2021-04-22 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

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WAML Executive Board Meeting 
April 22, 2021
9:00 am (PDT/MST (Arizona))
Online via Zoom

Call meeting to order:   9:01 am PDT/ MST

Officers in attendance:

  • Matthew Toro (President)
  • Evan Thornberry (Vice President)
  • Susan Powell (Past President)
  • Louise Ratliff  (Secretary)
  • Bruce Godfrey (Treasurer)



  • Paige G. Andrew
  • Brief Officer Reports and Check-In
    • President (Matthew Toro) – Attended a Web Advancement meeting last month. 
    • Vice President (Evan Thornberry) – no report
    • Past President (Susan Powell) – A new membership manager has been found – Nick Beyelia from Los Angeles Public Library. He will take office formally next year (July 2021).
      • Action: Matthew will send an letter of appointment to Nick
    • Secretary (Louise Ratliff) – 
      • Announcement from Tamsen Hert: the University of Wyoming Libraries along with the Montana State University Library are cohosting the second “Conversations on Collecting Yellowstone” conference June 5-8, 2022 in Bozeman, MT. It marks Yellowstone’s 150th anniversary. They are working on an announcement. https://collectingyellowstone.com/
    • Treasurer (Bruce Godfrey) – He completed the tax forms for 2020 (IRS and Calilfornia) and we are up to date.
  • Actions approved over email by E-Board since March 25, 2021 E-Board meeting:  none
  • Old Business
    • Web Advancement Project 2021 (Evan reported for Kevin Dyke, project leader)
      • Members: Jon Jablonski, Maggie Long, Chrissy Klenke and daniel Brendle-Moczuk
      • Branding. Action: Susan will provide a link to existing files to the committee. Completed.
      • Matt attended the last meeting and reported that things are going well. Meeting minutes are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15_zaccwziGq-VyakzsCLQF1fXc9LnspHjbkgi3mXZz4/edit?usp=sharing
        • At least one E-Board officer should attend one of those meetings, for good communication with the Board. Susan agreed to attend if necessary.
          • Evan will ask Kevin to send meeting announcements to E-board members as well.
        • The timeline is still feasible.
        • It seems more likely that we will transition everything to Word Press rather than Laughing Squid because of technical considerations. 
        • There will be 3 separate WP instances: IB, Conference, Main Site, on the same account.
        • The Toolbox is separate (a wiki), which may also be migrated.
        • Discussion of the migration plan in accordance with the committee charge. HTML migration is the top priority.
    • Review of appointed positions and honoraria (Susan and Paige)
      • They met once since the last E-Board meeting.
      • Bruce has also attended as consultant.
      • Have brainstormed positions, and  will finalize the list at their next meeting.
      • Susan complimented the group on being effective and energizing.
      • Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cqaqvpRWcKjgMerWbWSONLF1yZ33nJWPxN8cFtG6PsI/edit
      • After the next meeting, Susan will draft a report for the E-Board and the committee will review it prior to submission to the Board.
      • Paige commented that he encourages the Board to act upon the recommendations and move the association forward based on them going into the Fall. Matt assured us that this will be a high priority.
    • P.O. Box address for WAML (Evan) – Status update: Julie will respond next month with some appropriate language for an agreement (a separate MOU from our agreement about their WAML archive hosting).
    • Nominating Committee (Susan)
      • Currently have 1 candidate for Secretary and 1 for president
      • Louise will work with Susan to run the election (Qualtrics)
    • 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting (Evan)
      • Met yesterday.
      • Dates: Oct. 26-29 (Tues-Fri) are being held for the conference
        • Evan will consult with Tom Brittnacher about editing the WAML conference site.
      • Discussion about 5 conference platforms
        • Will go with Zoom Webinar.
        • Investigating whether an existing university account can be used; Zoom Webinar has an additional cost.
      • Keynote speakers possibilities were considered.
        • Victor Temprano (native-land.ca)
        • Indigenous voices (Evan is reaching out at UBC for possible speakers, planning committee members)
      • Susan mentioned there can be honoraria, as in the past.
      • Louise expressed interest in Native Americans and “mapping.”
  • New Business
    • None
  • Appointed Position Reports
    • Business Manager (Lisa Lamont)
    • Membership Manager (Susan for Greg Armento)
      • Greg sent out an updated membership list
    • Archivist (Andria Olson)
    • Information Bulletin (Chrissy Klenke) 
    • Webmaster (daniel Brendle-Moczuk) 
    • Social Media Manager (Amy Work)
      • Will be on leave through mid-July
    • Jon Jablonski 
  • Next Meeting
    • May 27, 2021 9:00 am PDT/MST

Meeting adjourned:    10:08 am PDT/MST (Arizona)

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