Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Annual Conference 2017
Day and Time: November 1, 2017 5:00pm
Location: Perry Castañeda Library, PCL 1.306
Head of Meeting: Philip White, President
Minute taker: Julie Sweetkind-Singer, Secretary


Officers: Philip White (President), Tom Brittnacher (Vice President/President Elect), Bruce Godfrey (Treasurer), Julie Sweetkind-Singer (Secretary)

Others Present: Lisa Lamont, Ken Rockwell, Katherine Rankin, Greg Armento, Daniel Brendle-Moczuk 

  1. Old Business
    1. WAML Wiki and movement of documents (Phil White)
      1. WAML Wiki – waml.pbworks.com
        1. Still in use and will continue to use for the documents.
      2. Google Doc- WAML Officer Descriptions suggestions last on email record – suggestions in RED.
        1. Action: Julie will compare the descriptions of the officer descriptions on the wiki with the email Chrissy sent. Send a note on the WAMLex google group with any changes.
      3. Wiki -Better place for discussion and placement of WAML documents VS other like Google Docs.
        1. Wiki is appropriate. No further action necessary.
      4. Suggestion: a list of all our communication venues and what everything is used for (ie wiki, webpage, etc) Next steps?
        1. ie Treasurer laws manual, how-to manuals, reports, etc.
        2. secretary notes, documentation, etc.
        3. Action: Julie will compare what’s on the wiki and what Chrissy email recently. Updated the wiki as appropriate.
        4. Bylaws from wiki include changes but we’re not sure if they were accepted or corrected. New officers need to be added to the wiki: Bruce and Julie (done).
        5. Action: Phil and Tom: Archiving the by-laws after review. Look at and update the conference manual. Make sure the sidebar links are up-to-date for navigation and make sure it is organized in a reasonable order. Figure out who is the administrator and have more than one. List of how to transfer power after officer transition.
        6. Action: Bruce will look at treasurer’s page and send changes to group email 
    2. Website Updates (Daniel Brendle-Moczuk)
      1. There are things on the Website that need to be updated – disbanded committees, updated officers, etc.
        Action: Tom and Daniel will work on this. 
    3. News and Notes
      1. Michael Smith has not been doing the News and Notes. Tom suggested that work should go into WAML’s social media output rather than into News &Notes as the last issue was April-July 2014.
      2. Action: Phil White will ask Mike to send in a formal letter of resignation.


