2022-12-07 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

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WAML Executive Board Meeting 
December 7, 2022
10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST

Call meeting to order: 10:03am PST

Officers in attendance: 

  • Katherine Strickland (President)
  • Jessica Benner (Vice President)
  • Rebecca Seifried (Secretary)
  • Bruce Godfrey (Treasurer)

Other attendees: 

  • Georgia Brown

Approval of Minutes from last meeting:

Officer Reports & Check-In

  • Katherine Strickland (President)
    • Memorial for Stan Stevens for the IB (see below).
    • Update on action item: Kat has a letter ready to send to Mike notifying him that he has been appointed New Mapping Editor.
      • ACTION: Kat will mail and send a PDF of the letter notifying Mike that he has been appointed New Mapping Editor.
    • ACTION: Kat will try to schedule a meeting with Kim Durante to formalize a deposit system for members and to talk about the WAML-Stanford relationship and to ask if it would be possible to give a non-Stanford person privileges to upload digital content.
    • Looking for a way to share the past 3 years of recordings of WAML, which aren’t currently accessible through the Stanford archives. In the past, we’ve shared the Google Drive folder. There might be an option to live-stream future conferences to YouTube via Zoom. The video quality is purportedly better this way. There is concern about permissions from presenters if we post previous years’ recordings on YouTube – the past two years, presenters were asked for permission to record with the intention of posting in the repository, but not to share in other venues. We would need to get new permission before posting on YouTube.
  • Jessica Benner (Vice President)
    • Amy announced the location and dates for the conference via social media, we will send an email to the WAML list soon. We will send a bigger announcement in January once folks can reserve a room. Working on the room contract now.
      • ACTION: Jessica will initiate a request for E-Board approval to pay for the room contract for WAML 2023.
    • Evan and I will do some in-person planning January 12-13, 2023.
    • Kathy Rankin asked to do a memorial time for Stan Stevens at the conference.
      • ACTION: Jessica will email Kathy back (cc’ing Kat) to ask if she would like to organize something to print in the IB after the conference event in honor of Stan Stevens. 
    • Evan and I corresponded with Phil about doing something with the COVID scholarship winners.
    • ESRI workshop was cool!
    • Planning on having a pre-conference workshop for WAML 2023. Evan and Jessica are meeting every Tuesday at 10:00am Pacific – any officers are welcome to attend. Planning on a hybrid meeting. As for registration fee, the goal is to keep it affordable while also breaking even on cost.
  • Evan Thornberry (Past President)
    • Jessica and I have been meeting weekly regarding the next conference and so she will also be able to provide updates on the planning process. We’re coordinating with UBC Conferences and Accommodations to secure the right number of rooms from August 8th to 12th. Once we have some final details, we’ll be in touch seeking approval for the deposit (which is going to be less than I originally anticipated). 
  • Rebecca Seifried (Secretary)
    • Added language about the secondary signatory as a duty of the Vice President to the Policies and Procedures and the Transition Checklist.
  • Bruce Godfrey (Treasurer)
    • Update on action item: Bruce is working on establishing Jessica as secondary signatory. The bank is mailing him a form that will likely require his and Jessica’s signatures.

Actions approved over email by E-Board since October 2022 E-Board meeting

  • No actions approved.

Appointed Position Reports

  • No reports submitted.
  • ACTION: Kat will update Georgia’s name on the WAML website to “Georgia Brown.”

Updates from task forces, committees, etc.

  • Continuing Education (Jon Jablonski)
    • Confirming that Jon no longer wants to chair. 
    • ACTION: Kat will reach out to the rest of the Continuing Education Committee to gather ideas about how the group might be reshaped.
  • Web Communications (TBD)
    • ACTION: Jessica will email all current members of the Web Communications Committee and Amy Work to share our proposal about reshaping the committee and ask for feedback.
  • Scholarship Committee (Philip White)
    • One way to get new people involved would be to invite all previous scholarship recipients to participate in the annual meeting. We still need standing members. 
    • ACTION: Kat will reach out to the other members of the Scholarship Committee to ask if anyone would like to be chair and gather ideas about how to get new people involved.

