2023-03-09 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

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WAML Executive Board Meeting
March 9, 2023
9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST

Call meeting to order: 9:02am PST

Officers in attendance: 

  • Jessica Benner (Vice President)
  • Evan Thornberry (Past President)
  • Rebecca Seifried (Secretary)
  • Bruce Godfrey (Treasurer)


  • Katherine Strickland (President)

Other attendees: 

  • Kim Durante

Approval of Minutes from last meeting:

Officer Reports & Check-In

  • Jessica Benner (Vice President)
    • Working with Evan on conference planning.
  • Evan Thornberry (Past President)
    • No updates.
  • Rebecca Seifried (Secretary)
    • No updates.
  • Bruce Godfrey (Treasurer)
    • Received forms for the Secondary Signatory. We needed a formal letter from WAML addressed to Bank of America; Becky created a letter based on the one we used last time (WAML E-Board Meeting Minutes 2022-1102.pdf). The next steps will be for Bruce to fill out the forms and mail them to Jessica to sign (notarized) and return to Bank of America.
    • ACTION: Jessica will complete paperwork with Bank of America to be designated as Secondary Signatory.

Actions approved over email by E-Board since February 2023 E-Board meeting

  • No actions approved.

Appointed Position Reports

  • Kim Durante (WAML Archivist)
    • Discussing status of materials left to be archived (namely, videos from past WAML conferences). 

Updates from task forces, committees, etc.

  • No reports submitted. 
  • The E-Board held an Appointed Positions and Committee Chairs Meeting on 2/14/23. Becky took minutes for the meeting and shared them with all attendees, but it was decided not to circulate them among WAML membership.

Old Business

  • Google Group / Listserv replacement (Evan)
    • Context: Matt Parsons has been managing the WAML list using a server at UW. Nick Beyelia (Membership Manager) is coordinating with Matt as needed to add and remove members. We are looking for a platform that doesn’t require UW affiliation to administer. In our last meeting, it was decided that Evan would set up a test WAML Google Group. 
    • From Evan: I have it set up so that anyone added to a group in our Google Admin Account can post to an email list and see the conversation. Anyone outside of that group can post, but not see the conversation. I can also make it so anyone outside of the group cannot post, but I cannot make it so that anyone from outside the group can post and see the conversation without making some changes that are tied to the management of the WAML Google Admin account (I think this might impact other areas of the management of the Google Drive). I can look into changing this setting if the board feels strongly that we need another open list.
    • Google Groups seems to be a close substitution for the existing list.
    • Q: Is the intention to restrict the list membership to paid members of WAML (this is how the current list works), or do we intend this to be an open list? The intention is to keep it restricted to WAML members. The Membership Manager could keep track of subscribed members and make sure they are up-to-date on their WAML membership fees. The Maps-L listserv is open, so that is another way people can stay active in the field without being a WAML member.
    • Q: What do we intend to use the WAML listserv for (as opposed to Maps-L)? Communicating about updates to Policies and Procedures and similar topics that would only be relevant to members.
    • Benefits of Google Groups vs. Groups.io: uses the same platform as our other WAML administrative documents.
    • Current plan of action:
      • Announce the move from the UW server to Google Groups – the email address that people will send messages to will change.
      • Maintain the UW platform for a transitional period, and possibly set up auto-forwarding or auto-reply to aid in migrating users to the new platform.
      • Close down the UW platform and archive the emails (process TBD).
    • Q: How would we migrate our users to the new platform? The current member list can be used to subscribe everyone. Going forward, Nick can add members manually as they join WAML.
    • ACTION: Evan will meet with Nick, Matt, and Kevin to formulate a solid plan for transitioning the listserv to the new Google Groups platform.
  • Honorarium changes (Evan)
    • Context: when we made changes to the honoraria, the New Mapping Editor (NME) position was vacant and so it was not included in the changes. Currently the Archivist position is approved for a $350 honorarium. We are unsure (a) if the Archivist position will turn into more of an automated submission process, in which case we could transfer that honorarium to the NME position, or (b) if we need to create a new honorarium for the NME. Adding another $350 honorarium would push the total honoraria budget beyond our goal – from $2,800 to $3,150.
    • The Archivist workload currently seems to be a once-per-year push, rather than a consistent year-round workload. Kim is okay with removing the honorarium.
    • Proposal to be considered in the future: remove the $350 honorarium from the Archivist position and apply it to the NME position starting July 1, 2023; and vote on awarding a one-time retroactive honorarium to the NME position for the 2022-2023 year.
    • ACTION: Evan will reach out to Kim by email to initiate the conversation about removing the Archivist honorarium and give her an opportunity to ask questions.
    • FUTURE ACTION: E-Board will vote to approve the proposed honorarium changes.
    • FUTURE ACTION: Evan will reach out to Mike to let him know about the proposed changes.

