An aside post

This is an aside post, with the category of News.  I’m not quite sure why you would want to use it.  It makes a post with no headline, no author, no publication date.  It looks a little funny in the stream.

Regardless, you’ll probably just wind up using one of the post formats over and over again.  Or maybe you will wind up using one for brief news notes (like this here aside maybe), another for new maps (like maybe you’ll make a gallery of screenshots or thumbnails?), and a third for longer posts.  Who knows?

Gallery Post

This is a gallery post, with a ‘featured image’ (which in our theme just plants it at the top of the post) and the category of Canadiana.  You can use it if, say, someone sends you a picture gallery of Canadian map librarians.

Here, we see the 6 portraits of actual people that you find when you do a Google Image search for “Canadian map librarians.”  They must be the most important Canadian map librarians.  Below that, I’ve put in the media gallery–but I’m not sure if that’s what meant by a gallery post.  It really blows up these images, and I can’t seem to control how big the gallery is.






Google Image search results for Canadian map librarians.
Google Image search results for Canadian map librarians.