Map Index to the LC G Schedule


Jim Coombs
Maps and GIS Librarian
Missouri State University

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Welcome to the new updated and expanded map index to the maps section of the LC G Classification Schedule. The index has been evolving for many years. It started with the few index maps illustrating the boundaries of regions of continents and the United States for which 4-digit area numbers have been assigned. Then in 1978, Charley Seavey published a 7-page “”Visual Indexes to the LC G Schedule” in Special Libraries Association Map & Geography Division Bulletin no. 144:17-23. In 1980, I and my staff at the (Southwest) Missouri State University Map Collection combined the G Schedule maps With Mr. Seavey’s maps to create an in-house index. At that time we had just started cataloging our maps using the LC G Classification, and so the index was our chief means of locating maps in our collection. Over the next few years, index was expanded and improved using photocopied base maps with place names and 4-digit area numbers typed in. in the early 1990’s, we acquired Adobe Illustrator and Map Art software on our office computer, and I created a 40-page index that included the boundaries and 4 digit area numbers for every country and most continental regions. I began this current revision shortly after the new edition if the G Schedule was published in 2005. This index can be used to assist in map cataloging as well as in reference service. We have several copies of it lying out on the map cabinets. Even though there are catalog records for maps in our online catalog, we still use the index when patrons ask for maps.

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