  2. New Business
    1. WAML 2017 – 2018 Election Results
      1. President – Philip White
      2. VP/President Elect – Tom Brittnacher
      3. Secretary – Julie Sweetkind-Singer
      4. Treasurer – Bruce Godfrey
    2. Officer Reports 2016 – 2017
      1. President – Philip White
        1. Phil spent last year working on the meeting. 51 people signed up for the meeting; 16 at the workshop.
      2. Vice President – Tom Brittnacher
        1. Upcoming job: finding someone to host the meeting in 2018. Discussion took place about possible venues. Tom will be asking about this at the meeting.
      3. Past President – Kim Durante (not present)
      4. Treasurer – Bruce Godfrey
        1. In the process of transitioning accounts. Need more documentation for it all to be completed. Lisa will take the minutes to the bank on Friday at 2:15pm.
        2. Updated accounts information:
          1. Checking account: $19,275.01
          2. Money market account: $2,737.80
          3. Paypal account: approximately $100.00
      5. Secretary – Julie Sweetkind-Singer
        1. Goal: Best way to manage the materials in the future.
    3. Manager Reports
      1. Archivist – Julie Sweetkind Singer and Wafaa Salaje-Neil (2017 – )
        1. Flickr site is new. Katie Lage has moved all of the images over to the new site. This has not been updated. This should probably be rolled into the Web Committee’s duties. Announce at the business meeting.
        2. Action: Julie will work Tom on how to get the photos archived – Internet archive?
        3. Action: Julie will work with Wafaa on figuring out how to ingest the digital materials with the archiving staff of Stanford Libraries.
      2. Atlas & Book Review Editor – Ilene Raynes (2012 – )
        1. No report
      3. Business Manager – Melissa Lamont (2011 – )
        1. Lisa suggested that we get the Occasional Papers scanned and put up online. Action: Lisa will gather the titles, see what’s online, check the copyright, get quotes for scanning and bring to the board.
        2. Action: Lisa will check on getting the scanned IB’s OCR’d.
      4. IB’s Editor (Information Bulletin) – Tom Brittnacher (2009 – )
        1. In discussion with Kim Durante to take over the editorship of the IB, but not until Nov. 2017. Tom wants to move away from it and should given his board position. It is being indexed on a regular basis.
      5. IB’s Production Editor – Jon Jablonski (2011 – )
        1. Jon continues to do the production.
      6. Community Manager (formally Membership & Subscriptions Manager) – Greg Armento (2011 – )
        1. Membership as of Oct 25, 2017 – 88 members including life members. We are holding steady over the last few years.
        2. The title has changed to Community Manager and Greg would like to see it defined a bit more. How does this overlap with the Communications Committee?
        3. Motion to change the name of Community Manager to Membership Manager. Motion passed.
      7. Webmaster – Daniel Brendle-Moczuk (2011 – )
        1. Migration to responsive site – it’s ready at any time although there are pages that still need to be resolved in terms of their place in the new site. All top level pages are done.
          1. Action: The Web Committee should be working with Daniel to complete the website transition.
          2. Daniel will archive the old Laughing Squid site and will give the new responsive site the same URLs as the old pages. He will link the pages that have not changed yet to the responsive page.
      8. News & Notes editor – Michael Smith (2009 – )
        1. See notes above.
    4. Committee Reports
      1. Continuing Education (Jon Jablonski)
        1. Katie Lage took over the WAML/MAGIRT webinars.
      2. Scholarship Committee (Susan Powell – absent)
        1. Applicants/Recipients
          1. Approximately 19-20 applicants for the 2 scholarships.
          2. Taylor Hickson: University of Chicago (new career). Anita Marie Martinez: Los Angeles Public Library (diversity). They must write up an article for the IB and serve on the committee the next year.
        2. Future of committee
          1. Task of the committee is to find a long-term funding model for the future.
        3. Funding in the future
          1. This year, WAML funded this. It is unclear where funding will come from in the future.
      3. Website Communications (Jon Jablonski – written report)
        1. The new responsive website is ready to be released. Map Librarians’ Website has been converted to a wiki format and is awaiting feedback from the committee. Scanned PDF’s of the IB’s back to vol 1. Are available on the website. Their page needs to be cleaned up. Three issues of the IB were successfully produced this year.
        2. We need a chair of the Web Communications committee. Discuss at the Business meeting.
        3. The Board suggests that the Web Communications committee take over the social media outreach work for WAML.
        4. News and Notes editor is an appointed position. What has to happen to remove this as such?
          1. Action: Julie will check to see what the by-laws say about removing an appointed position.
          2. Action: Phil will talk to Mike and ask him to send a formal email of resignation from the position.
      4. Nominating Committee (Kim Durante)
        1. No report.
      5. Migrating to the Responsive website (Daniel Brendle-Moczuk)
        1. Status and timeline: All work should be completed by July 1, 2018.
      6. EXEC Board google Groups email list/Google drive administration
        1. List membership and management: The current president is responsible for this. Who should be on this and who should be taken off? Vice/president/past can stay on as long as they want. Other officers will stay on for one year past their appointment is over.
          1. Action: Add these terms to the bylaws.
        2. How should we administer the Google Shared Drive? Who should own it? Secretary should be the administrator. The documents should be delivered to the Archivist and then removed from the Shared Drive.
          1. Action: Julie will talk to Chrissy about administration of the Google Shared Drive..   Julie will get the documents to the archivist for long-term preservation.
      7. Future meeting planning
        1. 2018 Annual Meeting location to be decided.
        2. Joint WAML/Cyamus Meeting in 2019 – March or September (Katie Lage/Matthew Parsons): Tom will continue to work with Katie and Matthew on this.
  3. Other Business
    1. Archiving of the output of WAML
      1. Discussion as to the website, presentations, electronic communications per the retention schedule
      2. Oral history documents – transcription costs and archiving
        1. Recording of M. Larsgaard wake. What will we do with a copy of the recording? We do not need to transcribe it.
        2. We have 1 oral history from Linda Newman. Phil Hoehn has agreed to do a history with Julie Sweetkind-Singer. Jon Jablonski will interview another person. Stan Stevens wrote an essay.
          1. Transcriptions cost between $2-4 per page. Action: Lisa will get a quote for how much it would cost to transcribe 3 hours of content.
  4. Meeting adjourned at 6:51pm.

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