WAML 2015 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

WAML Executive Board Meeting
Annual Conference 2015
Meeting Minutes

Sept. 23, 2015

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Time: 1:00 pm
Location: ESRI Campus, Redlands CA
Head of Meeting: Chris Thiry
Minute taker: Chrissy Klenke (WAML Secretary)


Officers: President – Chris Thiry | Vice President/Pres Elect – Kim Durante | Treasurer – Lisa Lamont | Secretary – Chrissy Klenke (Late) | Past President – Jon Jablonski

Others Present: Katie Lage , Greg Armento, Phil White, Mike Smith, Tom Brittnacher, Dorothy McGarry, Diane Lightwood, Ken Rockwell


1. Old Business

a.  “Community Manager” (Membership & Subscription managers)

  • Greg Armento was/is the subscription manager.
  • Kathy Stroud resigned the membership manager last year.
    1. Duties have transformed/merged due to the new IB
      1. no need for a subscription manager.
    2. Due to Kathy’s resignation, Greg has verbally agreed to do the tasks this past year.
    3. suggestion to eliminate the subscription manager position,
  • Jon nominated Greg to be the Membership Manager.
  • Greg accepted.

2. New Business

a.  Officer Reports

President – Chris

  • Advice for future Presidents- “Don’t host the annual meeting and be President at the same time, especially if the location is not local.”

VP – Kim

  • Discussion on next year’s meeting time and location
    1. Possibly Stanford – the Rumsey Library will be complete next year.
    2. be aware of other conferences, however timing is up to the Host (VP).
    3. Meetings have evolved into a fall meeting the last 4 years.

Past President – Jon

  • Duties of the Past president have evolved in finding the next president.
    • Asks for any suggestions on who would be interested.
  • Jon would like to take time off of Elected Officials to concentrate and help Tom and Mike on the production side of the IB.

Treasurer – Lisa

  • We are Healthy!
  • over $18,000 in the budget
  • biggest expenses are honoraria and web hosting – no real big expenses
  • PayPal has been successful – 2nd year using it for Dues and Annual conference registration
    1. reasoning to add PayPal duties and responsibilities to be added to Treasure job description
  • We are in good standing with all Government and State agencies requiring Taxes
  • Only sold 4 books and 4 maps this year.
    1. suggestions for next year – maybe offer these publications digitally
    2. available for free?
    3. Further discussion and revisit of this discussion is necessary
  • Treasurer’s manual needs to be updated/recreated
  • Honoraria has stayed the same
    1. may be honoraria changes in the future

Secretary – Chrissy

  • Made the agenda based on last years minutes and some documents on the Wiki.

b. Committee Reports

IB Editor’s Report – Tom

  • Ist Issue – V. 46.1 Nov 2015 – V 46.3 July 2015
  • running smoothly, doesn’t take as much time to physically lay it out, allows more time getting content, more broader diversity of things and content. Took about a year to set up.
  • Tom focused on content management production –   management software.
    1. WordPress in a sense it is all done for me – doesn’t allow much control for customization (CSS)
    2. Only issue noted is displaying tables
    3. Overall impression – things look good – It is going a lot easier and smoother than expected.
  • Stats – *statistics first recorded on 3/30/15; not all visitors/visits are by humans
    1. Total visits: 12,439
    2. Total visitors: 3,556
    3. Total visits to Vol 46 No 1: 140 (over 10 months)
    4. Total visits to Vol 46 No 2: 542 (over 6 months)
    5. Total visits to Vol 46 No 3: 318 (over 2 months)
    6. Total visits to home page: 1,112
    7. Top ranked articles:
      1. Total visits to “Weeding the map collection” (V42 N2): 291
      2. Total visits to “Map index to the LC G schedule” (V42 N3): 251
      3. Total visits since release of V46 N3: 1,440 visitors (2 months)
      4. Total visits after release of V46 N2 up to release of V46 N3: 2,116 visitors (4 months)
  • Total visits to “Mapping time…” book review (V42 N1): 251
  • Tom – Indexing (internal) to the IB – Indexing in Databases
    1. Ken will address internal indexing
    2. Database indexing – as soon as we went digital, indexing in databases stopped
      1. Tom wonders if anyone knows if WAML asked databases to index the IB.
    3. We can create a DOI for the articles
      1. Positives – DOI it is a permanent link to the article. A way to make all WAML content more accessible; enhance the content – allow authors for citing.
      2. Things to consider – does it create more work? not really sure how much time.
      3. Tom – UCSB has an account, however all DOI’s will have to end in “-sb”. – we have not gotten approval from UCSB yet – it would be free as long as one of us is affiliated with UCSB.
      4. Future: we could have a WAML account (if no members work at UCSB); we would have to deal with that down the line
  • Members only section – there is nothing in there. There is a comments section but for some reason comments are actually SPAM; only 3 comments have been from Members (2 members total)
    1. Discussion – all content should be available according to the bylaws
    2. Ask all members at Sounding Board to see what they want.
    3. Submit all docs for this meeting to IB Editor by by Nov 1st

