2020-05-14 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

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WAML Minutes
Executive Board Meeting
Thursday, May 14, 2020
8-8:50 am (PDT)
Via Zoom

Call meeting to order: 8:04 am

 Officers in attendance: Susan Powell (President), Matthew Toro (Vice President), Tom Brittnacher (Past President), Louise Ratliff  (Secretary), Bruce Godfrey (Treasurer)

1.   Approval of Minutes from last meeting

  1. Minutes of April 3, 2020. Approved
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s05z7mkNunRnytsPzOZ9X19ZjZ1ztiNhDUxXCfbWskw/edit?ts=5eb341e6#

2.   Officer Reports & Check-In (10 minutes)

  1. President (Susan Powell)
    1. Action: Will produce ballot soon and send out on Monday.
  2. Vice President (Matt Toro)
    1. Conference planning questionnaire drafted and revised.
  3. Past President (Tom Brittnacher)
  4. Secretary (Louise Ratliff)
    1. Louise submitted candidate statements to Susan for production of the ballot.
    2. Actions approved over email by Executive Board since April 3, 2020, Executive Board meeting: none.
  5. Treasurer (Bruce Godfrey)
    1. Nothing new on the treasurer side.
    2. Conference hotel booked and contract sent to Exec Board.
      1. No financial obligation if rooms not booked.

3.   Appointed Position Reports & Updates from task forces, committees, etc. (5 minutes)

  1. Social Media Manager appointment — Amy Work has volunteered
    1. Web Committee chair on hold.
    2. Exec Board agreed with the appointment of Amy Work.
  2. Susan will share all other reports & updates via email to attach to the minutes
    1. Digitization work continues.
    2. Business manager position – to be determined.
    3. Ad hoc Web Committee will send out a survey soon.
    4. Webinar series being co-hosted with MAGIRT (first one is Friday, May 15).

4.   Old Business (30 minutes)

  1. Approve Mission/Vision statements for inclusion in the ballot.
    1. Vision and mission statements to be reviewed by the Exec Board. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aajDRiNgTI_7tGs29oisSkQUywFEAgCSftHVQ4TebKc/edit?ts=5df96d4b
    2. Editing is done.
    3. Moved and seconded to approve the Mission and Vision statements shown in the revised Google doc (link above).
  2. Conference Planning
    1. Bruce has done the work to plan the in-person conference.
    2. Attendance is an unknown at this time.
    3. Susan reported that the Scholarship Committee has been discussing possible scenarios.
    4. Matt’s survey: it would make people feel more like a community if they could participate in the decision about in-person vs online.
    5. Discussion of video conferencing software possibilities.
    6. Discussion of conference volunteers needed.
    7. ACTION: Matt will send out the survey today, responses due May 21.

5.   New Business (if time permits)

  1. How best to support WAML membership during the current pandemic
    1. ACTION: Pursue over the listserv

6.   Next Meeting:

  1. Short Zoom meeting May 22, 8:00 am PDT to discuss the survey results.

Meeting adjourned: 8:54 am

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