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WAML Minutes
Executive Board Meeting
November 19, 2021
1:00pm PST

Call meeting to order:  1:10 PST

Officers in attendance: Evan Thornberry (President), Katherine Strickland (Vice President), Kevin Dyke  (Secretary), Bruce Godfrey (Treasurer)
Other attendees:

Approval of Minutes from last meeting

A.  Officer Reports & Check-In

  • President (Evan Thornberry)
    • No report
  • Vice President (Katherine Strickland)
    • Follow up on creating a survey about next year’s conference (as to when, interest in smaller meetings throughout the year, maybe in addition to rather than in place of the big annual).
  • Secretary (Kevin Dyke)
    • No report
  • Treasurer (Bruce Godfrey)
    • Re: conference
      • $1584.65 through registrations
      • 3 sponsors
      • expenses /income plus about 2k for the conference
    • $4015.25 in membership income for the calendar year

B. Actions approved over email by E-Board since Sept 24, 2021 E-Board meeting: 

  • Nov. 2 – $250 honorarium for conference keynote speakers (to Native Land Digital)

C.  Appointed Position Reports (0 minutes)

  • None

D. Updates from task forces, committees, etc. (0 minutes)

  • None requested
  • ACTION: Evan will put together a way to solicit reports from task forces/committees/etc on a regular basis prior to each EB meeting, using a Google form or something of the like.

E. Old Business (40 minutes)

  • conference feedback (Here)
    • Overall, very positive, amenable to future virtual conferences (or at least virtual/hybrid components)
  • appointed position feedback from job descriptions
    • Sent to Chrissy, Nick, Amy, Andria, Ilene, daniel, Georgia
      • Just after the conference
    • Received responses from Nick (ok’d), Amy (confirmation – not feedback), Andria*, Ilene*, Georgia (ok’d)
      • Andria
        • Would not stay on as archivist if it combines with historian, but would still provide archival services at Stanford.
        • Did not include historian info, although the EB has approved the position.
          • Are we ready to “rock the archival boat”?
        • How to preserve the approval of the historian position, while not moving to fill it currently.
      • Ilene
        • No problems, but wanted clarification on identifying digital projects
      • For 2022, finalizing changes and integrating into policies/procedures. (sidenote, Kevin needs to clean up formatting on that page as well)
        • Removing business mgr, IB production editor positions.
          • ACTION: Evan will email EBoard asking for approval to remove these positions. Then, Evan will let Jon and Lisa know, then Kevin will update the P&P to remove them.
        • (FOR NEXT MEETING) Approving position descriptions and honoraria.
          • These changes will take effect on July 1, 2022. First “new” honoraria will payout July 2023 (for work done in prior year)
    • Need to reach out to daniel and Chrissy
  • listserv changes?
    • Groups.io?
    • What role do we see for the WAML list?
      • Member2member communication
      • Maps-L already covers the broader community quite well.
    • ACTION: by end of 2021 (for Jan 2022 EB meeting), Kevin will put together a brief proposal about how the WP membership plugin can be tied into a potential Google Group replacement of the listserv
  • DEI ad hoc committee
    • Met late in the last board’s time
    • Before our next meeting, we can provide notes on the draft charge Matt put together
  • Branding inventory (ongoing)

F.   New Business

  • results of the sounding board (mainly about future conferences and “virtualness”)
    • Survey creation about scheduling questions raised at sounding board (frequency, timing, spreading content over the course of the year)

G.   Next Meeting

  • Jan 4th 11 – 1PST
  • New schedule: First Tuesday of the month – 11am – 1pm PST (1 – 3pm CST), pending Matt’s review and thumbs up
  • Bruce brought up elections for the upcoming year
    • Treasurer, president-elect, and secretary
    • Matt as past president spearheads the search for candidates, etc
  • Sounding board discussion
    • More frequent opportunities for sounding board-like activities. Last half hour of each EB meeting perhaps? Utilizing techniques used by communities such as GeoBlacklight. Toolbox focused, more frequent events. Using Slack more year-round rather than around the conference. Workshop/webinar other learning opportunities throughout the year. ACTION: Kat will set up a survey and share with us

Meeting adjourned: 2:31 PST