Executive Board Meeting Minutes, October

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WAML Executive Board Meeting
October 29, 2020
8:00am (PDT/MST)
Call meeting to order: 8:02am (PDT/MST)

Officers in attendance:

  • Matthew Toro (President)
  • Evan Thornberry (Vice President)
  • Susan Powell (Past President)
  • Louise Ratliff  (Secretary)
  • Bruce Godfrey (Treasurer)
  • Brief Officer Reports and Check-In
    • President (Matthew Toro) 
    • Vice President (Evan Thornberry) no report
    • Past President (Susan Powell)
      • Priorities for the coming year
        • Membership management
        • Honoraria and appointed positions review
        • Scholarship funding
    • Secretary (Louise Ratliff) no report
    • Treasurer (Bruce Godfrey) 
      • Review of assets and income
      • Scholarship checks sent
      • Honoraria checks being sent
      • Sponsors’ payments: invoices needed
      • Brief discussion about sponsor participation
      • Keynote stipend to be sent
      • Crowdcast subscription, buy another month
        • Download files
        • Analytics
  • Actions approved over email by E-Board since August 13, 2020 E-Board meeting:
    • Approved an honorarium for conference keynote speakers.
    • Various activities related to the WAML Conference.  (No policy issues.)
  • Appointed Position Reports
    • Discussion about reporting methodology by these positions (Matt)
      • Google web form idea to use for reporting
      • Action: Secretary will reach out to them prior to each Executive Board meeting and solicit reports, and will ask them to fill out a Google form
      • Action (Matt): Create the form prior to our next meeting
    • Business Manager (Melissa Lamont + Susan to follow up)
      • Susan reported that Lisa still working on document scanning; paused due to pandemic
      • No report at this time
    • Membership Manager (Greg Aremento) report via email
      • Total Membership = 94
      • 78 are paid memberships, of which 13 are new
      • 3 scholars
      • 9 Lifetime Honorary
      • 4 Lifetime paid
      • We lost 19 members from 2019 including 2 scholars and 5 new
  • Action from 8-13-2020: E-Board to search for new Membership Manager for next year, with consideration of the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Membership Review Committee.
    • Archivist (Andria Olson)
        • Google Shared Drive – WAML Archives
          • Conference documents organized and files renamed
          • Images downloaded from Flickr, organized, and renamed
        • Stanford Digital Repository (SDR)
          • Organized and renamed items deposited and catalog records created by Kim Durante
          • WAML Digital Collection viewable in SearchWorks
        • TO DO: Website – consult with Evan Thornberry
        • The Executive Board expressed their thanks and appreciation to Andrea and Kim for completing this complex and comprehensive project.
      • Archives questions:
        • Completed. From 8-13-2020 meeting (Louise): From the minutes of 2018-12-17 meeting:  Item 3c: “The Executive Board recommends to the Archivist that the Retention Schedule be updated to remove the need to save correspondence. The Executive Board also recommends that the Archivist review the Retention Guidelines be reviewed and updated.”
          • Comment from Susan Powell, who found the latest decision:  It looks like the archive retention guidelines were never updated, and we can discuss again if desired at a future board meeting, but I think the 2018-19 board was in agreement with Louise’s opinion that archiving emails would be a pain and largely unnecessary.
    • Information Bulletin (Chrissy Klenke)
      • Vacant IB positions
        • Action from 8-13-2020 (to be continued): Susan: Inform Chrisy that EBoard will review these positions. Consult with her about IB staffing and workflow.
        • More discussion is needed about honoraria, related to this issue
        • Action (Susan): Form an ad-hoc committee to review honoraria and appointed positions, by next Executive Board meeting
    • Webmaster (daniel Brendle-Moczuk) no report
    • Social Media Manager (Amy Work) not present
  • Updates from task forces, committees, etc.
    • Continuing Education (Jon Jablonski) not present
    • Web Communications
      • To be reviewed by the ad-hoc committee to review honoraria and appointed positions (Susan)
    • Ad hoc Scholarship Committee (Phillip White) not present
      • Exec Board Action: Approve new standing committee and charge
    • Ad-Hoc Web Review Task Force (Evan Thornberry)
      • Report in progress
      • Survey results being reviewed
      • Web analytics being examined and summarized
      • Report to be completed by December Executive Board meeting
    • MAGIRT-WAML Joint Task Group on Core Elements for Description of Geospatial Datasets (Louise) — No report at this time
  • Old Business
    • 2020 Virtual Conference (Matthew)
      • Main Conference Program website
        • Action: Document and evaluate the conference
        • Action: Include in next Executive Board meeting
        • Action: Download Crowdcast files and analytics
  • New Business
    • Archiving the waml email list:  Matthew Parsons will download and store for now.
  • Next Meetings:
    • November 20, 10:00-11:30am PST
    • December 10, 8:00-9:30 am PST

Meeting adjourned: 8:54 am

  • Action Items
    • Susan and Evan: Create a sponsors folder in the WAML Conferences folder.
    • Matt: Create the form prior to our next meeting.
    • Susan: Form an ad-hoc committee to review honoraria and appointed positions, by next meeting, November 20, 2020.
    • Exec Board Action: Approve new standing Scholarship Committee and charge.

Respectfully submitted,
Louise Ratliff, Secretary
UCLA, Retired

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