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WAML Agenda
Executive Board Meeting
March 01, 2022
11:00 am PST

Call meeting to order:  11:05 PST
Officers in attendance: Evan Thornberry (President), Katherine Strickland (Vice President), Kevin Dyke (Secretary), Bruce Godfrey (Treasurer)

Other attendees:

Approval of Minutes from last meeting

A.  Officer Reports & Check-In

  • President (Evan Thornberry)
    • Nothing beyond what’s in the agenda
  • Past President (Matt Toro)
  • Vice President (Katherine Strickland)
    • Requests survey responses from last conference (Evan will send)
  • Secretary (Kevin Dyke)
    • Nothing to report
  • Treasurer (Bruce Godfrey)
    • Nothing on the financial side

B.  Actions approved over email by E-Board since Feb 2, 2022 E-Board meeting: 

  • Minutes approved Feb 8

C.  Appointed Position Reports (5 minutes)

  • Nick Beyelia (Membership Manager):
    • It’s basically “off-season” for membership; that being said, there were two new members who signed up between November and mid-February. Neither of which were new.

D. Updates from task forces, committees, etc. (0 minutes)

  • None

E.  Old Business

Appointed position transitioning  (30 minutes – Evan)

  • Approving position descriptions and honoraria.
    • These changes will take effect on July 1, 2022. First “new” honoraria will pay out July 2023 (for work done in prior year)
      • Honoraria still pending finalization and approval of the board. Particularly need to consider feedback received from existing position holders.

July 1st position transition – matrix of new positions/changes, any feedback, honoraria changes.

  • Lisa has offered the pubs on Maps-L, with deadline for response on March 4th. After that, Business Manager duties will be finished.

    Pending ACTION ITEMS:
    • Action: Evan to “introduce” Kat who will volunteer to work with Ilene.
    • Action: Kevin to clean up formatting on Policies and Procedures.
    • ACTION: Evan to touch bases with Chrissy about changes to her appointed position. (pending response)
    • ACTION: Evan and Kat to connect to review language in P&P about transitioning positions and honoraria. (sections 2.4 & 2.5 and bylaws section 9).
    • ACTION ITEM: Evan to start. List of everyone in positions. Note those who have or will have performed new job duties prior to changes in positions starting July 1, 2022.
      • Positions will need to be reviewed and formally approved along with changes in honoraria.

Questions needed to be resolved before new positions/roles begin in July.

  • How to preserve the approval of the historian position, while not moving to fill it currently.
  • Need to figure out the new role and guidelines for Book and Geospatial Resources Editor position. Adjust honoraria in response to feedback.

Elections (10 minutes – Evan and Matt)

  • Nominating Committee formed.
  • Send any names you have to Kevin!

Conference planning / survey (10 minutes – Kat)

  • Forming the conf planning committee
    • Evan will send out a call for participants
  • Idaho could serve as a backup if we don’t hear back/hear back in the negative from U of Hawaii. Bruce will send out feelers so we can be prepared to move by mid-month.
  • Draft survey using Google Forms (https://forms.gle/JxTe7Y8qYNm3vNnt6)

Listserv changes

  • ACTION: Kevin needs to connect with Matt Parsons at UW and Nick Beyelia to plan (figure?) out migration of the listserv and steps therein. Kevin will get the three of us together hopefully sometime in March.
  • Action: Evan to reach out to Julie about waml.org domain renewal – we need a physical address to pay for it.
Domain renewal

DEI ad hoc committee

  • Action: Evan to send email to e board looking for comments and eventual approval.

Branding inventory
Thoughts on WAML bounding box tool support

A.  New Business:

B.  Next Meeting:

  • April 5, 11:00am PST

Meeting adjourned: 12:39pm PST