New Business

  • Review the position description for New Mapping Editor (Evan)
    • See current description in: policies and procedures — current version 
    • The goal is to reproduce the work that the ad hoc committee did when they reviewed existing position descriptions. They did not review the NME position because it was vacant at the time.
    • ACTION: Evan will let Mike know that the process to review the New Mapping Editor position description will be underway and will likely go beyond July 1.
  • WAML conference banquet (Evan)
    • Context: The plan is to have a banquet off-campus on Thursday night. This will be one of the only off-campus program events.
    • Evan and Jessica have looked at pricing, rooms, and menu at SteamWorks Brewery, and it seems like an economical place to hold this event. They are anticipating about 40 attendees. The minimum spend is $3,000 CAD before tax and gratuity. A deposit of $1,500 CAD is required to reserve the space. We then need to figure out the ticket price for each attendee to ensure we meet the minimum spend, keeping in mind that one of the sponsor packages could help cover some of this amount.
    • There are two options: sit-down or buffet. They are currently thinking of sit-down.
    • Motion by Evan to approve the payment of $1,500 CAD for the deposit to reserve a space at SteamWorks Brewery. Seconded by Bruce. All in favor: Jessica, Becky, Bruce, Evan. Motion passes.
  • WAML conference (Jessica and Evan)
    • Another potential request in the future will be a deposit for the field trip.
    • Q: Some of the rooms have already been reserved. If we ask to open up more rooms, will we need to pay more money? When Evan talked with Amluk about the rooms most recently, they “lifted the threshold” and allowed rooms to be booked at the current price. Jessica and Evan will follow up.
    • Q: What is the process for accepting on-site payments at the conference? We have a “for deposit only” WAML stamp if someone wants to pay with a check; then give the check to Bruce for deposit. We don’t currently have an electronic option set up for the conference. WAML does have a PayPal account.
    • Q: How does PayPal handle bulk payments (e.g. if someone pays for registration, banquet, and field trip together)? This might be something for Kevin to handle. Jessica and Evan should work with Kevin to set up the registration form.
    • Q: Jessica and Evan have currently set up 3 sponsor packages (legend, north arrow, and scale bar). How should sponsors pay for their sponsor packages? PayPal has worked in the past (e.g. https://waml.org/conferences/waml-2022-2/waml-2022-sponsor-payment-page/). Kevin can set up a link on the WAML website so they can choose which sponsor package level they’d like. 
    • Overall they are in good shape – a brief schedule is posted on the website. The main portion to focus on now is the field trip.
  • WAML elections (Evan)
    • The Nominating Committee was due to be formed by March 1. Heather Ross has agreed to be on the Nominating Committee, but we still need one more person. 
    • Becky will be stepping down from the Secretary position to focus on another Secretary position she currently holds.
    • Kim volunteers to be on the Nominating Committee!
    • Upcoming deadlines:
      • April 30 – deadline to discuss slate of candidates with the President.
      • May 15 – deadline to share slate (and bios and statements of purpose) with the Secretary.
      • First week of June – elections close.
    • Q: What was the process last year / why was the election late? It seemed to be harder to recruit for open positions.
  • Action items from previous meetings (Becky)
    • Suggestion to review standing action items from previous E-Board meetings and decide which to complete, reassign, or scrap. 
  • ACTION: Kat will reach out to the rest of the Continuing Education Committee to gather ideas about how the group might be reshaped.
    • Decision: Wait to get an update from Kat at the next meeting.
