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WAML Agenda/Minutes
Executive Board Meeting
February 01, 2022
11:00am PST

Call meeting to order:  11:03 PST
Officers in attendance: Evan Thornberry (President), Katherine Strickland (Vice President), Kevin Dyke (Secretary), Bruce Godfrey (Treasurer)

Other attendees: Ken Rockwell, Heather Ross

Approval of Minutes from last meeting

A.  Officer Reports & Check-In

  • President (Evan Thornberry)
    • Lisa Lamont, as business manager, has publications to either offer/dispose of, as well as getting material to Archives, prior to the position’s dissolution.
    • Going to offer on Maps-L prior to any disposal
    • Lisa asked about how to handle shipping costs.
      • Evan moves to allocate $200, and then reimburse Lisa as costs accrue.
        • Bruce seconds
        • ACTION: Evan to follow up with Kat and Lisa about offering and shipping reimbursements.
  • Past President (Matt Toro)
  • Vice President (Katherine Strickland)
    • Conference poll questions
    • Start WAML 2022 Conference planning conversation
    • ACTION: Evan to review steps from last year and get back to Kat about starting conference planning.
  • Secretary (Kevin Dyke)
    • Asking Laughing Squid about using our provided email account, which would be usable as a mailing list tie in for the website
  • Treasurer (Bruce Godfrey)
    • $1,500 up for calendar year 2021
    • $27,500 in checking/savings

B.  Actions approved over email by E-Board since November 19, 2021 E-Board meeting: 


C.  Appointed Position Reports (5 minutes)

  • Andria Olson (Archivist):
    • Closing 2021: The WAML legacy site has been archived and is viewable here: https://searchworks.stanford.edu/view/jr596rj1024
    • Upcoming 2022:
      • 1. Split and organize recordings for WAML 2020 and 2021 virtual conferences; accession recordings to Stanford Digital Repository (SDR); release to Stanford online catalog, SearchWorks.
      • 2. Assess publications (PDFs) shared by Lisa Lamont; accession to SDR if appropriate.

D. Updates from task forces, committees, etc. (0 minutes)

E. Old Business (40 minutes)

Appointed position transitioning

  • Approving position descriptions and honoraria.
    These changes will take effect on July 1, 2022. First “new” honoraria will payout July 2023 (for work done in prior year)

    Questions needed to be resolved before new positions/roles begin in July.
    • Volunteer to work with Ilene to clarify how to identify and review “digital projects”?
      • Providing a way to submit digital projects for review
    • Action: Evan to “introduce” Kat who will volunteer to work with Ilene.
    • How to preserve the approval of the historian position, while not moving to fill it currently.
    • Jon’s (IB Production Editor) and Lisa’s (business manager) positions are retired. P&P have been amended and announced to membership.
      • Action (at some point soonish): Kevin needs to clean up formatting on Policies and Procedures
    • To finish the last remaining Business Manager tasks, pubs will need to be offered, then disposed of.
    • daniel is moving on from webmaster. Kevin will take over officially in July.
    • ACTION ITEM: Evan to touch bases with Chrissy about changes to her appointed position.
    • ACTION: Evan and Kat to connect to review language in P&P about transitioning positions and honoraria. (sections 2.4 & 2.5 and bylaws section 9).
    • ACTION ITEM: Evan to start. List of everyone in positions. Note those who have or will have performed new job duties prior to changes in positions starting July 1, 2022.
      • Positions will need to be reviewed and formally approved along with changes in honoraria.


  • Treasurer, president-elect, and secretary
  • See bylaws section 8
    • 8. Elections
      • 8.1 By March 1st each year, the President shall appoint a three-member Nominating Committee which shall include the Past President.
      • 8.2 The Nominating Committee shall give the Secretary a slate of nominees for the positions to be voted on, and shall inform the Executive Board of the slate.
      • 8.3 The Secretary shall submit this slate to the entire Membership by ballot. The ballot shall state the return deadline date.
      • 8.4 Ballots shall be returned to the Secretary who shall count them and notify the President of the results of the election. If the Secretary is running for office, the ballots shall be returned to and counted by the President Elect. The President Elect shall then notify the President of the results of the election.
      • 8.5 The President shall notify the newly elected officers, the current Executive Board members and the unsuccessful candidates of the results of the election.
      • 8.6 The Secretary shall then notify the Membership of the results of the election via the Information Bulletin and other appropriate publications of the Association.

Survey creation about scheduling questions raised at the sounding board (Kat)

  • More frequent opportunities for sounding board like activities. Last half hour of each EB meeting perhaps? Utilizing techniques used by communities such as GeoBlacklight. Toolbox focused, more frequent events. Using Slack more year-round rather than around the conference. Workshop/webinar other learning opportunities throughout the year.
  • Kat created a draft survey using Google Forms (https://forms.gle/JxTe7Y8qYNm3vNnt6)
    • Action: Kat to give it a review and share with EBoard
  • We need to consider the future of in-person meetings. Is 2022 (Hawaii)? 2023 Idaho? 2024 Vancouver? Need to consider hybridity and availability of resources.
    • ACTION: Kat will get in touch with U of Hawaii and get a sense for their interest in hosting in-person in 2022
    • Hosting virtually again is a possibility.
    • 4.1 The Association shall hold general meetings at times and places within the Principal Region as selected by the Executive Board after consultation with the Membership. General meetings of the Membership may be held outside the Principal Region as extraordinary circumstances require. A ballot vote of the entire Membership is required to schedule such a meeting, with an approval vote of a 2/3rds majority of the membership.

listserv changes

  • Kevin will provide update at next E Board meeting

DEI ad hoc committee

  • Review draft charge Matt put together.
    • Action: Evan to send email to e board looking for comments and eventual approval.

Branding inventory

F.  New Business

  • Thoughts on WAML bounding box tool support?
    • Some good discussion, but will need to pick up again at next meeting.
    • Bruce suggested asking NGMDB about perhaps sharing the code and hosting the application on GitHub or elsewhere, then the community could also share enhancements.
  • ACTION: Evan and Kevin to connect after meeting to approve and disperse minutes.

G.  Next Meeting:

March 1, 11:00am PST

Meeting adjourned: 12:32PST