2021-08-27 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

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WAML Agenda
Executive Board Meeting 
August 27, 2021 

Call meeting to order: 1:05 PDT

Officers in attendance: Evan Thornberry (President), Katherine Strickland (Vice President), Matt Toro (Past President), Kevin Dyke  (Secretary), Bruce Godfrey (Treasurer)

Other attendees: 

Approval of Minutes from last meeting: July 30

Officer Reports & Check-In (X minutes)

  • President (Evan Thornberry) – None 
  • Vice President (Katherine Strickland) – 
  • Past President (Matt Toro) – None; impressed with conference planning activities — kudos to committee
  • Secretary (Kevin Dyke) – 
  • Treasurer (Bruce Godfrey) – Issued 3 checks for participants in Web Advancement Project.  One has been cashed.  Bruce will monitor the bank account before the next Board meeting for the other two checks.

Actions approved over email by E-Board since July 30, 2021 E-Board meeting:  

  • None?

Appointed Position Reports (0 minutes)

  • Discussion returned to the use of a “passive” web form to send out to membership 

Updates from task forces, committees, etc. (0 minutes)

  • None requested

Old Business (40 minutes)

  • Action: Review past WAML work toward improving branding 
    • Brief discussion
      • Toro: reminder that we need uniform branding elements
      • Thornberry: 
        • Simple first step: inventory of existing branding assets
          • Does board need to formally approve/disapprove assets?
  • Action: Evan and Kevin write a assessment survey for new site to be ready when launched 
    • Status: done
    • Action: Matt will send a template to Evan (and eboard) who will distribute to current position holders.
      • Status: ?
      • Moved to 2021-2022 exec board folder
      • Templates created for the 7 appointed positions
      • Susan P and P Andrew co led taskforce originally
      • Honoraria alt proposal (now in the same new folder)
      • Matt would like to now hand over the templates to the individuals in those positions, using the policies/procedures as guidance for the job description
      • Did we approve the report or did we approve the changes suggested by the report? Does it matter? F
      • Membership manager – Kevin and Nick will need to get together and figure out what the position description will look like for this newly reimagined role, in light of Greg’s stepping down as well as the new website.
      • Action: everyone take a look and give feedback (suggestions or comments) about the templates located here. Matt will start a dedicated email thread for this topic. IIf we can get board approval over email, that will work, otherwise we can review/approve at a later e-board meeting.
  • Conference update (Evan)
    • Gantt chart 
    • Submissions
      • General schedule
      • Exec Board and Business meetings, sounding board
    • Social events
      • Gather (social back channel, meeting space)
        • Thinking a month for 70 people, which would be $490.
        • Can build custom rooms (like for sponsors/exhibitors)
      • Kahoot (trivia)
    • Registration options
      • free/paid options to allow those who want to chip $ in
    • Sponsors
      • At least one confirmed, others (from previous years) have been contacted 

New Business:

  • None

Next Meeting: 

  • September 24, 1:00-2:30pm PDT

Meeting adjourned: 2:34PDT

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