2022-04-05 WAML Executive Board Meeting Minutes

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WAML Agenda
Executive Board Meeting 
April 05, 2022 
11:00am PDT

Call meeting to order: 11:05AM PDT 

Officers in attendance: Evan Thornberry, Bruce Godfrey, Matthew Toro, Katherine Strickland

Other attendees: Chrissy Klenke, Amy Work, Chris Thiry

Approval of Minutes from the last meeting:

A. Officer Reports & Check-In

  • President (Evan Thornberry)
    • UCLA news/situation
      • Spoke to Chris T on Friday (last week? Need to check)
      • Chris T emailed about updates today and will hopefully provide them soon.
  • Past President (Matt Toro)
    • Bought a house! Has allergies!
  • Vice President (Katherine Strickland) 
    • Eyeball stitches!
    • Sent out email about planning for next WAML meeting
  • Secretary (Kevin Dyke) 
    • No report (other than dog teeth)
  • Treasurer (Bruce Godfrey)
    • IRS and Calif franchise tax reports filings complete
    • Calif dept of state also filed (good for two years)
    • Evan mentioned moving physical address to a physical address at Stanford University. Is currently Lisa Lamont’s home address (former Business Manager), and the move is underway.

B. Actions approved over email by E-Board since Feb 2, 2022 E-Board meeting:

  • Minutes approved on March 14

C. Appointed Positions Reports

  • Chrissy
    • 53.2 just dropped on 3/31, need to tweak an article and will resend
    • Has access to stats now (finally!) – Thank you, Kevin!
      • Nearly 300 views since 3/31
    • Still looking for new submissions
    • Chris T mentioned opening articles in a new tab? Accessibility issues, other thoughts?
      • Kat likes the new tab but not to do it.
      • Kevin will investigate and Chrissy mentioned the WAML web group checking into it as well.
  • Amy (social media)
    • Is there a draft of IB that could be used for posting?
    • FB changed to a new platform Meta Business something
    • Theorizing about how to highlight ongoing people/work/projects.
      • A brainstorming committee would be great for this

D. Updates from task forces, committees, etc.

  • Chrisy Thiry
    • Talked to Maria (UCLA) about the pending deaccessioning of the historical map collection
    • Two spots (open stacks majority of collection ~ %75, split off historical maps (pre-1945) into a locked area of Special Collections)
    • The historical collection (60 cases plus Sanborns and vertical files) is in danger of getting booted from SC in June/July (date?).
      • Could be moved to Geology Library, 
    • Maria needs to provide a plan within a week
      • At least a third is uncataloged/un-inventoried, mainly due to language
    • Three categories: LA area, uncataloged, everything else
    • Julie Sweetkind-Singer said UC/Stanford map libs meeting to see what could be done.
    • Perhaps WAML could help review the plan and offer suggestions, but we really need to check with Maria
    • Maybe a WAML preconference subject could be the sunsetting/decommissioning of map collections

E. Old Business

Elections (Kevin & Matt)

  • Call for nominations sent out on March 28th
  • End date for nominations is set to April 15th
  • None received via form as of April 4.
    • Bruce submitted on the 4th! Thanks, Bruce
  • Emailing potential folks directly seems to be effective
  • ACTION: Evan and Kat will share some thoughts and efforts with the committee

Conference planning (Kat)

  • Bruce reached out with more info
  • Committee needs to get going with polls/etc
  • No response from Hawaii
  • ACTION: Evan and Kat will work together to configure WAML conference email

DEI working group (Evan)

  • How to execute a group like this without it ending up a performative do-nothing?
  • Addressing Collections and/or People
  • Making people feel welcome.
  • Chrissy – maybe integrating a DEI focused workshop into each conference, or the Education committee’s work? Conference category? Section in conference manual?
  • Formalizing code of ethics?ACTION Read and provide additional comments before May 3 meeting.

F. New Business

  • No new Business

G. Next Meeting

  • May 3, 11:00am PDT

Meeting adjourned: 12:19 PDT

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