Old Business

  • Listserv migration (Evan)
    • Notes from 11/3/22 meeting
    • WordPress will not work out; alternatives we’ve come up with are Gaggle Mail and Groups.io. Kevin and I are happy to look into them and choose one that might best fit what we need, looping in Nick as needed.
    • ROLGGE uses Groups.io, seems to work well. Free tier is good; used grant funds for paid tier.
    • *We should talk about this again next month.
  • Secondary signatory (Jessica)
    • At last month’s meeting, Kat appointed Jessica as secondary signatory for a 3-year term. However, this will disrupt the schedule specified in the Policies and Procedures 2.1.i.3 (“Beginning July 1, 2018, and every three years going forward, the incoming Vice-President shall be appointed as the secondary signatory.”)
    • Potential resolutions:
      • Jessica serves a 2 year term and it shifts when Kat shifts off the board. 
      • Change the procedure to not have a year associated with it and just say something like: “When the past president is the current secondary signatory, the next incoming vice president shall be appointed as the next secondary signatory.”
    • Decision: Kat appoints Jessica as secondary signatory for a 2-year term (i.e. completing the remainder of the current 3-year term).
    • ACTION: Jessica will add language about serving as secondary signatory to the Vice President’s duties. 
    • ACTION: Becky will add language about transitioning out of secondary signatory as part of the Past President’s duties in Transition Checklist.
  • Policies and Procedures
    • Jessica has prepared a message to Kevin to update the policies and procedures on the website. 
    • Most of the appointed positions language has already been updated. 
    • Current questions:
      • Webmaster is now Web Administrator? Yes.
      • Should we use Vice President/President Elect or Vice President? Use full title for heading, but simply Vice President for other references.
      • Streamlining IB position titles – let’s revisit these at the next E-Board meeting
        • News and Notes Editor is now Information Bulletin Features Editor?
        • If we add IB to the front of that title, other titles will be affected.
      • There was a change from Executive email list to wamlex@googlegroups.com, but the email list is now execboard@waml.org.
      • The current website is www.waml.org, not wamlorg.mytestingsite.com
      • Should the second signatory be cross referenced in VP duties? Yes.
      • Web Administrator duties: 2.1.g.5 “Facilitates new and relevant material for inclusion in the toolbox.” The website says ‘Seeks’. Revisit at the next E-Board meeting.
        • Jon Jablonski and Kevin lead a group of people who are adding content to the Map Toolbox wiki.
        • ACTION: Kat will reach out to the Map Toolbox group to check in about the state of editing the toolbox.
      • Are the Honoraria listed in any particular order? The website doesn’t appear to have been put in a particular order. Let’s reorder alphabetically.
    • Procedure for making the official change: 12.1.f says the Secretary should notify the Web Administrator, but Jessica will take this on.
      • ACTION: Jessica will email the E-Board a summary of changes to be made to the Policies and Procedures.
      • ACTION: Once the E-Board approves the Policies and Procedures changes, Jessica will email them to Kevin.
      • ACTION: Once Kevin applies the changes to Policies and Procedures, Becky will announce the changes to the membership.

New Business

  • E-Board meeting schedule for Spring 2023
    • Bruce has a conflict for 1 hour of current meeting time.
    • The first week of January is our next scheduled meeting; some folks won’t be available. Let’s skip the meeting – Evan and Jessica can focus on conference planning instead. 
    • ACTION: Becky will send a WhenIsGood for the first week in February to schedule regular E-Board meetings.
  • February meeting for Appointed Positions and Committee Chairs
    • Policies and Procedures indicates that committee chairs should prepare reports halfway through the year (i.e. around February). We could schedule a check-in meeting (separate from the E-Board meeting) for February for all positions to meet.
    • We previously set up a Google Form to collect reports for this year: https://forms.gle/FVqERSE9dM16RDct9
    • ACTION: Becky will send a WhenIsGood to E-Board members to find a time for the Appointed Positions and Committee Chairs meeting for the second week in February and set up a Zoom meeting (no registration required).
    • ACTION: Kat will invite all Appointed Positions and Committee Chairs to the February meeting and encourage them to submit reports.

Potential Social Media Announcements

  • Mappy Holidays – spotlight Chris’s Santas presentation.
    • ACTION: Kat will ask Chris about sharing his presentation, and if he agrees, she will email the idea to Amy.

Next Meeting

  • E-Board Meeting: Thursday, 2/2/2023 at 9:00-11:00am PST / 12:00-2:00pm EST

Meeting adjourned: 11:39am PST

Minutes submitted by Rebecca Seifried (Secretary).

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