President’s Message

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Thanks again to Lisa Lamont and Mike Smith for hosting our 2018 conference in San Diego. I hope everyone learned new things, met new people, were inspired and had fun. And thanks to Chrissy Klenke for offering to host our 2019 conference in Reno, Nevada! I’m already looking forward to seeing you all there.

The votes are in and we have officially updated our bylaws so that the treasurer position is for three years instead of two, and Texas is now officially in the WAML region. Thanks to everyone who voted. And thanks to everyone who gave us input on the policies and procedures document. We will be reviewing all of the comments and suggestions, and will hopefully finalize the document in December.

We’re also working on getting an official Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between WAML and Stanford University to host our archives. While they graciously took in and organized our archives a while back, the MOU will ensure a stable partnership going forward as we continually add content in the future(including conference presentations!).

I wish you all a safe, healthy and happy holiday season this winter!


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