  • ACTION: Jessica will email all current members of the Web Communications Committee and Amy Work to share our proposal about reshaping the committee and ask for feedback.
    • Decision: Jessica will aim to do this by our next E-Board meeting (4/6).
  • ACTION: Jessica will apply decisions we’ve made to the Policies and Procedures.
  • ACTION: Jessica will email the E-Board a summary of changes to be made to the Policies and Procedures.
  • ACTION: Once the E-Board approves the Policies and Procedures changes, Jessica will email them to Kevin.
  • FUTURE ACTION: Once Kevin applies the changes to Policies and Procedures, Secretary will announce the changes to the membership.
    • Decision: Jessica will aim to do these by the end of March.
  • ACTION: Kat will send a PDF (cc: E-Board) of the letter notifying Mike that he has been appointed New Mapping Editor as of 10/26/22.
    • Mike may need an official letter to help with reappointment (etc.). Do we have a template for this?
    • Decision: Jessica will draft the letter and send to Kat for an OK.
    • ACTION: Jessica will draft a letter notifying Mike that he has been appointed New Mapping Editor as of 10/26/22 and send it to Kat for her approval; Kat will email (cc: E-Board) the letter to Mike.
  • ACTION: Becky will send an announcement about Mike’s appointment to be shared with WAML membership referencing the IB post.
    • Decision: We should still make an official announcement because it is part of the official process.
    • ACTION: Evan will forward a recent appointment announcement to Becky so she can draft an announcement about the New Mapping Editor position.
  • ACTION: Kat will try to schedule a meeting with Kim Durante to formalize a deposit system for members and to talk about the WAML-Stanford relationship and to ask if it would be possible to give a non-Stanford person privileges to upload digital content.
    • This process is now underway. Kim: no we can’t give someone deposit access, but they can set up a form so the person can prepare the metadata and share a folder of content to be uploaded. 
    • Decision: Kim will plan to attend the next E-Board meeting in lieu of meeting with Kat.
  • ACTION: Kat will recognize Laura Shelly’s service in the next IB.
    • The President should be the one to do this. If Kat doesn’t get to it, Jessica will add this to her President’s Message.
    • Note that Laura informed Chrissy she was retiring from the position in October 2022; the E-Board never received this letter.
    • Vol. 54.3 will be the next issue.
  • ACTION: Kat will think of a way to thank Laura Shelley privately, such as an official letter or flowers.
    • Decision: This would be nice but isn’t required of us. We can strike this action item, and if Kat decides to do it she can.
  • ACTION: Kat will invite 2 WAML members to be on the Nominating Committee.
    • Action completed thanks to Kim’s volunteering!
  • ACTION: Kat will reach out to Susan to ask about how the transition checklist came to be.
    • Context: at the Appointed Positions meeting we agreed to create documentation for transitioning these posts, similar to the E-Board’s Transition Checklist. There was support for developing this kind of documentation for the appointed positions, but we did not decide on a process.
    • ACTION: Jessica will ask Chrissy to create a Transition Checklist for her own position, and then this can serve as a model for others to base theirs on.

Potential Social Media Announcements

  • Another push to remind folks to book their rooms for WAML 2023.
  • Announce the WAML schedule.
    • ACTION: Jessica or Evan will share with Amy the WAML conference updates about room reservations and announce the conference schedule.

Next Meeting

  • E-Board Meeting: Thursday, 4/6/2023 at 9:00-11:00am PST / 12:00-2:00pm EST

Meeting adjourned: 10:26am PST

Minutes submitted by Rebecca Seifried (Secretary)

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