2021-09-24 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

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WAML Agenda
Executive Board Meeting 
September 24, 2021 

Call meeting to order:  1:00 PDT

Officers in attendance: Evan Thornberry (President), Katherine Strickland (Vice President), Matt Toro (Past President), Kevin Dyke  (Secretary), Bruce Godfrey (Treasurer)

Other attendees: 

Approval of Minutes from last meeting : August 27

Officer Reports & Check-In 

  • President (Evan Thornberry) 
    • Nothing other than agenda items
    • Throwing out the idea of moving conf to the spring
    • Kat suggests polling folks during this year’s conference
  • Vice President (Katherine Strickland) 
    • Nothing other than conference planning
  • Past President (Matt Toro) 
  • Secretary (Kevin Dyke) 
    • Nothing
  • Treasurer (Bruce Godfrey)
    • Conference reg and waml registrations $ coming in

Actions approved over email by E-Board since August 28, 2021 E-Board meeting:

  • Purchase of 1 month subscription of gather.town and annual subscription of Kahoot for conference social events
    • ACTION Evan will work with Bruce to make the purchases
    • ACTION Also, add cancellation reminder/process here for kahoot

Appointed Position Reports (0 minutes)

  • None

Updates from task forces, committees, etc. (0 minutes)

  • None requested
  • Chrissy – just created blank page for next issue

Old Business (40 minutes)

  • WAML Branding 
    • Action: Inventory of existing branding assets (Evan will generate a simple list of existing elements we have to work from)
  • Appointed position reviews
    • Action: Matt will send a template to Evan (and eboard) who will distribute to current position holders.
    • Action: everyone take a look and give feedback (suggestions or comments) about the templates located here. Matt will start a dedicated email thread for this topic. IIf we can get board approval over email, that will work, otherwise we can review/approve at a later e-board meeting.
      • We will ask current position holders to provide duties/tasks/responsibilities
      • Bruce asked how these will interplay with the policies/procedures?
        • Job descriptions ought to be most fluid, referred to by other more permanent docs.
      • Kat: There may be a few reasons to adjust policies/procedures a bit, but the job descs are more active
      • Matt: if anything, we could consider abstracting P/P to decouple from the nuts and bolts
    • ACTION: Evan will contact the current position holders and we will look to get feedback via the sounding board
    • Very long down the line action item – clean up vestigial positions/committees across WAML
  • Conference update (Evan)
    • Registration
      • Git ur dot on the map
      • Around a third of registrants so far have chosen the paid option
      • Action: Kevin will investigate PayPal payment tagging to help filter things better (in concert with Bruce)
    • Program
      • Need to tie the program to the individual talk/workshop/etc info on another page
    • Speakers
      • Info going up soon
    • Sponsors
      • One on board so far, hopefully a nudge will encourage more
    • Chrissy has a cloth WAML banner from the 2019 Reno, so it exists!
    • Gavel passing talk

New Business

  •  Listserv discussion (Evan)
    • Good discussion, let’s consider opening the listserv to anyone and further extending the membership plugin’s capabilities for member2member communication

Next Meeting:

  •  After conference week!

Meeting adjourned: 4:39pm

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