2022-06-07 WAML Executive Board Meeting Minutes

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WAML Agenda
Executive Board Meeting 
June 07, 2022 
11:00am PDT

Call meeting to order: 11:03AM PDT 

Officers in attendance: Evan, Bruce, Matt, Kat, Kevin
Secretary – Kevin

Other attendees: 

Approval of Minutes from last meeting: 

A. Officer Reports & Check-In

  • President (Evan Thornberry)
    • Going to meet with Amy Work about social media manager position questions/brainstorming. (next week (6/13))
  • Past President (Matt Toro)
    • Kudos to Evan for a job well done this past year
  • Vice President (Katherine Strickland) 
    • Confirmed virtual for fall meeting (September 19th), hoping to host via UT Zoom.
    • Updated Gannt chart (Draft WAML 2022 Gantt chart)
    • Ongoing discussion about WAML meeting in spring as well
  • Secretary (Kevin Dyke) 
    • Nothing to report beyond items below
  • Treasurer (Bruce Godfrey)   
    • Nothing new on the financial side   

B. Actions approved over email by E-Board since April 2022 E-Board meeting:

  • Minutes approved (4/15/2022)

C. Appointment Position Reports


D. Updates from task forces, committees, etc.


E. Old Business

Appointed position transition VOTES


Changes to appointed positions
  • Web Administrator
    • New responsibilities: Administration of Map Librarians Toolbox
    • Adjustment to honorarium: +$50 ($350)
  • Social Media Manager
    • Adjustment to honorarium: +$350 ($350)
  • Archivist
    • Adjustment to honorarium: +$350 ($350)
    • **Responsibilities do not include historian duties**
  • Membership Manager
    • New responsibilities: Oversees membership-specific communication channels [Listserv]
    • Adjustment to honorarium: +$50 ($350)
  • Features Editor:
    • New responsibilities: Include features such as an “advice column” (summaries of interesting listserv discussions and/or answering/getting answers to individuals’ questions), interviews with WAML members, spotlights on collections, etc.
    • Adjustment to honorarium: +$50 ($350)
  • Information Bulletin Editor
    • New responsibilities: Assumes responsibilities of IB Production Editor
    • Adjustment to honorarium: +$150 ($650)
  • Book and Geospatial Resources Editor: 
    • New responsibilities: Add maps and digital mapping projects to categories of items to be reviewed.
    • Adjustment to honorarium: +$100 ($400)
    • (add explanation for why it bumped up $50, verbal discussion between Evan, Kat, and Ilene)
  • Changes to take place July 1, 2022.

Moved, seconded, and approved. ACTION Kevin will summarize the changes, send them to membership and adjust necessary web pages.


Retroactive payout for transition year ending June 30, 2022 – Many of these people have been doing this work all along and we would like to honor their commitments over the previous year.

  • Amy Work (Social Media Manager): $350
  • Andria Olson (Archivist): $350
  • Nick Beyelia (Membership Manager): $350
  • Georgia Brown (Features Editor): $350
  • Chrissy Klenke (Information Bulletin Editor): $650
  • Ilene Raynes (Book & Geospatial Resource Editor): $400
  • Daniel Brendle-Moczuk (Web Manager):$300
  • Jon Jablonski (IB production editor – retired position): will offer $500
  • Lisa Lamont (business manager – retired position): will offer $300

ACTION: Evan will email position holders confirming the votes above and asking them for mailing addresses (Bruce will be CCed).

Elections (Kevin and Matt)

  • Matt, Kevin, and Emma Slayton are the nominating committee
  • Bruce is the nominee for Treasurer, Kevin is willing to go on slate for Secretary again
  • Need a person for president/president-elect

Conference planning (Kat)

  • Date is pending for this years (virtual, shorter) WAML conference
  • Potential in-person meeting in the spring.

Stanford physical address proposal (Evan/Bruce)

  • Bruce and Evan have been working on Stanford’s physical address. Business address for web domain, tax purposes, incorporation, etc.
  • Waiting to hear back from Stanford in response

Continuing Education Committee (Evan)

  • Is more or less inactive. We can reach out to existing members as conference planning progresses
  • Add refreshing it to Kat’s list

Listserv migration (Evan)

  • Evan will meet with Matt Parsons and will then loop in Kevin and Nick B (Membership Manager) to start the process of moving from the UW list to the WordPress site.

New Exec Board calendar (Evan)

  • Will continue with the existing time/frequency for July/August

F. New Business


G. Next Meeting

Meeting adjourned: 12:56 PDT

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