WAML 2016 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

WAML Executive Board Meeting
Annual Conference 2016
Meeting Minutes

Sept. 7, 2016

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Time: 4:04 pm
Location: Branner Library, Stanford University
Head of Meeting: Kim Durante (WAML President)
Minute taker: Chrissy Klenke (WAML Secretary)


Officers: Kim Durante, Tom Brittnacher, Phil White, Chris Thiry, Mike Smith, Lisa Lamonte, Janet Reyas, Jon Jablonski, Ken Rockwell, Jane Engales, Chrissy Klenke, Ken Rockwell

Old Business


a.    WAML officer Job Descriptions/Duties – WAML Wiki – waml.pbworks.com
Google Doc- WAML Officer Descriptions suggestions last on email record – suggestions in RED

i.    Looks good – implement changes.
ii.    President responsibility to make all is updated before the hand off.

1.    Kim and Phil Prez & Prez elect will work on modernizing and updating job descriptions/ duties, bylaws and conference manual.

iii.    Wiki -Better place for discussion and placement of WAML documents VS other like Google Docs.

1.    Easier to pass on and access/credentials for wiki

b.    Suggestion: a list of all our communication venues and what everything is used for (ie wiki, webpage, etc)

i.    Treasurer laws manual, how-to manuals, reports, secretary notes, documentation, etc.

2.    Social Media

i.    Sierra from Texas volunteered to do WAML social media. Talk more at General Meeting.
ii.    Twitter @wamlrobot twitter

3.    Website

we have the updated bylaws and they have not been posted

i.    Need to update website and Wiki. Different bylaws and job descriptions on each.

1.    Motion to move discussion to Managers reports, Jon will fill in for Daniel.

4.    Web Communications Committee

The Publications Advisory Committee and the Website Committee merged! Stay tuned for their Report.

i.    Look for report in IB

New Business

5.    Reports

a.    Officer Reports 2015 – 2016

i.    President – Chris Thiry

1.    We still exist!
2.    Wrote the column for IB
3.    Successful election and transfer of power

ii.    Vice President – Kim Durante

1.    Planned this conference with Salim Mohammed from the David Ramsey Center
2.    Attendance is a little lower than last year.  – 42
3.    Spent on ½ the budget for all conference food & bev.
4.    Conference Manual documentation need to be updated and streamlined based on experience.

iii.    Past President – Jon Jablonski

1.    Found the next president! Fulfilled
2.    Exec committee has WAML Wiki id’s and sent url to the whole group for access

iv.    Treasurer – Lisa Lamont (See Treasurer’s Report for details)

1.    We are in good shape
2.    Non profit – we have extra funds – possibly use for WAML student attendance Scholarships with extra $, or comping speakers for banquet
3.    Honorariums – are we sticking with the old honoraria?

a.    Don’t have a subscription manager
b.    Look at the meeting notes from last year about honoraria – Nothing was voted on in past meeting.

v.    Secretary – Chrissy Klenke

1.    Secretary – Propose possible longer term-  One year term is very short.  No time to get to understand duties. Looking at the bylaws – it is president elects duties to step in for secretary to do elections during election years.
2.    Pause discussion – Move to New Business for Validation

b.    Manager Reports

i.    Archivist – Jane Ingalls (2007 – 2015 )

1.    Needs to find a replacement. Has been retired. Paper archives are in Stanford collection. Rebecca wrote an article about it the IB this past year.
2.    Things that should continue to be added to the Archives – Ballots & Statements for elections, any old and new documentation (bylaws, job duties, manuals etc) for archive
3.    Kim will post something – put on General Meeting Agenda, call for WAML Archivist

ii.    Atlas & Book Review Editor – Ilene Raynes (2012 – )

1.    No report – now under IB Report (IB Editor) – Eliminate

iii.    Business Manager – Lisa Lamont (2011 – )

1.    Sold Nothing

iv.    IB’s Editor (Information Bulletin)- Tom Brittnacher (2009 – )

1.    See Report
2.    Been the editor for some time. Would like to pass on Editor duties and possibly take on other responsibility and run for other WAML positions.
3.    Volume # 47 is indexed.
4.    50th Anniversary issue is coming up.
5.    Looked  into DOI’s for sustainability

v.    IB’s Production Editor – Jon Jablonski (2011 – ) No written Report

1.    Really easy this year
2.    “Notes” section is still unresolved
3.    Give back honoraria

vi.    Community Manager (formally Membership & Subscriptions Manager) – Greg Armento (2011 – ) no written report

1.    2014, there were 93 members
2.    2016,  91 members total

a.    9 lifetime
b.    22 did not renew
c.    11 Gained new

3.    Members and subscribers stayed on as institutional knowledge.
4.    Suggestions lifetime member Kim send a thank you’s

vii.    Webmaster – Daniel Brendle-Moczuk (2011 – ) no written report

1.    Jon is filling in – Website
2.    Executive and Web Committee to test the website for
3.     we have the updated bylaws and they have not been posted
4.    Results Daniel had a redesigned website ready to go.
5.    Toolkit web designer Lynda was in the meeting
6.    Moving over to a content management system.
7.    Future of the Notes content – should we attempt to make the Notes to persist?

viii.    News & Notes editor – Michael Smith (2009 – ) see Report – email

1.    Would like to continue to contribute.
2.    Doesn’t have time to contribute to figure out WordPress
3.    IB & web committee does something similar
4.    Jon – News of the organization can be moved to the IB
5.    Discussion to remove News & Notes editor position

a.    We can always add the organization business to the IB
b.    IB provides a place to archive
c.    Add to the business meeting. Anyone want to stand up and take on this position for the next 3 year?
d.    Fate determined at General Business Meeting

c.    Committee Reports

i.    Continuing Education  – Jon

1.    Katie Lange take over organizing webinar series

ii.    Hospitality Committee – Yvonne Wilson

1.    No report
2.    Discussion to remove at the Business meeting

iii.    Website Communications

1.    See Report

iv.    Rules and Procedures Committee – move to strike

1.    No report
2.    Discussion to remove at the Business meeting

v.    Nominating Committee

1.    Successful after the unanimous election.

d.    WAML 2016 – 2017  Election Results

Election was discussed

i.    President – Kim Durante
ii.    VP/President Elect – Phil White
iii.    Secretary – Chrissy Klenke
iv.    Treasurer – Lisa Lamont (final year)
v.    Officer Handoffs

1.    President – Chris → Kim
2.    VP – Kim → Phil

e.    2017 meeting planning

i.    UT Austin,  agreed to host
ii.    Other possible future locations – Colorado, Reno, Arizona

f.    Chris Thiry

Request the validation of election results due to they did not follow the bylaw dates.

i.    Second
ii.    Jon – asked to call for Validation
iii.    Lisa validate election results
iv.    Chris seconds
v.    Kim are there any objections. – No objections

6.    Other Business

a.    EXEC Board google Groups email list:

i.    Vice President will be responsible for adding and deleting people from the list.

b.    Kim –  reports for the General Meeting

i.    3:30 – 5 tomorrow

7.    Meeting adjourned: 5:08


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