WAML 2015 General Business Meeting Minutes

WAML General Business Meeting
Annual Conference 2015
Meeting Minutes

Sept. 25, 2015

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Time: 4:00 pm
Location: ESRI Campus, Redlands CA
Head of Meeting: Chris Thiry
Minute taker: Chrissy Klenke (WAML Secretary)


1. Executive Reports

President – Chris Thiry – Welcome

Exec Meeting Summary – Secretary, Chrissy Klenke

Treasurer’s Report – Lisa Lamont

  • banking and savings account
  • honoraria
  • expenses – on target (end of the year $15,000 in checking)
  • Business manager Sold only 4 –
    1. time to digitize these publications save for Sounding Board

Committee Reports (1 minute summary)

Tom Brittnacher – IB Editor’s Report

  • Gone Digital – 3 issues so far
  • Production is way easier and everyone is enjoying
  • 12,000 visits 3,500 individual visitors – web crawlers seen by a much wider audience
  • look into creating DOI’s for all the content
    1. next issue – Nov looking for content/contribute (Oct. 15th for articles / Nov 1st for int
  • Members only – don’t’ have anything there yet, no idea what should be there or if we need anything. Let us know if there should be something there.
    1. Comments are supposed to be but most of them are spam.

Ken Rockwell- Publications Advisory Committee

  • Been a quiet year
  • approved the funds for the “Master index” and hired an indexer
  • Laura Shelley is the indexer. she has incorporated the contents of the indexes for volumes 43 – 45 into the master index (includes volume 1 – 42)
    1. is the process of finishing # 47 as a compilation and it will be a supplement from a re-issue
  • Now the links show the volume and issue number, but in actuality each link will go to the proper article.
  • This index is freely available

Daniel Brendle-Moczuk – Web Committee Report

  • Webpages are Responsive (most of them)
  • Need to update the URL’s on the Toolbox – WAML website

Greg Armento – Subscription/Membership report

  • 98 members
  • paypal
    1. prefer to be contacted with work emails
    2. be submitted to the wordpress for members only section rights
    3. membership/community manager

Jon Jablonski – Continuing Education Committee

  • Goal was to start doing webinars through MAGIRT. 2 done this past year.
    1. CUAC doesn’t exit anymore , using this webinar series to continue this dialog
    2. shoot for 4 webinars this year.

Julie Sweetkind-Singer (for Jane Ingalls) – Archivist Report

  • Hired a San Jose Library student to organize the WAML Archives – Rebecca
  • permanently housed in Stanford Archives and Special Collections. – There is a finding aid!
  • Index was useful in the organization
  • Rebecca loves WAML after working with the collection
  • It is complete! (print collection)
  • Electronic needs to be tackled
  • Jane will continue as Archivist until we find someone else and she can train
  • working on the last part – photographs and slides End of Oct will be complete and accessible and can link to on the WAML website and IB

Future Meetings – Kim Durante

  • Stanford – Rumsey Center will be complete.
  • asked for any suggestion for any topic

2. Liaison & Representatives Reports

MAGIRT – Kathy Rankin

  • ALA annual SF Honors award to Katherine Rankin.
  • See Report

NGAC – Julie Sweetkind-Singer

  • Sept was this year meeting
  • Tasks update
    1. one topic most interesting (discussion) where GIS is going.
    2. 1st time on a federal committee – a lot of politics shape what we can and can’t do
    3. Task – get the next administration to understand we this is – Geoportal
    4. Trying to do as much as we can to push forward agendas
      1. National address database (FEMA doesn’t have a database where everyone lives – they use Census Bureau)
      2. Elevation standards
      3. Next generation 911 call centers
      4. recommendations around spacial privacy issues @ a federal level. Phone is tracking everywhere you go – PRIVACY
    5. Spatial Revolution what is happening in the world
      • Keith Masback – Great guy to come in for a Webinar??
        1. Computer processing satellites – impact
      • December meeting – next meeting will be in April
      • New Satellite Sentinel 2 – French
        1. sending data
        2. resolution is 10 meter (blow away using Landsat…)

Geological Survey Mapping – No Report

  • (Geological Surveys Agencies with the States, Cartographers meeting)

SLA – No Report


  • Dorothy McGarry talked about the what it was
    1. No one – not going to be redone for RDA


  • Andrew Nicholson
    1. Assoc Canadian Map Libraries and Archives
    2. 50 yrs old this year – to celebrate releasing a peer reviewed a bulletin, welcoming submissions
    3. not limited to Canada or their members anyone can submit
    4. listed subjects of interest
    5. he has the info contact him with more information
    6. # of members 90-100
    7. Bulletin is still print publications

CCISA – No Report


  • Next meeting end of Oct and beginning of Nov.
  • GeoScience 101 – introduce Geoscience Librarians workshop


  • in the US 2016

3. Old Business


2. New Business


End 4:04

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