2021-07-30 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

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WAML Agenda
Executive Board Meeting 
July 30, 2021 

Call meeting to order: 1:06pm PDT

Officers in attendance: Evan Thornberry (President), Katherine Strickland (Vice President), Matt Toro (Past President), Kevin Dyke  (Secretary), Bruce Godfrey (Treasurer)

Other attendees: Louise Ratliff

Approval of Minutes from last meeting: June 24, 2021 – Approved

Officer Reports & Check-In (X minutes)

  • President (Evan Thornberry) – short news and notes blurb for the WAML IB.
  • Vice President (Katherine Strickland) – Cat likes treats
  • Past President (Matt Toro)
  • Secretary (Kevin Dyke) – met with Louise who taught me how to be secretary
  • Treasurer (Bruce Godfrey) – Getting ready to issue honoraria checks for Web Advancement members

Actions approved over email by E-Board since June 24, 2021 E-Board meeting:  

  • A membership list was sent to Kevin Dyke in his role as Web Advancement Project Manager, from Nick Beyelia (Membership manager)

Appointed Position Reports (0 minutes)

  • None requested 

Updates from task forces, committees, etc. (0 minutes)

  • None requested

Old Business (40 minutes)

  • Update on Web Advancement Project (Kevin)
    • Waml Staging WordPress Website
      • Site image updated to view of the Grand Canyon
      • Conference material for current year on new site. 
      • Redirects from conference site to new site will be set up
      • Content to create: detailed tables of officers since 1967, as well as all all appointed positions.
      • Memorials are transferred over.
      • UX things, and branding (Action: Review past WAML work toward improving branding).
    • Launch date is set for Monday Aug. 2.
    • Announcement from Executive Board
    • Ongoing activities and responsibilities
      • Membership list will have to be synced before the membership plugin is fully configured.
      • Task force for revamping toolkit, and for styling/branding.
      • Matt will email the membership (first, MAPS-L etc later) announcing trumpeting the new site. Will draft and share with Evan.
      • Blogging / News section?
      • Action: Evan and Kevin write a assessment survey for new site to be ready when launched
  • E-Board Action from May 27: Write up job descriptions
    • Matt will develop a template for input by current task holders (current and potential changes) Status: In Process
    • Additional feedback/edits requested in template
  • Communicating new/combined positions, eliminated positions, and positions with changed honoraria.
    Providing an opportunity for positions to be rotated off.
    • We officially dissolved WAML Appointed Positions Review Ad Hoc Committee to assess appointed/adhoc committees.
    • Need to further develop the job descriptions, but definitely need to get input from the current position holders.
    • Action: Matt will by Aug 6 send a template to Evan (and eboard) who will distribute to current position holders.
  • Action from May 27: Matt will draft a charge for an ad hoc committee on Diversity Equity and Inclusion. Status: In process

Action: everyone takes a look and give feedback comments by Aug 6.  If we can get board approval over email, that will work, otherwise, we can review/approve at next e-board meeting.

  • Conference update (Evan)
    • Facilitated session to get membership feedback on site – Content? UX? Branding? 

New Business

  • New E-Board meeting schedule

Next Meeting: 

  • Friday, 27 August, 1pm PDT

Meeting adjourned: 2:30pm

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