2022-09-20 WAML Business Meeting Minutes

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WAML Business Meeting
September 20, 2022
9:00 am – 9:50 am PST / 12:00 pm – 12:50 pm EST

Call meeting to order: 9:00 AM PST/12:00 PM EST

Officers in attendance: Katherine Strickland (President), Jessica Benner (Vice President), Evan Thornberry (Past President), Becky Seifried (Secretary), Bruce Godfrey (Treasurer)

Approval of minutes from last year’s meeting:

  • November 9, 2021
  • Motion to approve by Kat, second by Becky, third by Phil – approved!

Executive Summary (of Executive Board meetings since July):

  • Appointed position approved by Exec Board in June 2022, changes implemented July 2022
    • Book and Geospatial Resources Editor (formerly Book and Atlas Review Editor)
      • New responsibilities: Adds maps and digital mapping projects to categories of items to be reviewed.
    • Features Editor (formerly Information Bulletin News and Notes Editor)
      • New responsibilities: Includes features such as an “advice column” (summaries of interesting listserv discussions and/or answering/getting answers to individuals’ questions), interviews with WAML members, spotlights on collections, etc.
    • Membership Manager
      • New responsibilities: Oversee membership-specific communication channels [Listserv]
    • Information Bulletin Editor
      • New responsibilities: Assumes responsibilities of IB Production Editor
    • Web Administrator 
      • New responsibilities: Administration of Map Librarians Toolbox
    • Retired positions 
      • Business Manager
      • Information Bulletin Production Editor
    • These changes were recommended by the Appointed Position Review Ad Hoc Committee members, Paige Andrew, Matt Parsons, Susan Powell (chair), and Janet Reyes, and the final changes to appointed positions were made in consultation with position holders. We want to thank all who contributed to make these essential changes happen.
  • Committee Review
    • We are currently reaching out to committee members to explore reframing or moving on.
  • DEI working group
    • Addressing Collections and/or People
    • Making people feel welcome.
    • Chrissy – maybe integrating a DEI focused workshop into each conference, or the Education committee’s work? Conference category? Section in conference manual?
    • Formalizing code of ethics
  • Discussion about WAML supporting Klonkan bounding box tool
    • https://ngmdb.usgs.gov/extent/  
    • Could ask NGMDB about perhaps sharing the code and hosting the application on GitHub or elsewhere, then the community could also share enhancements. 
  • Stanford physical address proposal
  • WAML.org domain registration hosting 
  • Listserv migration

Officer Reports:

  • Bruce Godfrey (Treasurer)
    Calendar Year Start Balance (1/1/2022)     $27,805.51
    Ledger Balance (9/18/2022)     $27,360.95
    Income (1/1/2018-9/18/2022)*     $4,135.82
    Expenses (1/1/2019-9/18/2022)**     $4,580.38
    Running Total (1/1/2019-9/18/2022)     -$444.36
    • * Membership | conference registration | conference sponsorship | interest earned
      ** Honoraria | web hosting | scholarships
  • Jessica Benner (VP/PE) So happy to be here! Getting settled. Will be working to support Kat in her work as President and my main agenda item will be to transition us back to in-person meetings with a strong hybrid option. Don’t have a venue for this coming year yet, but we will have an in-person meeting in late summer/early fall. We will be sharing more details in a month or two.
  • Becky Seifried (Secretary) Glad to be here and looking forward to working with the board 😀
  • Evan Thornberry (Past President) In my third year of being on the WAML Board, loving it.

Appointed Position and Committee Chair Reports:

  • Andria Olson (Archivist) – no report to share
  • Ilene Raynes (Book and Geospatial Resources Editor) – no report to share
  • Chrissy Klenke (Information Bulletin Editor) Working with Laura Shelly (Indexer) to index the next group of IBs. Having some index issues with the President’s Message – URL’s working with Laura to resolve. Just shared a call for issue 54.1 (Nov 2022) – presenters at WAML 2022 (or previous conferences, or any other conferences) are invited to share. Topic ideas include outreach activities, projects, tips or tricks, anniversaries or retirements, job postings. You can also share these kinds of updates with Amy and Georgia for sharing in their respective arenas. Used to receive bios from the Scholarship recipients, but don’t do this anymore because they are now present at the conference.
    • Top articles of all time in the IB so far (Both – WAML IB 46.3)
      • LC – G Schedule; Map 8; Southern States – 1,019 views
      • LC – G Schedule; Map 33;  Africa Regions – 820 views
    • Recent issue views to date:
      • Issue 53.1, 463 views
      • Issue 53.2, 255 views
      • Issue 53.3, 316 views
    • Laura Shelly, IB indexer for the past 13 years has informed IB Editor she is going to retire. She will send a form letter to the WAML Exec Board very soon. She will provide all help with the transition to the next/new indexer.
  • Georgia Lee Brown (Features Editor) New position. Welcoming blurbs about anything new that people are working on (full articles should go to Chrissy). Looking to subscribe to institutional newsletters that feature work that WAML members are doing – please share with Georgia (browngl@uwm.edu) so she can subscribe. Topics: new collection or map, new digitization work.
  • Nick Beyelia (Membership Manager) – no report to share
  • Amy Work (Social Media Manager) No major report, working on getting up and running. Working with Chrissy and Georgia to streamline information across these positions. Twitter and Facebook are the main platforms for sharing. Looking for member feedback on this.
  • Kevin Dyke (Web Administrator) As web admin: 15,153 page views in 2021 (Aug – Dec), 19,576 so far in 2022. Looking forward we will work to implement new membership features to the website.
  • Philip White (Scholarship Committee) The WAML Scholarship Committee began its work in May this year. The Scholarship Committee consists of 2021 recipients Ian Spangler and Claudia Berger, as well as Susan Powell, Nick Beyelia, and Phil White (chair). The overarching goal of the WAML Scholarship program is to advance WAML’s efforts toward being a more inclusive organization and to support the professional development of library workers from diverse backgrounds. Applicants are asked to respond to a map or GIS project that is particularly impactful in social justice or diversity, equity, & inclusion context. The scholarship is open to students and early career library applicants. This year’s recipients were Wilsinia Ocasio, Jo-Ann Wong, and Méch Frazier. They’ll each be presenting during the scholarship session this afternoon on the topic of their submissions. Wilsinia, Jo-Ann, and Méch were each awarded $500, a one-year membership, and free admission to our next in-person WAML meeting (hopefully next year??).