Publications Advisory Committee (And indexing) – Ken

  • Been a quiet year
  • approved the funds for the “Master index” and hired an indexer
  • Laura Shelley is the indexer. she has incorporated the contents of the indexes for volumes 43 – 45 into the master index (includes volume 1 – 42)
    1. is the process of finishing # 47 as a compilation and it will be a supplement from a re-issue
  • Now the links show the volume and issue number, but in actuality each link will go to the proper article.
  • This index is freely available

Web Committee Report – Daniel Brendle-Moczuk (absent)

  • WAML’s top level pages and some subpages are now Responsive and viewable on any device.
    1. need to discuss the importance of converting former old pages.
  • Suggests a new page for the website – “Map of the Month” (or quarterly)
    1. Board agrees it’s a great idea.
    2. Libraries could contribute with a scanned map from their collection – No larger than 5 – 10 Mb.
  • Most important – what to do with the old N & N and former meeting notes web pages.
    1. Most of these links are pre-2008 and are dead.
    2. Does it need to be on the Website?
      1. Consider N&N’s and Meeting summaries are in the IB
      2. Greg – need to update the URL’s and see how we can rejuvenate the N&N.
    3. Julie is going to ask Jane about how to best deal with and best practices for the the past notes, news and agendas.
    4. Can we submit things to the Wayback machine for archiving the old web pages?
    5. What about old emails?
  • Discussion – What to do with the WAML Toolbox page?
    1. Communication with webpage creator is very limited if at all possible.
    2. Need to update URL’s

Membership/Subscription Report – Greg Armento

  • Everything is up to date
  • last year 73 members – gained 20 this year
  • last year “non” member paid for registration and got a membership, minor tactics for more members.
  • 15 – 17 paid by check, only one wanted a printed ballot, all done by email – most communication is done by work email
  • For paypal member payments Lisa needs a “prefered name” and institutional affiliation
    1. ONLY allow 2 text boxes , paypal is already asks for email – box 1 preferred name and email – Box 2 institution affiliation
  • Lisa will do it the next go around
  • Default ballot requirements for online purchase membership
  • This election was done by Katie – Print ballots were sent – no problems or issues. Electronic seems to be the way to go.

Archivist Report – Julie Sweetkind-Singer (on behalf of Jane Ingalls)

  • Hired a San Jose Library student to organize the WAML Archives – Rebecca
  • permanently housed in Stanford Archives and Special Collections. – There is a finding aid!
  • Index was useful in the organization
  • Rebecca loves WAML after working with the collection
  • It is complete! (print collection)
  • Electronic needs to be tackled
  • Jane will continue as Archivist until we find someone else and she can train
  • working on the last part – photographs and slides End of Oct will be complete and accessible and can link to on the WAML website and IB

Continuing Education Committee – Jon Jablonski

  • 2 webinars this year with MAGIRT, totally doable, like to go with 4 this year, take on the CUAC approach and have gov agencies and other entities do webinars.

Nominating Committee

  • Jon & Chris are soliciting for a new president. Anyone interested?

c.  WAML 2015 – 2016 Election Results

  • Chris Thiry, President
  • Kim Durante, VP/President Elect
  • Christina Klenke, Secretary
  • Lisa Lamont, Treasurer
  • Officer Handoffs
    1. President – Jon → Chris
    2. VP – Chris → Kim

d. WAML officer Job Descriptions/Duties

  • Google Doc- WAML Officer Descriptions suggestions last on email record – suggestions in RED
  • WAML Wiki – waml.pbworks.com
  • we found the wiki and now have access- had not been accessed since 2008.
    1. Now can set our own procedures and must be shared with our members on the website
    2. Has never been on the website but they are on a wiki so they don’t count
    3. This is a better place for discussion and placement of WAML documents VS other like Google Docs.
    4. Decision to stick with the Wiki
  • Look at the Wiki with the Job Descriptions and a discussion – this is a place we can set up the current officers to have access – President responsibility to make all is updated before the hand off
  • Suggestion: a list of all our communication venues and what everything is used for (ie wiki, webpage, etc)
    1. ie Treasurer laws manual, how-to manuals, reports, etc.
    2. secretary notes, documentation, etc.
  • Website – we have the updated bylaws and they have not been posted
  • 2 motions
    1. move to abolish and Hospitality Committee and Rules and Procedures Committee
      1. Chrissy 2nds
        1. Chris – PASS
    2. move to merge the Publications Advisory Committee and the Website Committee
      1. Discussion because it is all on the website & IB now
        1. Lisa Seconds
        2. Chris – Discussion: Ken , Chair of the publications – haven’t had much to do except corresponded with the index person, he agrees
        3. Chris – PASS
        4. Motion approved to combine committees but decide on a new name for the committee next year

e. 2016 meeting planning

  • Stanford 2016 – Thanks Kim!
  • David Rumsey Center should be finished by then.

3. Other Business

  • None

Meeting adjourned 2:54 pm


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