Social Events

We’re organizing several social events during the conference week. All events are listed in the conference program, and more detailed information is provided below.


When: Open the entire conference!

This year’s conference will come with a custom conference Gather space for attendees to mingle with friends and colleagues, search for treasures, learn more about our sponsors, introduce your pets, show off your Halloween costume, and hang out on the beach. The space will be open starting Tuesday (October 26) and won’t close until Friday evening. So feel free to drop in during a break or attend one of the social hours the end each conference day.

Access to the WAML 2021 Gather space is done with a guest list, so be sure to use the email matching the one you used to register for the conference. The space is limited to 70 people at one time, so if it’s full when you arrive, just wait a moment until enough people leave to free up more space.

In your first attempt to enter the Gather space, you will set up your avatar and be guided through a tutorial on how to navigate the map and interface. If you have any questions, or want to get started early, see this Gather 101 tutorial.


When: Wednesday, October 27 – 1:35pm to 2:25pm PDT (Your time (approx.))

Brush up on your knowledge of obscure facts since this year we’re hosting a trivia session!! There will be two mixed-question rounds, and winners of each will be awarded a special prize. Trivia will use Kahoot! to deliver the trivia session, and the link to the live session will be revealed in the conference program soon!

Early Career Social Hour

When: Wednesday, October 27 – 2:25pm to 3:25pm PDT (Your time (approx.))

Head over to the Gather space for a special social hour focused on the interests of student early career librarians! So if this is you, we encourage you to attend to find out how WAML can support you in your professional roles. We also encourage veteran librarians to attend to provide their wisdom and expertise to answer questions and announce and existing or future job postings! Hope to see you there!

Gather Social Lunch

When: Friday, October 29 – 2:25pm to 3:25pm PDT (Your time (approx.))

We’ll meet up in the Gather space lounge to take a break from the conference and eat lunch with colleagues. Tables in the lounge will allow you to have smaller conversations with folks only sitting with you, so feel free to jump around and mingle with friends or park yourself in one place for the whole hour.