Liaison Reports:

  • Kathy Rankin, American Library Association – Map and Geospatial Information Round Table (ALA/MAGIRT)
    • Kevin Dyke is the new chair of MAGIRT.  He is the Maps and Spatial Data Curator at Oklahoma State University’s Edmon Low Library. His goals for the 2022/2023 year include map librarians continuing to share experiences, altering MAGIRT’s membership and dues structure and revising their bylaws to align with the ongoing standardization effort at ALA. MAGIRT dues are currently twenty dollars for regular members and are likely to be reduced to fifteen dollars for regular members and five dollars for student members. Kevin also hopes to emphasize new member recruitment among students and recent graduates. Rounding out activities for the year will be planning for next year’s annual in Chicago with an exciting slate of programming.
      At the ALA Annual conference held in Washington, DC, in June, 2022, MAGIRT’s Chair’s program was a panel discussion on Census 2020. The panelists were Michelle Donlin, Frank Donnelly, and Andrea Grace Johnson, and the session drew an audience of nearly one hundred. Friday afternoon members of MAGIRT toured the Library of Congress’s Geography and Map Division. The winner of the MAGIRT Honors Award was Iris Taylor, Senior Cartographic Cataloging Specialist with Library of Congress’ Geography and Map Division, who served as Chair of MAGIRT’s Cartographic Cataloging Resources Interest Group, Chair of the Cataloging and Classification Committee, and as Chair of MAGIRT. She is currently MAGIRT’s Assistant Treasurer and MAGIRT’s liaison for the Freedom to Read Foundation.  MAGIRT submitted a memorial resolution in honor of Nancy Kandoian, who was a rare maps cataloger and map reference librarian at the New York Public Library main branch’s Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division and who passed away in May.

      Respectfully submitted,
      Katherine Rankin, MAGIRT Liaison
  • daniel Brendle-Moczuk, Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives (ACMLA)
    • CARTO_ACMLA_ACACC continues to move along in our coming out(?)-of-COVID world. The 2020 annual conference which was to be in conjunction with the Canadian Association of Geographers and Canadian Cartographic Association was cancelled in June 2020. Since then there have been two online conferences in June 2021 Old Is New Is Old and June 2022 Mapping Through a Changing World. Online ‘attendance’ was higher in 2021 than traditional face-to-face conferences of the past but attendance dipped to usual levels in 2022.
      The new Executive is as follows:
      Co_Presidents: Francine Berish, Geospatial Data Librarian, Queen’s University Library and Rene Duplain, GIS Librarian, University of Ottawa Library with the most recent Past_President being: Martin Chandler, Data & GIS Services Librarian, Cape Breton University (CBU)
      CARTO_ACMLA_ACACC plans to have a face-to-face in-person and hybrid conference in June 2023 at the University of Calgary.

      Respectfully submitted,
      daniel Brendle-Moczuk, CARTO_ACMLA_ACACC former Past_President
      Geospatial Librarian, University of Victoria, BC, Canada
  • Vacant, GeoScience Information Society (GSIS) – No annual report
    • Chrissy Klenke has graciously volunteered to be the WAML representative to GSIS moving forward
    • Website: http://www.geoinfo.org/ 
  • Vacant, National Geospatial Advisory Committee (NGAC)
  • Vacant, Special Libraries Association – Geography and Map Section (SLA/G&M)

Old Business:

  • New Mapping Editor currently vacant (Evan)
    • Has been vacant for a few years, since Ken Rockwell. We have put out several calls but have not yet found a replacement.
    • If anyone would like to be considered, reach out to anyone on the Executive Board.
    • Ken is willing to provide advice to a new editor.

New Business:

  • Conference planning (Kat/Evan)
    • Plan to share a survey to collect information from members about how and when you’d like to meet to help with future planning
  • Meeting throughout the year (Kat)
    • Workshops
      • Co-hosting a workshop with MAGIRT on Nov. 30. More information to come. (See Angela’s report below)
      • If you’d like to host a workshop or have an idea about topics, reach out to Kat.
    • E-Board meeting registration
      • Setting up Zoom registration for E-Board meetings so that all members can attend more easily.
  • IB Indexer, Laura Shelly, to retire (Chrissy Klenke)
    • Congratulations on 80!
  • Esri workshop on imagery and raster analysis (Angela Lee)
    • New capability now available in ArcGIS Online, has been available as an extension in ArcGIS Pro.
    • 2-hour workshop with a hands-on component, Wednesday, November 30th at 10:00 am PST (1:00 pm EST).
    • Will be good for an introduction to imagery analysis workflows.
  • Esri data update (Angela Lee)
    • Just released a new batch of 5-year demographic estimates and consumer spending data, available in ArcGIS Online, Business Analyst Web
    • As part of institutional agreements for US institutions, folks can access GDBs of those datasets through My Esri

Meeting adjourned: 9:44 AM PST/12:44 PM EST

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