2021-05-27 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

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WAML Executive Board Meeting 
May 27, 2021
9:00 am (PDT/MST (Arizona))
Online via Zoom

Call meeting to order:   9:01  am PDT/ MST

Officers in attendance:

  • Matthew Toro (President)
  • Evan Thornberry (Vice President)
  • Susan Powell (Past President)
  • Louise Ratliff  (Secretary)
  • Bruce Godfrey (Treasurer)



  • Paige G. Andrew
  • Ilene Raynes
  • Heather Ross
  • Angela Lee
  • Ken Rockwell
  • Michael Smith
  • Janet Reyes
  • Brief Officer Reports and Check-In
    • President (Matthew Toro) 
    • Vice President (Evan Thornberry) – no report
    • Past President (Susan Powell) 
      • Action from April 22: Matthew will send a letter of appointment to Nick Beyelia, new Membership Manager. Status: Complete
    • Secretary (Louise Ratliff)
      • The ballot for 2021/22 officers was sent out on May 18 by Susan Powell, with a closing date of June 1.
    • Treasurer (Bruce Godfrey) – no report
  • Actions approved over email by E-Board since March 25, 2021 E-Board meeting:  none
  • Old Business
    • Web Advancement Project 2021  (Evan)  Members: Kevin Dyke, Jon Jablonski, Maggie Long, Chrissy Klenke and daniel Brendle-Moczuk
      • Librarians Map Toolbox will be transitioned from its wiki format. Working example coming soon for review/feedback.
      • The project is on schedule.
    • Review of appointed positions and honoraria (Susan, Paige, and Janet in attendance.)
      • Final Report:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TAoiEEIg39Kh9waeLUeQzqNe4Z4klnsSIyVBiAcbyjA/edit?usp=sharing
      • Feedback:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cdu4DuM7qWt4sGizeOBYgQOUQz8B0MmeXqJv6JXCmdQ/edit
      • Susan presented a verbal summary of the report and the process.
      • Paige stressed that they looked hard at the mission statement and used it as a guide for their recommendations.
      • Janet mentioned consultation with people in those positions, especially Bruce as Treasurer
      • Ilene (Atlas and Book Review Editor) had several questions about the new scope for this position, and selection criteria for digital  projects and digital products to review. Also, the format, length, scope of the reviews for those.
        • An idea is to ask for input by querying listservs for new projects to review.
        • Need to define a “geospatial resource” and a “digital mapping project” and set parameters for what will be reviewed.
        • Look at base line (MAGIRT publication) for information about a similar editorial job.
        • U of Manitoba has a software review column.
        • Idea to develop a checklist of common elements for a review to contain.
        • Idea to have themes, such as “webmaps,” for each IB issue.
      • Clarification and codification of job duties is needed as a next step.
      • Stipends discussion. Equity in stipend amount and workload.
        • The IB editor as the leader in structuring and providing guidance to the feature editors. Also taking on the production role (layout on WordPress site).
          • Higher honorarium based on being  the “team leader” working with other content editors (internal), as well as reaching out to the community for content and for public relations (external).
        • Archivist stipend vs. nature of workload.
      • MSP (Evan and Louise): Accept the report and congratulate the ad hoc committee for their service, and sunset the committee. 
      • E-Board Action: Write up job descriptions
        • Matt will develop a template for input by current task holders (current and potential changes)
      • E-Board Action: Come to consensus on stipends
      • Geospatial resource reviews – how to implement. Action: Evan and Ken can participate in defining these.
      • Paige recommended having the IB group help develop new job descriptions.
      • WAML Historian and Archivist – separate positions or combine into the Archivist position?
    • Committees need to be clearly defined. Balance of member opportunities vs. struggle to find volunteers.
      • Evan – In favor of having a DEI group. DEI work should consciously be imbued in everything we do, including committee work.
      • Scholarship applicants have been diverse, which is a good model
    • Discussion about DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) and WAML
      • Working group to investigate how we “bake” this into our work, meetings, etc.? (Evan) Need for a framework, because it won’t just “happen.”
      • Task could be how to incorporate DEI into the WAML structure (Susan)
      • DEI is important and needs to be acknowledged.
      • Statement in each job description?
      • Content in IB in English and Spanish (Matt)?
      • MSP (Susan, Paige) To form an ad hoc committee with a charge (to be developed by the Board over email): DEI ad hoc Committee.
        • Action: Matt will draft a charge
    • Action: Matt will create a template for job descriptions. Susan will coordinate with others to help fill it out.
    • Action: Susan and Bruce will investigate Honoraria amounts/levels.
    • Action: Susan. Combination of Archivist and Historian positions: Susan will consult with Andria and report at the next meeting.
    • Election (Susan and Louise)
      • Ballots emailed May 18, closing date June 1
      • Susan – about 50% have voted as of last week.  A reminder was sent out on Tuesday to those who have not voted.
    • 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting (Evan)
  • New Business
    • None
  • Appointed Position Reports – no reports given at this meeting
    • Business Manager (Lisa Lamont)
    • Membership Manager (Greg Armento)
    • Archivist (Andria Olson)
    • Information Bulletin (Chrissy Klenke) 
    • Webmaster (daniel Brendle-Moczuk) 
    • Social Media Manager (Amy Work) – on leave
    • Jon Jablonski 

Meeting adjourned:   10:35  am PDT/MST (Arizona)

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