended the programs.
      3. Mary Larsgaard handed over the duties of the secretariat of AACCCM to Susan Moore in September 2016. The one remaining task of that group is to determine how to spend the royalties from the sale of the manual that total around $3,000. The plan is to spend them on some kind of project or educational opportunity that benefits map catalogers/cataloging in some way. Once the funds are allocated, AACCCM will be formally disbanded.
      4. The MAGIRT Cataloging and Classification Committee has written a document with the title “Guidelines for Cataloging Cartographic Resources Using RDA”. It will be posted in an appropriate location in the MAGIRT website.
      5. MAGIRT and GODORT wrote a letter in response to the 2018 federal budget for USGS, but the ALA Washington Office sent a letter to Congress, so they did not use the MAGIRT/GODORT letter.
      6. In 2018, ALA Midwinter will be in Denver and ALA Annual will be in New Orleans.
    4. GSIS (Geoscience Information Society): Any members present? No.
      1. Linda Zellmer was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award.
    5. NGAC (National Geospatial Advisory Committee) – Julie Sweetkind-Singer
      1. The NGAC met in Shepherdstown, West Virginia on September 6-7, 2017. Numerous Federal reports were given including the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), Department of Transportation, Census Bureau, Department of the Interior, and the Geological Survey. Four subcommittees continue their work: the Landsat Advisory Group, the Cultural and Historical Geospatial Assets subcommittee, the Data as a Service subcommittee and the Technology and Geospatial Infrastructure subcommittee. Notes from the meeting may be found here:
  3. New Business
    1. IB Editor (Tom)
      1. Thanks to Ken Rockwell on New Mapping of North America. He would like to pass it along to another person. See the newest IB about the process.
      2. November IB has been released. Lots of 50th anniversary information.
      3. Chrissy Klenke is the new IB Editor. Tom and Chrissy will work together on the transition.
    2. Future Meetings (Tom)
      1. 2018: San Diego State University – Lisa Lamont with help from Mike Smith
      2. 2019: Friday Harbor on the San Juan Islands. Co-conference with Cyamus – Katie Lage and Matt Parsons.
      3. 2020: University of Idaho: Bruce Godfrey
      4. 2021: A few places in the works
    3. Social Media (Sierra)
      1. Mostly on Twitter (@WAMLRobot): 92 followers. Make sure you are following!
      2. Facebook page. What do we want to put on here in between meetings? Faculty interactions, job postings, membership news, exhibits, etc.
    4. Looking for a chair of the Communications Committee. If you are interested, please let one of the Executive Board members know.

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