WAML 2016 Meeting Program

September 7-9, 2016

Stanford University
Palo Alto, CA

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Wednesday Sept. 7th

2-3 UC/Stanford Maps Group Branner Library, Teaching Corner, 397 Panama Mall
4-5 WAML Executive Board Meeting Branner Library, Teaching Corner, 397 Panama Mall
5:30 Early Bird Dinner – The Old Pro, 541 Ramona St. Palo Alto

Events on Thursday and Friday will be held in the David Rumsey Map Center, located in the Green Library.


Thursday Sept. 8th

9-9:15  Welcome
9:15-10:15  Tour of the David Rumsey Map Center
10:15 – 10:30  Break, SSRC Seminar Room
10:30-11  “Hacking Rumsey,” Stace Maples
11-11:30 “Colorado Historical Mine Maps (and the ArcGIS Pro Workflow)”, Phil White
11:30-12  “A History of Fairchild Aerial Surveys,” Jon Jablonski
12-1:30  Lunch
1:30-2  “Teaching and Supporting Mapping in the Digital Humanities”, Susan Powell
2-2:30  “Omi Kuni-ezu map,” Karen Wigen
2:30-3  “The stories, politics and controversies (buried) within topographic maps,” Daniel Brendle-Moczuk
3:30-5  WAML Business Meeting
6:30  Three Seasons Resaturant, 518 Bryant St. Palo Alto


Friday Sept. 9th

9-12 Workshop: “American Panorama,” Stamen Design
12-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2 “Gold Rush navigation maps and the 1906 earthquake combined to ignite the breakthrough discovery of modern seismic science, “Ross Stein
2-2:30 “MkrGeo: Creating Geographic Makerspaces in Libraries,” Karina Wilhelm
2:30-2:50 Break, SSRC Seminar Room
2:50-3:20 “The Canadian Historical GIS Partnership,” Marcel Fortin
3:20-3:50 “Spatial and semantic discovery of observations,” Sara Lafia
4-5 WAML Sounding Board


Saturday Sept. 10th

1:00 Field Trip: San Francisco Martime Museum :